War What Is It Good For? It Allows the Army to Fight With the National Guard and Once Again Lose.

Aviation Restructuring Initiative or ARI is the Army’s program to right size it aviation assets.  It involves the getting rid of the OH58, replacing the Trainer at Fort Rucker with Lakota’s (which were bought for the Guard by General Coty), taking the AH64s out of the Guard, and transferring UH60A (the earliest model and most expensive to operate) to the Army Guard.  In order to accomplish this the Army is separating 350 Warrants Officers who OH58 pilots, has began the process of removing the OH58s out the active day formation, begun moving Lakota’s from the Guard and moving them to Fort […]

Christmas Mysteries

Since Atheism is a religion, is the removal of creches now the imposition by the state on behalf of  many religions working against the worship of one? What was Michelle Obama doing in a Target? Did her Secret Service detail and legion of aides lose her en route to 5th Avenue in NYC? If she doesn’t know what a kid eats, how would she even recognise a Target store? George Washington learned to read and write and be a gentleman by copying each page of Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation. Today we hope kids learn from watching a […]

From VMI Athletics: New Football Coach

“TM” wrote in to suggest that this deserved a look, saying, “AD Diles has been making some promising moves for Keydet athletics.” As you know I am not the man to speak to about VMI athletics, however this is after all a VMI-centric blog and we like to listen to our readership. Anyone more knowledgeable than I care to weigh in?


Well now, that’s a turn of events. I for one have long thought that the policy toward the communist shit-hole island prison Cuba needed to be reviewed and possibly changed. I’m not sure, though, that we have gotten the better end of the bargain. Forget the cracks about cigars and good rum and vintage cars and cheap vacations. This is serious business. Tell me what you think this means.

Interesting Course of Therapy

Very interesting story of the Army Lt who deserted, joined the Legion to overcome his demons.

RIP, Lt Onoda

Might we say, a good man soldier in a (very) bad cause? A Japanese soldier who hunkered down in the jungles of the Philippines for nearly three decades, refusing to believe that World War II had ended, has died in Tokyo. Hiroo Onoda was 91 years old. In 1944, Onoda was sent to the small island of Lubang in the western Philippines to spy on U.S. forces in the area. Allied forces defeated the Japanese imperial army in the Philippines in the latter stages of the war, but Onoda, a lieutenant, evaded capture. While most of the Japanese troops on […]

Grubering versus Fake but Accurate

To Gruber is to tell the truth with no concept of the consequences.  Named for the MIT multimillionaire professor who wrote a portion of Obamacare whose speeches contained admissions that citizens were lied to in order to achieve an alleged greater good. We have seen the return of Fake but Accurate with Rolling Stone’s execrable peddling of rape myths at U.Va., and the implosion of Lena Dunham’s rape accusation made in her book. The response from radical elements of the left has been demanding followers set aside facts in order to adhere to the lies in order to maintain power. […]

Torture as entertainment

When one reviews the list of activities that constitute “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” there is a sense of ‘is that all?’ Belly slaps and water dousing are found on the sideline of any football team that wins. So what is all the outrage about? It isn’t the activity, it is the attitude. Torture became a very popular and lucrative form of entertainment.  “Survivor,” “Dexter,” “Breaking Bad,” and “24” provide viewers with a buffet of behavior underpinned by highly questionable selective moral reasoning. Making alliances to protect one’s self and betrayal presented ad a feature of the game, not a character defect. […]

75 Years Ago: The Winter War

We missed the anniversary of the start, so we’ll have to pick it up here. On 30 Nov, the Soviet Red Army invaded Finland to bring the glories of communism to the poor oppressed workers and peasants of the former czarist possession. The Finns declined the honor. “The Winter War” is a pretty good film on the subject, produced to coincide with the 50th anniversary. Good combat scenes and there’s even a little skin, if I remember right. (And thank God for sub-titles.) “Fire and Ice” is a very well-done documentary. (NRO has a good slide show this month too.) […]

A Report on the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program

From the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence [sic], for your review and comment. (Here’s some not-so-fast criticism from someone in the know. And this, too. And THIS!) War is an ugly business, and it’s not for the faint of heart. What, now?