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 To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield


There are many ways you can serve the county, just join our Army National Guard duty and we will give you the strength you need.


We can together work and ensure that peace is maintained within the country.

DAC and MilTechs

Want to advocate for the rights of the military technicians, help you by joining our Dac and Miltechs association for the US army.


Want to be aware and ensure that as a solider you can help with the protection of the country. Register yourself in our programs and start your journey as a soldiers.


Army matters podcast is an initiative which allows you to stay upto date with the achievements of the Army.


Help the families of these soldiers who are trying to lead a healthy and normal life in between us.


You can donate for the wellbeing of the family and support, who are also working towards betterment of country.


Different uses of printable lined papers

Have you ever encountered a situation when your kid has asked you to bring the lined paper notebook at eleventh hour when it is very difficult to find an open shop? What would you do in such a situation? Unfortunately, there were no options available in the past but now you can do a lot about this issue. You can download the printable lined paper template for kids from the internet and can bind them to create a temporary or permanent notebook. This is a great way to save money and get the notebook quick. There are many benefits of such notebooks and you can yourself use these lined papers for multiple purposes.

Uses of lined papers:

You can bring these lined papers in use for several purposes and can easily continue your work. You can use them as hobby journal, Personal diary, making lists, writing daily events, creating a writing practice pad, time planner, health log, gardening journal etc. etc. There is a never-ending list of activities which you can do with the help of these lined papers. If you do not want to spend money on buying the bound notebooks, you can easily print the lined papers at your home and can make use of them in several ways. In this article, we would discuss the above-mentioned uses of these lined papers and would give you different ideas on how to use them in an effective manner. It would reduce your cost to almost half when you print them on your own for personal and professional reasons.

You can also use them in offices, this will eliminate the need of purchasing the rough notepads for your staff members and yourself. You can ask your staff to print these lined papers on the go and use them for jotting down important information. Let us check the different uses of these lined paper template for kids. You can use these lined pages for other purposes as well, which would not be discussed here, but we will try to cover maximum possibilities where these printed lined papers can be used.

  1. Personal diary: Do you write a personal diary? If yes, then this is a great news because you can download lined papers with great themes to cherish your mood. These are not the simple lined papers; in fact, these are designed with themes and boundaries which provide a great feeling while writing personal stuff. You can download as many customized lined papers as you want and can make use of them for your personal writings. Writing a personal diary is always a great experience and you can cherish your good memories in this way. And when you have a chance to write the diary on papers which are especially designed for this purpose, it increases the writing fun. You can download lined paper template for kids easily from the internet.
  2. To-do lists: To-do lists are in great fashion these days and almost every person is making use of these lists to bring productivity in his life by organizing the things in the best possible manner. No doubt, there are many applications available for this purpose on smartphones but if you like the traditional way, lined papers are the best alternative for you.
  3. Writing stories: You can write stories on these creatively designed lined papers and can save them in your drawer or can give those to your kids. If you are a mentor of young children, you can also write amazing stories on these creatively designed lined papers and can increase the fun activities in your classroom. There could be numerous uses of those well-written stories on quality themed lined papers.
  4. Personal accounting: Personal accounting is another thing that people do on diaries and notebooks. You can do this activity on the lined printable papers without wasting money on the diaries and special printed journals. You can download accounting theme lined papers and make use of them to track your monthly and yearly expenses in an easy manner. You can also share those pages with your life partner to better understand the spending pattern.
  5. Exercise log: these lined pages can be of great use for fitness freaks. These people can jot down their exercise logs on papers which are printed from the internet. There are many themed lined papers which fall in the category of exercise logs and you can easily make use of these papers to write the daily exercise routine of yours and can also add the nutritional information.
  6. Cooking Recipes: It is another great thing to write on these papers. For cooking recipes, it is not a great idea to use a notebook because people sometimes ask you to share the recipes, you can easily share the separable pages from the file. You can download these lined pages for cooking recipes from different websites present on the internet and can also use lined paper template for kids for this purpose.
  7. Habit following: A great way to keep a track on your habits. You can use the lined pages for this purpose and can always remember the progress of your habits.
  8. Managing your health activity: Are you always worried on how to manage your health files from different doctors? Well, these lined pages can serve the purpose. You can use these papers to bring all the important information on one page.
  9. Time tracking: You can use these lined pages for tracking time, both for personal and professional needs.

