General Dempsey, Coach K on Leadership

Good article over at Anglican Ink about what makes a good leader.

The Army Has a Credibility Problem

This story from the Washington Post says that the Army has a credibility problem.  Comments?

A *Fifth* Star for ’87!

Thanks to MSS3 ’87, we learned that Colonel Lapthe C. Flora, of the Virginia National Guard and the VMI Class of ’87, has been nominated and confirmed for the rank of Brigadier General.  He is the fifth member of ’87 to pin on stars. COL (P) Flora ’87 is, I hasten to add, one of my fellow Roanokers, part of the sizable contingent in that class from the Star City and environs. Look him up and read about him, he has a tremendous story. Also from MSS3’87, a running count of the classes in recent memory with the most stars– […]

I Wonder What Patton and Marshall Would Say?

USMC0802 tossed this (angrily) our way: “The Army’s Confederate Cowardice,” wherein an Army captain and lawyer shares his opinions on Army base names. I’ll not quote from his little article, you can read it yourselves, but I will float two three questions of my own. Does “military mediocrity” appear anywhere in his OERs? What would Generals Patton and Marshall, neither of them being mediocrities, say to him? Or, indeed, General Ridgway, who spent a good deal of time at (dare I say the name??) Fort Bragg?

What they teach at the VMI of the North (USMA)

So, I guess this professor up at Hudson High School must have gotten his PhD. from a place that teaches revisionist history.  I don’t know, I’m not about that life personally.  But here’s a video of a guy who has birds on his shoulders and is on the permanent faculty of a place that I just don’t think puts out a good product. I would ask Col Seidule to go read Shelby Foote and then retire, because he is a poor educator by claiming that the Civil War was only about Slavery.  I’m a strict unionist and do not believe […]

No Shit Sherlock!

Wow this is a blinding flash of the obvious from the outgoing CSA: “For me, I think we missed the boat initially on adjusting to societal norms with tattoos,” said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno. “I think tattoos are something that are more common, and I think we have to realize and understand that, and we have to make sure we get the best people in our Army.” This is also a lesson in not always listening to the Senior NCO as they have built in prejudices and bias.  Former SMA Chandler clearly did.  It would appear that […]

Thoughts On MG (Ret) Scales

Major General Robert Scales (U S Army Retired) once again comes out swinging against Washington ineptitude in funding the United States Army.  One of the points he makes about the creation of a hollow Army is about the reduction to 450K Active Duty personnel and the number of programs which have been cut in recent years.  General Scales bemoans that we are still using Reagan Era Abrams tanks. While I am too concerned about the direction of the Army I think much of the Army’s problems has to do with the Army itself. Let me point out a couple of […]

The Civilian Army in Our Midst

Congress authorizes our end strength, and the Services do what they are told.  We haven’t had a strong voiced service Chief in the Army since Shinseki told Rumsfeld you couldn’t invade Iraq with a “whambam thank you ma’am” strategy.  Which is what they attempted to do. . .many issues followed the invasion to be discussed ad nauseum later. But I came across this article in the Wall Street Journal that talks about how the civilian DoD work force has just exploded in support of the military.  Yet our troop numbers are beginning to dwindle, and the guys that wear suits […]

Dear Sergeant Major of the Army

It was recently reported in Army Times (a journal not necessarily know for accuracy!) that the new Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA) Dailey wants to bring back the Ike Jacket.  Please read my Dear Sergeant Major Daily Letter below and you will know where I stand. Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey: I appreciate your desire to leave an indelible mark on the United States Army but I don’t think you want to be the SMA that gives us the Ike Jacket. I am a retired Colonel, which means I have an opinion and it probably stinks just like […]

He Came Home With a Brand New Plan

PLEASE READ EVERY WORD OF THIS. Then pass it on. U.S. Army Captain Saleem Sharif seemed like one of those extraordinary American success stories. He grew up poor near Charleston, South Carolina, and was raised by his single mother—an African-American Muslim who wanted her son to be the first in the family to graduate from college. Whip smart and hardworking, Sharif received a recommendation from the late Sen. Strom Thurmond [wait– not that awful racist??], and in 1996 he earned a coveted appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. (Plot spoiler– it goes downhill from there.) I will […]