Another Sign That We’re Swirling Down the Toilet

That elected officials would give one minute’s serious thought to this.

How to Break An Officer

Young officers are like moldable clay; they take lessons to heart fast.  Some of them will be amazing, most will be good, and then you will have a lot of bad.  It is easy for them to become enraptured by their own image when they’re doing well; it is even easier for them to fall flat on their face.  How do I know this?  I’ve been there.  When a new officer comes into the FORCE/FLEET he needs to be embraced by the battalion and company level organizations he is a part of.  In the Army we tend to have a […]

Rest in Peace, A10 the “Hog”

There are two articles I recommend every ground pounder, Army and Marine Corps read.  The first at the Washington Post is about opposition to the retirement of the A10 “Hog” and the second over at Harper’s touching on the same subject, where the author Andrew Cockburn, who concludes: As I explain in my Harper’s feature, the Air Force’s decision to junk the A-10 while retaining the B-1 and the even more unwieldy B-52 bombers for close air support may seem inexplicable, but it is in reality quite logical. The service owes its independence from the army to its success in […]

Interesting Article by Tom Ricks

Ricks has written a interesting article on the relationship between Marshall and Lejeune.

“How the Army Can Send the Right Message on Jeffrey Sinclair”

Excellent advice HERE. I won’t ruin the effect by posting an excerpt, as much as I’m tempted to. What say my Army brethren?

When Will the Army Learn, When Will the Army Learn?

I am not surprised that it has come to this.  Having served in the Regular Army, the Army National Guard, and the United States Army Reserve I am well aware of the fear and loathing by the Regular Army and the Army National Guard towards each other. It is hardly a state secret that many Regular Army types do not care for the Reserve Components and in particular the Army National Guard.  For four years as a Department of the Army Civilian I had to listen to the Regular Army Colonel constantly put down the “fat National Guard and Reservists, […]

On a Lighter Note: Truck Nutz

No, I don’t have any Truck Nutz. I’M NOT AN MP. FAYETTEVILLE — A new study released by the Consumer Reporting Agency has found that military police officers purchase the vast majority of the world’s Truck Nutz, steroids, and penis enlargement pills. The study concluded the average military police officer buys three pairs of Truck Nutz, with most attaching one pair to their truck, one to their patrol car, and one above their desk. The study found this was the most efficient way to ensure they have balls in their face at all times. Any MPs out there care to […]

New Army Camouflage!

According to the Army will begin looking a lot like the USMC!  Thoughts?

Interesting Perspective

The author contends that reducing the Army will make it and the military stronger; I ask is he right or wrong?  I do ask you read the article first before commenting.  Thanks

Stray Voltage on the Army and USMA

There has been a spate of articles on the state of the Army in the past several weeks, which I have been desirous of commenting upon.  There have been too many things of greater importance that have distracted me, but these two which both appeared in the Washington Post within the last two days. The first entitled “Why The Army Should Fire some Generals and Promote Some Captains” is I believe spot on.  I am of the generation or half generation ahead of the bunch he proposes firing.  We are baby boomers, we believe we are infallible, that we posses […]