Breaking Story–Two General’s Fired for Security Laspes

This from the Washington-Post; the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps has fired the two Senior Commanders of Camp Bastion for their failures that allow the base to be successfully attacked.  Stunning News–of course one would expect no less from the USMC unlike the Army who promotes them or allows them to retire with their reputations intact.

Food For Thought: Reflections on Counter-Insurgency

As I was checking my email, I looked at my linkedIn discussions, a title hooked me in from the US Army Armor and Cavalry group. The discussion is about the “Myth of the Savior Generals” and  the adoption of counter-insurgency tactics and how General Petraeus became that savior.  As you dig deeper into the review of COL Gian Gentile’s book on his use of Counter-Insurgency doctrine: Then-Lt. Col. Gentile referred to FM 3-24 as a “superb piece of doctrinal writing”, and felt that its middle chapters were particularly useful for commanders in Iraq.  However, he heaped scorn upon a section of the […]

Schooling the CMC

As they say, ‘discovery is a b*tch.’

The USMC Kicks The Army’s Ass Again

While the Army dithers and tries to come up with a way to form contingency forces for the Combatant Commands, the USMC has figured out a way to station a couple of Osprey’s, some C130s, and about Battalion (-) (JPP will set me straight) of Marine Riflemen in Rota Spain to support AFRICACOM.  Granted the Army doesn’t own its own airplanes, would have if the USAF had convinced DoD to take the C27 away from the Army and then cancel it!!!!!  (I won’t tell you I was thinking of calling them lying bastards but decided to be nice.)  If you […]

Do We Need Service Secretaries?

In today’s Washington-Post former Secretary of the Air Force and later Defense Harold Brown proffers a provocative argument that there is no longer a need for the service secretaries e.g Secretary’s of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.  That they are redundant and that the service Chiefs would remain under Civilian Control as they would continue to report to the Secretary of Defense. Several questions immediately come to mind: Who will be the independent political voice (vice military) who will challenge the programming and budgeting decisions of Department of Defense? Would this result in the diminishing of service parochialism? Would […]

Picture says it all

Women in Combat Units

A woman Marine Officer has questioned the wisdom of allowing women in combat units.  What say our loyal readers.  Before you comment please read her article, thanks.

Thoughts on the Passing of Colonel Tyson Wilson, USMCR

He was a member of the greatest generation. On his gravestone it will say “Colonel, United States Marine Corps Reserve”. That should say it all, but it doesn’t. He was a teacher, but that is not sufficient. He was more than a teacher. He was a mentor, a guide, a friend, a counselor. Cadets for over thirty came through his office, came under his spell, learned from his experience as a student and a participant. In short he was the quintessential VMI man. But he was not a graduate of VMI, but in those thirty years of teaching he became […]

Colonel Ty Ty Wilson

Just read that long time Professor of Military History at VMI, Colonel Tyson “Ty Ty” Wilson died on December 21, 2011.  Here is the link to his Obit .  I have a plefora of Ty Ty stories.  He was a real character, a great professor, and a Marine through and through.  Ask all VMI graduates who knew to share a story.  He was one of the greats.  May he Rest in Peace.  So long faithful warrior and teacher.

Gives New Meaning to Being a Five Year Man!!!!!!

Five Year men are a reality at VMI; for those who are not graduates they are Cadets who for academic, disciplinary, or  other reasons do not graduate with their class and end up graduating with a class who matriculated after they did.  This article in the RTD gives new meaning to the term Five Year Man.  Not sure I could do what these three have done!