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Best Ways To Support Our Military Troops And Families

Best Ways To Support Our Military Troops And Families

This Memorial Day if you are looking to honour our troop there are many meaningful gestures which can help. These gestures are not exactly expensive but can be a great way to teach your kids about giving back.

Donate to the USO

Since 1941, United Service Organizations are lifting peoples spirits and organizing fun activities for the troops to help lift their spirits. The USO helps support kids in military families and to give them the right education.


Send care packages

Soldiers are humans and miss their homes and you can help put a smile on some soldiers face by sending him a care package. You can stack it full of snacks, toiletries, to help them with their work. If you cannot stay in regular contact with a soldier you can also donate money to organizations who can help build their own individual package for you.

Donate Technologies

You can also donate technologies like cell phones, etc. This can help give soldier a way to contact his or her family. You can also donate music players, digital cameras, etc. Any piece of technology which can come in handy.


Give them gift cards or calling cards

There are many shops where you can specifically buy a calling gift card to be directly given to the person you want. This can help troops who are serving overseas to make use of them to call their loved ones and inform them about their well being.

Write a Thank you note

This is one of the most significant gift you can give to a soldier. This can help put a smile on a soldier’s face. Also, this is a great opportunity for you to help your child write a letter. It is cheap and helps boost the confidence of the soldier as well. You can sen it to organizations who are tying to help soldiers who need some help in their growth.

Homemade cards

Send a home made crafts

One thing more expensive than any gift is a home made craft which is a gesture of importance for your troops. You can allow your children’s imagination go wild and you can also help them make some patriotic images of the soldiers and fill them in any craft manner as possible.

Donate your wedding gowns

If your wedding gown is collecting dust and just taking up a lot of space. You can donate it, this dress will be used as a wedding gown to help a military bride walk down the aisle. This reduces the financial burden of wedding dress shopping. Also, they have a very strict policy of gowns to be donated as bride want something which is good and is of good quality and puffy sleeves are a big no-no.

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