Book Review of George Marshall: A Biography

Not sure if I shall bother reading this new biography of George Marshall, but here is a review of it in the New Republic.  Concluding paragraph says a lot about George Marshall the man: For a military man, Marshall’s heroism was peculiar. It did not arise from his conduct on the battlefield. It arose from his modesty, including “a modest daily schedule that often ended at three or four o’clock in the afternoon” and his avoidance “of lucrative corporate board memberships so commonly available to retired high military officers in our more avaricious times.” Most importantly, Marshall’s modesty flowed from […]

Salaries At the Institute

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, VMI along with UVA and VA Tech’s salaries are out of line with their peer institutions. VMI’s resident flack provided this answer to the Times Dispatch, None of the schools fits easily into the “cookie cutter” cohort used to make the comparisons, VMI spokesman Stewart MacInnis said in an interview. “The report’s trying to fit everybody into a certain hole. And we don’t fit more than others don’t fit.” The U.S. military academies are the only applicable comparison for VMI, which is the smallest of the state’s 15 four-year schools, with 1,700 cadets “who […]

Doctor LBL’94, Paging Doctor LBL’94…

Based on the untoward happenings in Dallas, et al., what analysis and commentary can you provide? What do we need to know that is either not being reported at all, or perhaps isn’t being well reported? I say this not out of alarm or panic, but to set out some facts and place them in context.

The Ride to the I, 2014

Thanks to CHC87’s timely reminder I was able to sign up for the 7th Annual “Ride to the I,” VMI’s own little Rolling Thunder. Alumni chapters from across our native state (to whom we are attached and of whose fame we are proud) are organized to gather at various points and then converge on Lexington, where we unite and ride in column of twos through the town and up to the parade deck. My day began early, to make my scheduled rally in Culpeper at 0700. It was maybe 50 degrees when I set out and I felt every one […]

Field of Lost Shoes: The Initial Op-For Review

Just got home from the 1950 showing of Field of Lost Shoes here in Leesburg. I went with COL Hank and Mrs COL Hank. A more in-depth review will follow, but I’ll go with this tonight…   In the men’s room right after the end of the film. COL Hank and I are at the urinals. COL H: “I wonder who wrote the script.” LtCol P: “He should have the shit beaten out of him.”   (More to follow.)

“Field of Lost Shoes,” 26 September

Thanks to Parker Longbaugh, here’s a list of theaters were FoLS will open the day after tomorrow. Haven’t seen it yet, but I intend to!


Loyal OP-For readers and contributors, Bob Morris VMI Class of 79 is putting on a concert at the National Theater in Richmond Virginia on October 5 to honor those wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Ian Anderson and Jetro Tull will be the headline group the VMI Commanders opening the concert.TULL_VMIAA_20140730_V4

Back on Deck…

Brother Rat BullNav and I were down in Lexington for our 25th reunion, hence the light posting. But we’re back. More to follow, possibly with pics!

Death of a Cadet

From this week’s News Gazette, a newspaper known to be friendly to the establishment of Rockbridge County, Washington and Lee, and VMI.  This story begs more questions than it answers. I just read the account in the Rockbridge Advocate.  I have to wonder why VMI allowed the Cadet to go retrieve the gun from his truck without sending an Official of the Institute.  Was it because he was to be commissioned, was it a breach, was it a belief he would do what is right.  I don’t know, but what I do know it is tragic.  I have to wonder […]

Items From (and Thanks to) Our Loyal Readers

One of the best parts of this blog is receiving notes from our loyal, regular, readers. Two came in recently with links that deserve some air time. MikeB 73 sent in a great photo essay on the withdrawal from Af’stan. Parker Longbaugh sent in a somber update on a tragic event at VMI. To all of you, from all of us, thanks and appreciation for making this little climb up the hill of science a noble pursuit. As I often reply to those who write in, “Visit often, leave comments, spread the word!”