The Civilian Army in Our Midst

Congress authorizes our end strength, and the Services do what they are told.  We haven’t had a strong voiced service Chief in the Army since Shinseki told Rumsfeld you couldn’t invade Iraq with a “whambam thank you ma’am” strategy.  Which is what they attempted to do. . .many issues followed the invasion to be discussed ad nauseum later. But I came across this article in the Wall Street Journal that talks about how the civilian DoD work force has just exploded in support of the military.  Yet our troop numbers are beginning to dwindle, and the guys that wear suits […]

Dear Sergeant Major of the Army

It was recently reported in Army Times (a journal not necessarily know for accuracy!) that the new Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA) Dailey wants to bring back the Ike Jacket.  Please read my Dear Sergeant Major Daily Letter below and you will know where I stand. Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey: I appreciate your desire to leave an indelible mark on the United States Army but I don’t think you want to be the SMA that gives us the Ike Jacket. I am a retired Colonel, which means I have an opinion and it probably stinks just like […]

He Came Home With a Brand New Plan

PLEASE READ EVERY WORD OF THIS. Then pass it on. U.S. Army Captain Saleem Sharif seemed like one of those extraordinary American success stories. He grew up poor near Charleston, South Carolina, and was raised by his single mother—an African-American Muslim who wanted her son to be the first in the family to graduate from college. Whip smart and hardworking, Sharif received a recommendation from the late Sen. Strom Thurmond [wait– not that awful racist??], and in 1996 he earned a coveted appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. (Plot spoiler– it goes downhill from there.) I will […]

The Return of the Hollow Force

As the youngest of us here on Op-For, I remain in service to Columbia. I signed that dotted line prior to my rat year at VMI, the War in Iraq was at its height, the surge going into full swing and there was an initiative from President Bush Called “Grow the Army.”  “Grow the Army” the Army reached a height of 570,000 Soldiers.  We all thought then, that all of us would be going to war.  Many of us have, yet most of us have not.  I would say we’re both lucky in different ways. There was an officer in […]

Army Switches to Hollow Point 9mm?

Apparently.  WOW. In a significant doctrinal [sic] shift, the U.S. military is relegating full metal jacketed (FMJ) pistol bullets to a training role, and will be adopting modern hollowpoint designs similar to those used by most domestic law enforcement agencies and citizens who carry handguns for self-defense. The stunning announcement was made at the U.S Army’s Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey yesterday during the military’s two-day “industry day” for the Modular Handgun System (MHS), which will conclude today. A military lawyer who made a presentation during the Industry Day noted that the United States is not a signatory to the […]

Army to cut 40,000 while the POTUS avoids whacking moles

The Army plans to cut 40,000 soldiers from its ranks over the next two years, a reduction that will affect virtually all of its domestic and foreign posts, the service asserts in a document obtained by USA TODAY. 40,000 is a fairly significant number, but probably represents empty billets on near-empty units. How much capability does America lose in this RIF? Meanwhile, the POTUS introduces a new term to describe an ancient, tired strategy for defeat. In the beginning there was Operation Overlord. Then came Operation Rolling Thunder, Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom. Now the fight against the […]

Army BG List Confirmed

Breakdown of New Army BGs by Branch, and the winner is Infantry with 8. Armor—4, Signal—2, Chemical—1, MI—2, Artillery—2, Finance—1, Aviation—2, SF—1, Strategic Plans—1, ORSA—1, Engineer—3, Logistics—3, MP—2, Duckhunters—1, Acquisition—2. Dead Man Walking Combat Arms Branch—Duck Hunters. While the number of SF Officers is only 1, there were a number of Officers who have served in or are serving in JSOC positions. Breakdown by source of commission: USMA—12, ROTC—24, OCS—1. Two VMI graduates on the list: Colonel (Promotable) PAUL H. PARDEW ‘89 Colonel (Promotable) THOMAS A. PUGH ‘90

Happy Birthday Army

On this day in 1775 the United States Army founded, though Pat Lang at Sic Semper Tyrannis argues it should actually be on the date of the founding of Massachusetts Militia, see this article at the Center for Military History.

Weapons of Mass Idiocy

USAToday is filled with happy Army stories. The Pentagon has learned that additional samples of live anthrax were sent to three laboratories in Canada, two Defense officials confirmed Monday evening. That means that specimens of the deadly Bacillus anthracis have been sent to labs in 12 states, the District of Columbia and three countries. The samples came from the U.S. Army lab at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. Scientists there thought they had been shipping inactive strains of the deadly spores for research purposes. Perhaps they should employ Miracle Max, who knows all about mostly-dead.

Maintaining the Standard-The Final Eight Fail

You know? For a significant amount of time I believed the Army would fail in this experiment.  How do I define failure?  Failure would be degrading the standards of the school in order for a female Soldier to pass.  I thought that bringing in and the eventual train up of female O/Cs told Ranger Training Brigade that they were on notice for their Army Values.  That the quality of leadership within this Army would continue to diminish.  No female Soldier passed Darby phase (8 recycled, they failed a second time). I could go on a rant about what I think […]