My 2 cents on how the Army invests in its future

Trigger warnings: there is some profanity, and no women are mentioned, unless you count Rangers. In the spring of 2001, the Army conducted the Major’s board for Year Group 1991. In the Field Artillery, out of a cohort of over 300 that began in June 1991, only 65 were left to fill roughly 125 billets. Of the survivors, less than 5 were so hapless they couldn’t even resign right. But, per Army regulation 24.6% (16 of 65 officers) were given the boot. Why? Regs said so. How was the Army going to fill the requirement gap of 76 majors? Bring […]

2015 “Ride to the I”– Postponed

All: This just in, from Matt Schwarzmann… Attention Riders, Due to the foul weather predicted for this weekend, the decision has been made to postpone the 10th Annual Ride to The I.  The new date will be Saturday, 10 October.  All other details remain the same. I apologize for the inconvenience of having to reschedule the event, but everyone’s safety is of paramount importance and the weather does not look to be the best for riding safely. I recognize that this will not fit into everyone’s schedule so if you have already signed up and cannot attend next weekend, a […]

This Should Cause Some VMI Alumni to Have Apoplexy

There is a coterie of VMI Alumni who despise Josiah Bunting.  His comments posted over at Tom Ricks site will cause them great irritation.  It would be interesting to ask the current Superintendent (I have seen the wizard) if he agrees with Si Bunting.

“Ride to the I” Registration is O-P-E-N

Just got word from Matt Schwarzmann ’90 at the Alumni Association– the 2015 “Ride to the I” registration site is up and running. The registration fee is $15, and that includes lunch, following the parade, on the lower deck of Moody Hall.  Lunch and beverages will be provided.  Due to the tenacious prodding of GEN Peay, by Bland Massie, we have been given permission to do a drive by in front of barracks. This is a huge win for us and I’m hoping the parade spectators and cadets will get fired up for the parade and the game when we […]

RIP, Cadet Hoang

Sad news from VMI. Our prayers and intentions go forth to you and your family, and your Brother Rats.

WarnOrd: 2015 “Ride to the I”

Matt Schwarzmann ’90 atthe Alumni Association told me yesterday that this year’s Ride to the I will go on saturday, 3 Oct. It’s the tenth anniversary, too. He’s going to send out emails to all past riders and should have registration up this week. I’ll pass all that on too. For those who don’t know, the Ride to the I is a VMI alumni motorcycle event: alumni converge on Lexington, rally just outside town, form into a column of twos and, led by local lawmen, ride through town, around post, and up to the parade ground. It’s a hell of […]

TAPS: Carrie Wortham ’12

This morning after Church I grabbed my phone from the floor of the car and went onto Facebook and saw a status about Carrie.  I called one of my friends who happened to be married to one of her VMI roommates, he would call me back and told me what you’ll read here. Carrie was a member of Golf Company, the Regimental S-2 Captain, a Cross Country Runner, and a Pole Vaulter at VMI.  She was one of the best, always cordial and always looking to help others.  She went to Haiti and worked for a Non-Profit, Mid-Wives For Haiti […]

McDew ’82 Takes Command at TRANSCOM

Congratulations to General Darren McDew ’82, now the commander of TRANSCOM! If I’m not mistaken, that would also make him the senior alumnus now in uniform, would it not? In any case, congrats to you General!

VMI’s 2014 Salaries

Over at the Richmond Times Dispatch you can find Virginia State Salaries for 2014.  I of course pulled the VMI Salaries what I found interesting is that there are 54 Administrative-Lecture or Administrative-Professor positions, or what really is the great Smith Hall Bureaucracy. I did not include the Professional-Lecture which adds even more.  Even more interesting is that on the lower end of the scale, whomever has those positions is not getting a living wage and most likely is working a 2nd or 3rd job or they are summer help. Not sure what they all do, perhaps Slater can enlighten […]

Matriculation Day

Happy  Matriculation Day!   Unlike some of the group I am a firm believer that they need to re-integrate more adversarial interactions during the rat-line, it can still be professional.  And if a Shit Eating Third or dumb Second crosses the line, then give them con pro and a 10-6-30.  But it is the hardest school, that puts out the best products, VMI graduates are akin to Demascus Steel, continuously beaten on the anvil and hardened.