Benefits of getting text chemistry book

Text chemistry has been one of the essential tools for many couples. That is because the book has been helping the lovers to understand each other well and strengthen their love life.  Many are the times when you find yourself and your man arguing over minor issues. To control such matters, you need to read about text chemistry review to help your relationship with your man remain firm. Many couples have divorced because of not solving some minor issues. Many couples have lost their loved ones because of not investing in the best ways to save their relationship. Therefore if you have been inquiring about the benefits of the text chemistry book before buying, you do not need to worry anymore. That is because this article will discuss some of the top benefits of text chemistry and why you need to get it. Some of the benefits include:

Easy and clear steps

One of the benefits of the text chemistry book is that it is simple to follow the steps explained in it. Many programs try to explain very complicated steps that leave the readers confused more. According to various reviews, it is clear that book text chemistry is well elaborated with clear steps. Therefore you will not require additional information to comprehend the information written.

 Quality customer services

Another benefit of getting a text chemistry book is that the providers provide excellent customer support. Any question that you may need elaboration can be explained by the support team. According to many users, they have indicated that the quality of the support offered by the text chemistry support team is excellent and they provide personal email mentorship to their clients.

Emphasizes on essential things

Things such as being attracted to someone is too general. That is because each day you will meet good people who you can be attracted to. Therefore the author of the text chemistry emphasized essential things such as trust and connection than other minor things such as attraction.  Therefore if you need a stable relationship with the one you love, you need to ignore things such as being attracted to other people outside the relationship and much more. By emphasizing connection and trust, you will be able to maintain the one that you love most and avoid distractions from outside.

Guaranteed quality results

When buying any book, the primary aim is to achieve the purpose of purchasing that program. You cannot get any book without a primary objective. For instance, when you watch a particular movie, the primary aim is to get entertained. If the film does not delight you, you will always consider it a waste of time and resources. Therefore when getting a text chemistry program, the primary aim is to learn various things about love and relationship. The benefit of the text chemistry book is that you will be guaranteed best results. All your questions and worries will be answered well. Hence for the very best results, consider reading more on text chemistry program.


Text chemistry is among the affordable programs that have been well rated by many users. If you decide to read the review for this program, you will know that the book is pocket-friendly to many.  Thus, if you have been looking for the very best information about dating tips, you need to get the book and to consider everything exceptional.

You will learn how to make him passionate about you.

The text chemistry book provides the readers with the best information on how to make a man more passionate about you. When a man becomes more excited about you, he will spend most of his time thinking about you. Also, the book teaches how to make your partner crave over your touch. Such things are essential in any relationship that needs to be successful.

Provides one with the knowledge to interpret messages well

Many relationships have become so dull, and others even ended because of misunderstanding of the words. When you get the text chemistry program, you will learn how to interpret your man’s or woman’s text appropriately. You will be able to detect any cheating and provide the best solution. The text chemistry emphasizes on how to peacefully solve the issues. Therefore if you need the best guide on message interpretation, you need the text chemistry program.

Make him propose

If you need the guide on how to make your man propose and crave for married life every day, you need to use the best techniques. That is because when you know how to make him love you more, you will make him crave for loving with you forever. If you, therefore, need your partner to propose as soon as possible, you need to give more attention to this section about the ways to make him submit.

You will make him miss you.

Everyone loves to be missed by someone when someone tells you that they missed you, whether it is accurate or a lie, definitely you will feel good. Therefore by getting the text chemistry program, you will be able to know more about the connection and trust between you and your partner. You will also learn how to make the person miss being around you always.

Some of the other essential things you will learn through the text chemistry book are such as how to send him pictures, ways of speaking with him/her over the phone, and many more.

