Why does the Marine Corps Maintain the Standard?

I happen to be a tried and true Cavalryman that loves his jarhead friends to death.  I never wanted to be a Marine, but with how the Army is pursuing the integration of women into the teeth of her fighting force tells me so much.  Women only make up 14% of the Soldiers in the Army, so what is the point? The Marine Corps will not degrade the standards, but they will allow women to join them.  So far, no women have it made it past week 3 at IOC. The Army seems to want their test to be Ranger […]

More on the Citadel Hazing

A statement from the Citadel Commandant regarding hazing.  I was told by an Alumnus that there is much misinformation out there and to go to Citadel site. It would appear the administration is trying to do the right thing. The culture of the Citadel has always been different than that of VMI.  The reasons for its founding had much to do with politics of the Ante-Bellum South and in particular the State of South Carolina which I shan’t go into more detail here. Having said this, I have many good friends who are Citadel graduates, proud of their school, and […]

Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble

Please take the thirty minutes or so to watch the Jonathan M. Daniels ’61 Award Presentation to Representative John R. Lewis of Georgia on 11 March 2015; his speech from the heart is a message we should all heed and pay attention to.

Sweet Briar College to Close

Sad news breaking today, if not from VMI proper than from the larger VMI sphere of influence, so to speak: Sweet Briar College was founded in 1901. The school’s current enrollment is 561 students. “This is a sad day for the entire Sweet Briar College community,” Paul G. Rice, SBC board chair, said in a statement posted on the school’s website. “The board closely examined the College’s financial situation and weighed it against our obligations to current and prospective students, parents, faculty and staff, alumnae, donors and friends. We voted to act now to cease academic operations responsibly, allowing us […]

Sue and Settle

Back in the old days, “Climate Change” was called “seasons.” Anthropogenic Global Warming was called “lighting a fire in the wood stove.” Just like the new EPA rules regulate livestock water sources, which will cause ranchers and farmers to dump a lot of animals onto the market, driving down the meat resource and driving up the cost of meat, eggs, and dairy products; the new EPA rules also govern wood-burning stoves. ‘Preposterous!’ you say. ‘The courts will save us!’ you say. No. Not at all. Someone will sue! No, because of several rules, such as determining who has the legal […]

“Correct, But Wish to Explain, Sir…”

WOW. This is spectacular. I have not seen a picture of the frozen member, only the special. I applaud that cadet.

Ethical leadership

My last post endeavored to open up the general topic of ethical leadership by looking for a reasonable, rational base for ethical behavior. The three types of ethical frameworks offered are virtue-based, rules-based, and outcome-based. In a discussion of these, Mike_B73 offered up a treatise by Profesor Challons, Ph.D. that had some good points but still lacked something, besides my understanding. I’m still reading his argument against effects-based (outcome-based) leadership. Today, General Officers are ruled by rules, and measured by outcome. This is a recipe for disaster which doesn’t even factor in the variable of ‘what is legal today will be made […]

Wanted: an ethical construct for today’s military leaders

Here on Op-For, whenever the subject of leadership comes up, we applaud those leaders who are technically capable of 1) leading; and 2) not jumping into scandal and disrepute. The technical skills we get. Personality types we get. But what causes so much of our discussion is the absence of ethics demonstrated by the subjects of our posts. The germ for this post was the observation ‘we are removing virtue as demonstrated by ethics form our armed forces – the same thing the Nazis and Communists did to create terribly efficient, vastly indifferent soldiers who murdered on orders, on initiative, and for fun;’ and […]

“Wish I had gone to VMI”

What sealed the deal for me in deciding to attend VMI was a crusty old Ranger with a CIB from tour in Vietnam. “This place [referring to the I] reminds me of the Point in 1963.” R. M. Hollander’s comment reminded me of a time when being from VMI was the goal, along with Lieutenent’s bars. We laughed, some of us bitterly, as our Cadre Corporals read an article about how brutal life was for West Point’s Plebes, forced to do 10 pushups at a time, and given breaks (poor, poor Plebes). It is good to be from VMI, even when the […]

Fish rot from the head: Senior Officers Behaving Badly

Earlier today Townie directed us to an article praising Commandant of the Marine Corps General Dunford. It was good to see the general performing the physical fitness test. From the looks of things, being a leader AND a flag officer are becoming mutually exclusive. From XBradTC: If naval officers were guilty of bribery or other misconduct, by all means, haul them in front of a court martial or a federal court. But do not allow the process to become the punishment, particularly when that process is fouling the duties of others with no direct connection to the scandal. [emphasis added by author] […]