“Correct, But Wish to Explain, Sir…”

WOW. This is spectacular. I have not seen a picture of the frozen member, only the special. I applaud that cadet.

Ethical leadership

My last post endeavored to open up the general topic of ethical leadership by looking for a reasonable, rational base for ethical behavior. The three types of ethical frameworks offered are virtue-based, rules-based, and outcome-based. In a discussion of these, Mike_B73 offered up a treatise by Profesor Challons, Ph.D. that had some good points but still lacked something, besides my understanding. I’m still reading his argument against effects-based (outcome-based) leadership. Today, General Officers are ruled by rules, and measured by outcome. This is a recipe for disaster which doesn’t even factor in the variable of ‘what is legal today will be made […]

Wanted: an ethical construct for today’s military leaders

Here on Op-For, whenever the subject of leadership comes up, we applaud those leaders who are technically capable of 1) leading; and 2) not jumping into scandal and disrepute. The technical skills we get. Personality types we get. But what causes so much of our discussion is the absence of ethics demonstrated by the subjects of our posts. The germ for this post was the observation ‘we are removing virtue as demonstrated by ethics form our armed forces – the same thing the Nazis and Communists did to create terribly efficient, vastly indifferent soldiers who murdered on orders, on initiative, and for fun;’ and […]

“Wish I had gone to VMI”

What sealed the deal for me in deciding to attend VMI was a crusty old Ranger with a CIB from tour in Vietnam. “This place [referring to the I] reminds me of the Point in 1963.” R. M. Hollander’s comment reminded me of a time when being from VMI was the goal, along with Lieutenent’s bars. We laughed, some of us bitterly, as our Cadre Corporals read an article about how brutal life was for West Point’s Plebes, forced to do 10 pushups at a time, and given breaks (poor, poor Plebes). It is good to be from VMI, even when the […]

Fish rot from the head: Senior Officers Behaving Badly

Earlier today Townie directed us to an article praising Commandant of the Marine Corps General Dunford. It was good to see the general performing the physical fitness test. From the looks of things, being a leader AND a flag officer are becoming mutually exclusive. From XBradTC: If naval officers were guilty of bribery or other misconduct, by all means, haul them in front of a court martial or a federal court. But do not allow the process to become the punishment, particularly when that process is fouling the duties of others with no direct connection to the scandal. [emphasis added by author] […]

Faculty Composition VMI

Some comments about the data.  At least two are dual listed in Mechanical Engineering and Physics.  I counted as Adjunct those who had that title; I did not count Instructors in that number, though a review of the faculty listing shows a large number of instructors.  I did not count service academy or other military college graduates in the number of VMI faculty, though is something to be considered. Red Lettering < 10% VMI graduates; Orange <21% VMI graduates; Green > 21% VMI graduates. DEPT VMI Tot FAC % Per Adj % Physics 3 9 33% 9 1 11% EE […]

An Interesting Discussion On Uniforms

John Minehan a frequent commenter to this site recently sent this email to me, I asked if I could share it with the forum.  I will also share some comments from others once I receive their permission. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Al8makANRs I always thought it was odd how similar(but distinct) the Cadet uniform evolved at USMA, VMI, Citadel and the former PMC.  I also thought “outliers” like Norwich and VPI and A&M are kind of interesting. Specifically, why did PMC have the USMA “brass bullet” buttons on the coatee, when Citadel and VMI had buttons with the school seal?  PMC also had the one […]

What salary should we pay Keydet athletes?

The service academies pay their athletes a monthly stipend, but then again they pay all their students the same stipend. Outside of the academies and VMI, a growing list of colleges and universities are abrogating their commitment to education in favor getting a slice of a $16 billion pie. With big money comes big incentive to cheat – but the losers are the student-athletes and their spouses and children – a diploma without an education to back it up is worse than a high school diploma tied to a shovel. Paul M. Barrett of Bloomberg News provides a hint of […]

Out With the Old, In With the New

2014, you stand relieved of all duties. Here’s to a better year in 2015, and may I say from all of us to all of you, many thanks for your continued readership, comments, suggestions and traffic. We couldn’t do it without you. (If you haven’t hit the site to make a donation for Cadet Scott’s family, please do so. I’m waiting for my ill-gotten gains to flow in on friday, and so you will see a donation from me then.) Visit often, leave comments, spread the word!

VMI Cadet and Family Greatly in Need of Help

By way of ESL’94, terrible news for a Cadet from the class of ’16– he and his family lost their home and their possessions in a house fire on 20 December. (I just this morning found out.) Go here to give. The goal is modest– only $5,000– and I think we ought to be able to do that and more. (And thanks to Derek Brown ’03 for setting that up.) Let’s take care of our family.