A simple guide to choosing the best car cover


If you consider your car as a very precious investment to you, you should make an effort in making sure that it stays in good condition all the time. That includes ensuring that your car has a garage to park. If not, you should buy a car cover that can help you with car protection. A car cover can do more than you can imagine. It can protect your car from dents, dings, scratches, and other things. When we talk about car covers, it doesn’t mean that you get the first car cover that you find your way. You should take your time and find the best car cover that can offer maximum protection to your car. On your search, make sure that the car cover fits your car model properly. For beginners, buying a car cover is not a very easy task for them. many of them end up with many questions that are left answered. To avoid straining when buying your car cover here is a guide on how to choose your car cover

The type of cover

The first thing that you should look for when choosing your best car cover is the type of cover. Manufacturers have made sure that there are different types of car covers that you can choose. The most common types of car cover that are dominant in the market include the cotton car covers, the waterproof car covers, and water-resistant. If the car cover is needed for outdoor use, you should consider going for a waterproof and water-resistant type of car cover. If you have a garage but you still feel like your car should be protected, you should go for a cotton-based car cover. It will help prevent dust from reaching your car.

Decide if you need an outdoor cover or an indoor cover

Many people do not see the need to cover their car especially when they have a garage. Many of us forget that dust and moisture can make our car value depreciate. Before you can choose a cover for your car, you should, first of all, decide if you will be keeping your car indoors or outside. This will help you know the best type of car cover to choose from for your vehicle. Always keep in mind that indoors car covers should be lighter than the outdoor covers. It is possible to use the outdoor car covers indoors but you will be giving your car a very hard time to breathe. If you cover your car with a cover that doesn’t allow it to breathe, there is a possibility that heat will be trapped into the car cover and that can contribute to car damage.

Pick the right car cover material

The car cover material is also another thing that you should never fail to check. There are different types of car cover materials that you can consider. Choosing the right car cover material will depend on many things. Among the things is whether you will be keeping your car indoors or outdoors. If you are staying in a cold place you should choose a car cover that will keep your car warm preventing the engine from freezing. If at all you are staying in a place where the climate is extremely hot, you should select a car cover with a material that will allow your car to breathe. Do not let the heat being trapped in the car cover. When thinking of material, you should also be thinking of a material that can protect your car from UV rays. The waterproof material is also a suitable option.

Consider the car model

Not all car covers will fit all the cars. Manufacturers have made different car covers to suit different car models. If you choose the wrong car cover, there is a possibility that it will not cover your car properly. That means some parts of the car will be exposed to dangers. Make sure that the car cover that you choose can protect your car wholly from all the foreign dangers.


Another important thing to know when you are choosing a car cover is the car cover quality. If you do not wish to be buying a new car cover every year, it is best if you look for a car cover that is of great quality. For a car cover to be durable, it should be able to withstand different harsh conditions over its lifespan. It is better that you buy a durable car cover that you will feel the value for your money. if a car cover is of great quality, it can be able to protect your car or give you service for more than seven years.

The price

Price is also another thing that people should always think of when choosing the best car cover. At the end of the day, the best car cover is that one that you can be able to afford. Before you even think of looking for a car cover, you should first of all come up with a budget. Your budget should be within the money that you are willing to spend on the car cover comfortably. Coming up with a budget will help you narrow down your search. That means you can compare prices and remain with the best quality car covers that are within your budget.

Tips for choosing the best childcare service provider

Since your child deserves to be in the hands of the best care providers, it is essential to ensure you choose the best. There are some mistakes many people make when selecting an infant care service provider. Those mistakes cost them a lot of things. That is because the foundation that your child is subjected to is essential in defining him or her in the future. For instance, if you provide your kid with the best meals, you will boost the overall body health. If you teach the child in the best way, the faster, the baby will learn. Therefore after looking for infant care near me, you also need to ensure that the infant care provider has all the essential tips for taking care of your child. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best tips to consider when choosing childcare. Some of the tips include:

  • Accreditation

There are several things that one is supposed to consider when it comes to accreditation. Here the main thing to look for is whether the infant care service provider has the mandate to offer such services. That is because there are some minimum requirements that the service provider should meet before it is fully accredited to provide such services. Here the main things that are considered are such as the educational qualification. One should have academic documents to show that the person has the essential knowledge for handling children. Most of the people who qualify for such jobs are the people with some excellent insight on understanding the children needs and can offer assistance more effectively. Therefore ensure the daycare center is fully accredited to provide such services by the relevant authority.

  • Experience

It is essential to consider the experience of the infant care providers before selecting them for your task. That is because the number of years the daycare service provider has served, the more experience they have on caring for the infant. Here you should consider this factor to get the best infant care service provider. Remember the life of your child is very important, and therefore you deserve to get the best. Always give priority to the most experienced daycare services.

