The Army’s new pistol – opportunity to revolutionize warfare?

The Army will soon host an Industry Day to vendors who will compete to prove the Army’s new pistol. The winner will be judged by the DNC and RNC. Why not let the maker of body bags decide instead? The M9 suffered the problem of all automatics: when ejecting the cartridge, carbon gets blown into the mechanism and works into the slide. This meant very too often slide wouldn’t go back far enough and a round would eject. The advantage of automatics is: lots of bullets downrange. Is this truly an advantage? Is this not the Inshallah Aiming System (If Allah wills it, […]

VMI and the Theory of Broken Windows

There exists a theory in the worlds of law enforcement and social control called the Theory of Broken Windows. The theory posits that when one sees visible signs of vandalism, this is evidence that the social order is collapsing or has collapsed as those who would maintain order – the citizens – have fled. The US military has a similar body of thought, but it is a law and this law has existed in the American Army since 1775. “Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Discipline” is the military’s way of describing how one gets Broken Windows. An army that neglects to take corrective action is not […]

Respect for Our Fallen

Not a country fan, but I love this song by Trace Adkins. 

“Do-It-Yourself War”

Very interesting, instructive, and strongly recommended : Coming soon to a “theater” near you??

General Peay Must Go; 2014 Edition

  Dear Fellow Alumni: On July 5, 2013, I published on, a post which was entitled, General Peay Must Go. A number of alumni, to include several of my own Brother Rats took issue with the points I raised. The primary focus of that letter was the resignation of members of the English Department and the refocusing of the English curriculum from Literature to Rhetoric. I stand by those earlier remarks. One of the other allegations that I touched on but did not highlight because of the sensitivity of an ongoing investigation regarding a Sexual Assault of a Female […]

VMI Needs to be Left of Bang

What does that mean? It does not mean it needs to control the narrative, but that is an added plus. VMI is out there to teach young ladies and young gentlemen to be leaders in this harsh world. If VMI cannot be left of the bang, how can it teach cadets to be leaders that can analyze situations in a way that they identify solutions and stay a step ahead. That is what being left of bang is: a step ahead. The reason why I said it did not mean to control the narrative was specifically because of what occurred […]

Story on Rape of Cadet by Post Policeman

From the Lexington News Gazette: “Cadet Claims Policeman Assaulted Her By Roberta Anderson A Virginia Military Institute cadet has filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Department of Education for Civil Rights alleging she was sexually assaulted by a Virginia Military Institute post policeman. In the complaint filed June 12, the cadet alleges she was strip-searched by a male officer without a female officer being present. She further states that she was “made to feel that she had to [submit to the search].” The incident occurred on March 5. According to a source close to the woman, the strip search […]

What Say Yeah, Should Our Military Leaders Swing From The Yardarm?

Interesting piece core at Best Defense. 

Red VMI Comforters

RF wrote in: Does anyone know the manufacturer of our Red Comforters from the early 70s? I have a brother rat who is looking… my son took mine to VMI for his cadetship and it didn’t make it back home… Not just from the 70s on, I got mine in August of ’85. And I was wondering the same thing! Does anyone know??

Character Counts

Character is a person’s usual qualities or traits that demonstrate a conspicuous moral firmness. With apology to the late Blake Edwards, VMI entered the days of swine and roses. Hank, who has VMI and Lexington and Rockbridge County in just about every fiber of his being, has taken up the cause of getting General Peay replaced because character counts. General Peay’s inactions, omissions, and belated handling of misconduct not his own, while disgraceful for an Army officer and would normally lead to career-ending punitive measures from higher ups, are destructive to the character of VMI. Character counts. And, General Peay […]