New position is now 97% occupied, only some minor items at previous position to be addressed. Thanks to MDL, USMC0802, Wang and the Portuguese Man o’ War, the armory has been safely transferred and stowed. Two Marines Moving (in this case a former grunt and an MP) came sunday morning and achieved first round effects on target. Chimney sweep is set to repair the chimney crown, line the flue and install a Regency I2400 in a couple weeks. The only hitch was complete failure of the 15-year old water heater within 48 hours after the RIP/TOA. It’s partially resolved, but […]

Room In Gross Disorder

Apologies for light posting on my part. I’ve got a lot I’d like to comment on but less time than I need. I’m moving– only 400 yards up the street from where I live now– but since I’m doing it in phases, my rooms are in gross disorder and the connectivity is too. BTW, you know what’s heavy for its size and hard to move? AMMO. Even in small quantities. But it’s worth the effort. And if you’re in the market for a house and need a mortgage, I strongly recommend Brandy Smith at Private Plus. Of course, it goes […]

Heard From Today: John Noonan VMI ’03

Well now! They may have been mocked at the time, but the views Mitt Romney articulated on the campaign trail in 2012 about foreign affairs are now considered not just clear-sighted but clairvoyant. He said that the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq was a mistake; that Vladimir Putin was a major threat; and that radical Islam was on the ascent. Romney detailed many of these ideas in a wide-ranging address on foreign policy at the Virginia Military Institute. That speech was crafted in part by John Noonan, who was recently tapped to be Jeb Bush’s national-security adviser. Sounds like a sharp […]

Social Justice Warriors and VMI

Social Justice Warriors, or SJW in the common vernacular, have been at VMI for a long time because of VMI’s quintessence. Social justice is defined as “…justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.” The term social justice began in the 1840s as an entry argument made by the Roman Catholic Church into the culture wars between unhinged capitalism and equally unhinged socialism. That Social Justice, the one developed by Fathers Luigi Taparelli, SJ, and Antonio Rosmini-Serbati, IC, isn’t found in America. Instead we have to deal with Thomas Pogge’s version: Thomas Pogge’s arguments pertain […]

The Road to War, Part One

Looking around the fluff pieces out there exhalting peace with Iran in our time, the question most asked is: ‘why Iran?’ Why not Kenya? Why not Nigeria, Uruguay or Fiji? Over 120 nations on this earth are worth America’s time and effort – so why Iran? Is it because Iran pledged repeatedly since 1979 to destroy America and Israel by any means possible? 120 nations would rather be our friend and business partner, but we side with Iran? A country that has spent time, money and considerable effort to murder Americans whenever and wherever possible. Why did Obama refused to help the […]

VMI Looking For A New Basketball Coach

It is confirmed that Coach Baucom is leaving.

Why No Army ROTC Marshall Conference at VMI This Year?

I got curious when I did not see the Army ROTC Marshall Conference on the VMI Calendar this year.  I did a google search and discovered that it is being held not at VMI and the location of the Marshall Museum and Foundation but at Fort Leavenworth Kansas.  Does anyone know why it is not being held at VMI?  Inquiring Minds want to know? On another note, it would appear according to the Roanoke Times that VMI Basketball Coach Dugger Bascom is leaving for the greener pastures of the Citadel.

I’m a let you finish

But Keydet Life is the greatest Comic of all time!   To be honest, I haven’t seen stuff this good since my time with the 2eme Bataillion de France.  Those dudes can draw cartoons, these remind me of those days.  Except for the fact that an entire class would face decimation had we run off to the Keys for five days during exams…wait.

Why does the Marine Corps Maintain the Standard?

I happen to be a tried and true Cavalryman that loves his jarhead friends to death.  I never wanted to be a Marine, but with how the Army is pursuing the integration of women into the teeth of her fighting force tells me so much.  Women only make up 14% of the Soldiers in the Army, so what is the point? The Marine Corps will not degrade the standards, but they will allow women to join them.  So far, no women have it made it past week 3 at IOC. The Army seems to want their test to be Ranger […]

More on the Citadel Hazing

A statement from the Citadel Commandant regarding hazing.  I was told by an Alumnus that there is much misinformation out there and to go to Citadel site. It would appear the administration is trying to do the right thing. The culture of the Citadel has always been different than that of VMI.  The reasons for its founding had much to do with politics of the Ante-Bellum South and in particular the State of South Carolina which I shan’t go into more detail here. Having said this, I have many good friends who are Citadel graduates, proud of their school, and […]