  • Consider company reviews

The customer reviews for the infant care service provider is another essential thing that one is supposed to consider before choosing infant care near me. The customer reviews are critical because they help you to know the quality of the services offered. Most of the customers write a review to express how much they were satisfied with the services that were offered. Therefore take time and read the reviews from genuine users to know more about the quality of the services. Give priorities to the top-rated infant care service provider.

  • Conduct a pre-visit

When you want to find infant care near me, it is essential to conduct a pre-visit to help you know more about the child daycare. There are several things that one is supposed to look at when you do a pre-visit. Some of those things are such as the treatment offered to the other kids. When we talk about the treatment we mean several things such as the way they carry the child, the way they feed them, the hygiene level on food items, and the general hygiene. If you conduct the pre-visit, you will be able to get first-hand information about various things. Hence always consider this tip because it is essential.

  • The facilities

Another vital thing to consider when choosing infant care near me is the facilities that the service provider have. There are some necessary facilities that the infant care provider should have. Some of those facilities are such as the vehicles for transporting the infant, quality bedding materials for the babies, proper learning material, and many more. Presence of those facilities will help you to know the quality of the services they provide. For instance, if you find out the infant care provider have suitable beddings materials, definitely you will know that your child will have a better place to sleep. Thus if you find that the service provider has better facilities, the more they can offer quality services to your child.

  • Cost

The cost of the services being provided to your child is another essential thing to consider when choosing the right infant care provider. The infant care service provider should charge you a reasonable amount. Keep away from the daycare companies that charge you extra cost. The best infant care service provider will help you apply for infant care subsidy that will help you minimize the charges that you incur for your infant services. Therefore ensure the infant care service provider will help you to apply for infant care subsidies.

  • Inquire more from them

Another very essential tip for selecting excellent infant care is by asking them more question about their services. Face to face communication with the infant care services providers will help you to know how good they will treat your child. Therefore ensure you inquire more about how they handle the kids when they behave differently. Also, examine more about the measures that they have taken to ensure the safety of the children. Consider the way they answer the questions that you ask and the information they offer. Check the correlation of the answers that they give you and the questions that you request. I realize they do not answer your inquiries in the right way, and you can opt to look for another infant case service provider.

Therefore by considering the above-discussed tips, definitely you will be able to choose the best infant care specialist for your child.


Best Ways To Support Our Military Troops And Families

This Memorial Day if you are looking to honour our troop there are many meaningful gestures which can help. These gestures are not exactly expensive but can be a great way to teach your kids about giving back.

Donate to the USO

Since 1941, United Service Organizations are lifting peoples spirits and organizing fun activities for the troops to help lift their spirits. The USO helps support kids in military families and to give them the right education.


Send care packages

Soldiers are humans and miss their homes and you can help put a smile on some soldiers face by sending him a care package. You can stack it full of snacks, toiletries, to help them with their work. If you cannot stay in regular contact with a soldier you can also donate money to organizations who can help build their own individual package for you.

Donate Technologies

You can also donate technologies like cell phones, etc. This can help give soldier a way to contact his or her family. You can also donate music players, digital cameras, etc. Any piece of technology which can come in handy.


Give them gift cards or calling cards

There are many shops where you can specifically buy a calling gift card to be directly given to the person you want. This can help troops who are serving overseas to make use of them to call their loved ones and inform them about their well being.

Write a Thank you note

This is one of the most significant gift you can give to a soldier. This can help put a smile on a soldier’s face. Also, this is a great opportunity for you to help your child write a letter. It is cheap and helps boost the confidence of the soldier as well. You can sen it to organizations who are tying to help soldiers who need some help in their growth.

Homemade cards

Send a home made crafts

One thing more expensive than any gift is a home made craft which is a gesture of importance for your troops. You can allow your children’s imagination go wild and you can also help them make some patriotic images of the soldiers and fill them in any craft manner as possible.

Donate your wedding gowns

If your wedding gown is collecting dust and just taking up a lot of space. You can donate it, this dress will be used as a wedding gown to help a military bride walk down the aisle. This reduces the financial burden of wedding dress shopping. Also, they have a very strict policy of gowns to be donated as bride want something which is good and is of good quality and puffy sleeves are a big no-no.

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