Back on Deck…

Brother Rat BullNav and I were down in Lexington for our 25th reunion, hence the light posting. But we’re back. More to follow, possibly with pics!

Death of a Cadet

From this week’s News Gazette, a newspaper known to be friendly to the establishment of Rockbridge County, Washington and Lee, and VMI.  This story begs more questions than it answers. I just read the account in the Rockbridge Advocate.  I have to wonder why VMI allowed the Cadet to go retrieve the gun from his truck without sending an Official of the Institute.  Was it because he was to be commissioned, was it a breach, was it a belief he would do what is right.  I don’t know, but what I do know it is tragic.  I have to wonder […]

Items From (and Thanks to) Our Loyal Readers

One of the best parts of this blog is receiving notes from our loyal, regular, readers. Two came in recently with links that deserve some air time. MikeB 73 sent in a great photo essay on the withdrawal from Af’stan. Parker Longbaugh sent in a somber update on a tragic event at VMI. To all of you, from all of us, thanks and appreciation for making this little climb up the hill of science a noble pursuit. As I often reply to those who write in, “Visit often, leave comments, spread the word!”

The threat facing VMI (and every other college in America)

Update: You can read the bills for yourselves at: S.2692 Campus Accountability and Safety Act (Introduced in Senate – IS) and the House version at HR.5354 Campus Accountability and Safety Act (Introduced in House – IH) In previous posts about VMI’s sexual assault problem, the threat of increased litigation was touched on. VMI, with it’s new reputation for preying on women now faces a new challenge: lawsuits for following the law. VMI will be watched very closely for its adherence to feminist doctrine (colleges as centers for rape culture). Remember the Bill of Rights? Current, bipartisan legislation (hey! It’s an […]

Let the Fun Begin

Matriculation Day. To-day, at the Virginia Military Institute. :-) A thought came to me after I posted this– What general officers, or captains of industry, renowned surgeons, or governors might be among the honorable youths signing the book right now? Interesting to consider.

Colonel A.C. Volant ’88 Takes Command

Another fair specimen of a citizen-soldier! “Col. Adam C. Volant [L] takes command of the Fairfax-based Information Operations Support Center…” Congrats on the command and the recent promotion!  

“3 Blind Mice”?? What the F…??

Ragnar Lothbrok sent these in, and neither he nor I can make heads or tails of them: :-O Can ANY-ONE provide any explanation??  

New Discrimination Policy at VMI

This came in through the transom like a bayoneted can of shaving cream at midnight, from an anonymous source… Please look, review and comment.

VMI and the Theory of Broken Windows

There exists a theory in the worlds of law enforcement and social control called the Theory of Broken Windows. The theory posits that when one sees visible signs of vandalism, this is evidence that the social order is collapsing or has collapsed as those who would maintain order – the citizens – have fled. The US military has a similar body of thought, but it is a law and this law has existed in the American Army since 1775. “Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Discipline” is the military’s way of describing how one gets Broken Windows. An army that neglects to take corrective action is not […]

General Peay Must Go; 2014 Edition

  Dear Fellow Alumni: On July 5, 2013, I published on, a post which was entitled, General Peay Must Go. A number of alumni, to include several of my own Brother Rats took issue with the points I raised. The primary focus of that letter was the resignation of members of the English Department and the refocusing of the English curriculum from Literature to Rhetoric. I stand by those earlier remarks. One of the other allegations that I touched on but did not highlight because of the sensitivity of an ongoing investigation regarding a Sexual Assault of a Female […]