Death to the Invasive Coconut Rhinoceros Beetles

Clearly the greatest threat we face. God help us.  


Over them, under them or through them, they’re not going to stop us. They didn’t at Chapultepec, they didn’t at Inchon, and they certainly didn’t in Afghanistan.

Green Amphibious Monster

From out of the sea it came. Interesting. And about damn time. The AAV is worn out, I think. Going ship to shore in such a craft is a hateful and hideous experience, but if it has to be done (and it does), best to do it in an updated conveyance.

Why does the Marine Corps Maintain the Standard?

I happen to be a tried and true Cavalryman that loves his jarhead friends to death.  I never wanted to be a Marine, but with how the Army is pursuing the integration of women into the teeth of her fighting force tells me so much.  Women only make up 14% of the Soldiers in the Army, so what is the point? The Marine Corps will not degrade the standards, but they will allow women to join them.  So far, no women have it made it past week 3 at IOC. The Army seems to want their test to be Ranger […]

Complete Chaos at NAVAIR

Commander Sal straddles the target with his main battery and scores multiple hits on Diversity Thursday. As someone who from MIDN days supported women serving wherever they physically and realistically could, this torques me off, as it gives the “I told you so” crowd all the negative stereotype fodder they need. Of what do I speak? Well, if you haven’t eaten yet – you may want to hold off. If you have a spray shield for your computer, you may want to go get it. Set aside some time and read the entire thing. Do you know who doesn’t believe […]

More on the (Actual) Rifles of the IRA

A look back at the little-known Armalite AR-180 and its checkered history, courtesy of the Krampus: “Used by both the Provisional IRA and Irish security forces, it was photographed often; in fact, it is believed that as many as 2,000 of these rifles were smuggled into Ireland in the 1970s.” I had forgotten about the AR-180 and its part in The Troubles. To me, it looks like an AR that tried to have a sex change operation to become an FN FAL. But for better or for ill, there you have it.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

More on the Saint himself. Recommended reading, from this time last year. And THIS is now en route. And a little rebellious musical accompaniment. (Please note which “IRA” these lads are referring to.)

The USAF Is Selling A Bridge in Brooklyn

Over at the blog John Q. Public, there is a great piece on the problems of the F35.  Despite what we are being told by the swarthy salesman of the U.S.A.F. the problems are not minor, and they will not be fixed in the near term. The final paragraph sums up the hypocrisy, not only by the U.S.A.F. but by the Congress of the United States. This debacle is, in many ways, a distressing sign of what happens when Congress is no longer the domain of statesmanly adult behavior that puts country first. Congress itself has perverse incentives to set […]

Rusty Warhorses in Iraq Are Resurrected

Well, who can blame them? In a military scrapyard in the southern Iraqi desert, abandoned army equipment sat for years waiting to be melted down to steel bars. Now, thanks to new conflict and a resourceful old mechanic, some of the rusty warhorses have won a reprieve. Last June’s stunning offensive by Islamic State militants who control much of northern and western Iraq left the army in disarray and much of its U.S.-supplied equipment was taken over by the advancing radical Sunni Muslim fighters. Baghdad’s Shi’ite-led government appealed for reinforcements from across the world to help it fight back. But […]

More on the Citadel Hazing

A statement from the Citadel Commandant regarding hazing.  I was told by an Alumnus that there is much misinformation out there and to go to Citadel site. It would appear the administration is trying to do the right thing. The culture of the Citadel has always been different than that of VMI.  The reasons for its founding had much to do with politics of the Ante-Bellum South and in particular the State of South Carolina which I shan’t go into more detail here. Having said this, I have many good friends who are Citadel graduates, proud of their school, and […]