Academies, ROTC, which is better?

We who are graduates of VMI often find ourselves believing that West Point, Annapolis, or the USAF Academy are somehow evil purveyors of elitism and privilege.  According to the author, they are, and no better than ROTC in producing good leaders.  Is there some truth to the analysis, I don’t know?  In the Army today all but two; the FORSCOM Commander a Princeton Graduate and by all accounts a toxic leader; and the AMC Commander a graduate of a Historically Black University or College; are West Point Graduate.  Why is this? This article is worth reading and considering but I […]

Never a Dull Moment at Camp Lejeune

Well now, this isn’t something you see every day. And stranger still, she’s been arrested.   (Thanks to USMC0802 for the tip.)

What is an American?

Is an American born, bred, elect, or self-selected?

Turmoil in the Kingdom?

With things as roiled as they are in that corner of the globe, what do we make of this? I think 2015 is going to be FUN, FUN, FUN. And not in the good way. (Thank God we have a steady hand at the helm of the ship of state, eh? Whew! We might be royally PHUCT otherwise.)

“Suppose Islam Had a Holocaust and No One Noticed”

(Posting for DaveO, who is incommunicado tonight.) SK asks the question. The foreign policy infrastructure, the human rights NGOs and the self-important scribblers who presume to tell the world what is important in the pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post have fought hard to avoid connecting the killings by the Islamic State in Nigeria to the killings by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. And they have fought hardest of all to avoid connecting these killings to the thousands murdered in the streets of New York and the latest bodies strewn about Paris. The killings […]

Happy Birthday, General

You are not forgotten. Nor shall you be.

Gun-Day Sunday: Old Rifle and In Defense of Snipers

This Old Gun.  “Who owned it? A luckless hunter or miner? Maybe an outlaw on the run? And how on earth did it get there?” Smearing Snipers: What Many Americans Don’t Get about Our Warrior Elite. About ten years ago, an employer of mine had an odd request: I needed to delete an aspect of my military career from my professional biography because it might “offend” a potential client or partner. Recon Marine, infantry Marine, service-disabled veteran . . . those were a boon. But “Scout Sniper,” one of the greatest accomplishments I had as a Marine — that had […]

Good Articles on Islamic Terrorism in Europe

Over at Sic Semper Tyrannis there are three great articles on Islamic Terrorism in Europe, here, here, and here.

Leadership Failure

This article is very disturbing. In the late 1970’s my first assignment was as a training officer (Executive Officer XO) and later Company Commander of a Basic Training Company. I learned very quickly that being associated with a Basic Training Company was not a 9 to 5 job. Clearly there were leadership lapses, as a Training Officer I pulled Staff Duty Officer, it was an all night affair, and you were expected to go through the Brigade Area once before midnight and once after. I always made it a point to check in on one or two Charge of Quarters […]

Is He Watching and Reading

Do we have a secret admirer?