Higher Ed 2015, a very quick survey

As the Class of 2015 exits VMI, and the new Queens and Kings of Barracks take their place, a quick survey of higher ed and some commencement speeches are in order. First, Robert de Niro entertains the Tisch School of the Arts. Robert De Niro opened his commencement speech to the graduates of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a simple message: “Tisch graduates, you made it… and you’re f*cked.” [edited by author] Rather blunt, but considering the promise of higher ed is more money, today’s graduates will be paying back loans for decades. Many are opting […]

Goldwater-Nichols, an answer: What is law?

Thank you readers for your patience. Posting has been light due to a recent change of venue back to DC. Fortunately there is expiration date on this trip. I am taking far too much humor in watching these young, under-30 GS-15s go on a thunder-run in the mad belief they can drink old men under the table. Fortunately, after three drinks water resembles vodka, especially when you ask the bartender to put an olive in it. Maybe after their turn at Goldman-Sachs and a lobbying group, or their 25th birthday they’ll sort it out. But I digress. This is the third in a […]

Firearms Friday: Ammunition Trends

From Mr Farnam, some interesting notes on major-caliber ammunition: In talking with friends in the domestic ammunition manufacturing business today, I learned: Overall demand is slow right now, at least among first-tier manufacturers. Much has been stockpiled over the past decade, both in the public and private sectors. Many garages and basements are filled to the rafters! [LtCol P note: Neither I, nor MDL, nor the Krampus, can confirm or deny.] In any event, here is what I’ve been told: In rifle calibers, everything is slow except for 300Blk! Demand for  300Blk (mostly supersonic) is still very high, despite the […]

Stars for ’88 and ’89!

I am pleased to report that Colonel Steve Neary ’88, USMC, and Colonel Paul Pardew ’89, USA (my and BullNav’s Brother Rat), have been nominated for promotion to the rank of Brigadier General. They will be the first General Officers from those classes. Congrats to both and to their families!

“Marine Comes Out To Father As POG”

Continued BRILLIANCE from Duffel Blog. BRYAN, Tx — Highly decorated military veteran Douglas Martin got the shock of a lifetime Sunday when his son, Lance Cpl. Shane Martin, came out of the closet as a POG. Lance Cpl. Martin, currently based out of Camp Pendleton, California, took leave to share the news in person. “My dad thought I was a machine gunner with 3rd Battalion 1st Marines, but I finally told him the truth. I’m a Bulk Fuel Specialist in 1st MHG, and I’m proud.” Well done, DB. Well. Done.

VMI Grad Follows in Brother’s Footsteps

Many thanks to GW’64 who sent this in today: LEXINGTON (WSLS 10) –  Nearly three years ago Lexington and Rockbridge County rallied around a family who lost a son too soon. Army Ranger Chase Prasnicki was killed just days after he deployed to Afghanistan. His death left a lasting impression on his younger brother. In a WSLS 10 exclusive we were there for the emotional day as Tyler Prasnicki officially joined the ranks of the military and takes the next steps in following his older brother. Tyler Prasnicki took the officer’s oath, volunteering to serve in the United States Army […]

Marine Corps Monday: “Green” on Green

A lot of money there, and I bet they’ve just scratched the surface. If someone could scarf up all the TOW wires, now that’d be a real windfall. But not enough to buy a single F-35.

New Market Thoughts

On Saturday May 9, the Potomac River chapter had a New Market gathering in Washington DC.  I was asked to say something about New Market, I thought I would share my remarks with our OP-FOR readers. This coatee, this NCO belt (which I took to the event) are part of the flotsam of our cadetship. They represent the memories of our cadetship. Memories of parades, dyking out, dykes, inspections, bones the good and bad. It represent something else the connection with the past. The buttons are the same or similar as those worn by the Cadets who answer their native […]

New Market Day, 2015

New Market Day greetings to all! While I was reading excerpts online from The Corps Forward, because I’m endlessly fascinated with the cadets of the New Market Corps– who they were and what they did– I came across the entry for Cadet Thomas H. Shriver, of Union Mills, Maryland. Cadet Shriver is an interesting study for several reasons: first, he was one of the substantial number of Marylanders who zealously espoused the Southern cause; second, he was an experienced combat veteran by the time he matriculated; third, he was one of a tiny handful of Roman Catholics in the Corps […]

Next CSA

MilleyIt is a sad day for the Army as they are nominating General Mark Milley to be the next CSA.  The fact that General Vincent Brooks was not selected is a crying shame, he would have help propel the Army into the 21st Century.