So Tell Me Again Why the USAF Want to Retire the Warthog?

This says it all on why we need the A-10.

The USAF Reasons for Getting Rid of the A10 are Total Bull$%it!

According to an article over at Real Clear Defense, the reasons the USAF are giving are: Some in the press have been similarly skeptical of the Air Force’s intentions, saying that the plan “doesn’t add up,” and more colorfully, calling it “total bull*hit and both the American taxpayer and those who bravely fight our wars on the ground should be furious.” Those reports similarly cite the Air Force’s longstanding antagonism to the CAS mission as the chief motive for the A-10’s retirement.

The USAF Is Selling A Bridge in Brooklyn

Over at the blog John Q. Public, there is a great piece on the problems of the F35.  Despite what we are being told by the swarthy salesman of the U.S.A.F. the problems are not minor, and they will not be fixed in the near term. The final paragraph sums up the hypocrisy, not only by the U.S.A.F. but by the Congress of the United States. This debacle is, in many ways, a distressing sign of what happens when Congress is no longer the domain of statesmanly adult behavior that puts country first. Congress itself has perverse incentives to set […]

Rest in Peace, A10 the “Hog”

There are two articles I recommend every ground pounder, Army and Marine Corps read.  The first at the Washington Post is about opposition to the retirement of the A10 “Hog” and the second over at Harper’s touching on the same subject, where the author Andrew Cockburn, who concludes: As I explain in my Harper’s feature, the Air Force’s decision to junk the A-10 while retaining the B-1 and the even more unwieldy B-52 bombers for close air support may seem inexplicable, but it is in reality quite logical. The service owes its independence from the army to its success in […]

Begin by Scrapping the USAF: Why There Is A Need for a 21st Century National Security Act

As many of you know, I am not a fan of the United States Air Force.  You will not be surprised to find that I am in agreement with Professor Robert Farley’s thesis that we need to get rid of the Air Force.  But More importantly he lays out arguments on why we need to reconsider the missions of each of the services. I agree with his assessment that we are unlikely to see a new paradigm anytime soon, but that should prevent real defense intellectuals from not proposing solutions to the problems that plague our National Security Establishment. Please […]

USAFA Informant Program

Now step forward, you may serve your country by informing on your friends, oh wait, when you get caught you’ll get kicked out. Facing pressure to combat drug use and sexual assault at the Air Force Academy, the Air Force has created a secret system of cadet informants to hunt for misconduct among students. Cadets who attend the publicly-funded academy near Colorado Springs must pledge never to lie. But the program pushes some to do just that: Informants are told to deceive classmates, professors and commanders while snapping photos, wearing recording devices and filing secret reports. For one former academy […]

Stray Voltage

On the 18th of April in seventy-five Hardly a Man is Now Alive Who Remembers that famous date and year Of the Mid-night Ride of Paul Revere Stray Voltage Over at Defense News retired Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Loh argues for the elimination of duplication as a means of achieving true service interdependence.  What he really means is Army, Navy, and USMC give up you aircraft the USAF will take care of you.  I know what that means, just like the Army gave up the C27 to the USAF only to see them cancel it […]

Air Power Does Not Win Wars; But Neither Does Land Power!

While reading an article on Air Force Uniforms over at Battlelands; the article referred me to the letters section at Air Force Magazine who had the usual tirade against the very formal uniform being worn by the Air Force Chief Staff in theBattlelands post.  Some are pretty classic, and I can see that within the Air Farce, I mean Force there are a fair share of Army despisers.  Given my contempt for the Air Force I guess it is turn about fair play that the Air Force have individuals who have contempt for the Air Force—of course I don’t see […]

BOHICA Army Courtesy of the USAF

The United States Army is really taking it in the shorts courtesy of the USAF.  It would appear that the USAF is going to renege on it promise to provide the C27 as a replacement for the C23 Sherpa, as it announced it would retire the C27 currently in the inventory even though these aircraft are less than 5 years old.  It also announced that it would retire 102  of it 380 or so A10 Warthogs.  Both aircraft primary mission is to support the Ground Forces.  In particular the A10 reduction is just part of the USAF long term distain […]