They Deploy By The Horde

The long awaited (?) deployment of Mongolians to Kabul has occurred. For several weeks we had a handful wandering around, now we have what looks to be a company (check below the fold for more). We are certainly glad to have them, and their reception and integration has gone mostly well. However, on the second or third day due to an unfortunate mistranslation of the hours for the mess hall, they ate all the food, carried off everything of value, then burned the place to the ground. The new CG thanked them for the zeal with which they are applying themselves to the task at hand, but asked that they refrain henceforth from that age-old (and otherwise admirable) practice.

Speaking of hordes, we’ve been having a small contest to come up with the best collective noun for Mongolians. “Horde” of course comes to mind first, but we also came up with “pillage” and “sack.”

Feel free to append your entries.