Out with a Bang

… Or two. Now that’s sure to trigger some good old fashioned scratch-a-Russian-find-a-Tatar state reprisals. (Did anyone catch the name of the district in Volgograd where the bombing took place??) Who’s laying bets that 2014 will be even more lively than its immediate predecessor?

If only the Republicans were Iranian mullahs

If only Republicans were Iranian mullahs. Or the Taliban. Can we even be sure Putin will permit President Obama the passage of a clean CR just for DoD? Человека судят по его делам, а не по его словам.*       *A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words.


Lying scum. Human filth. And a menace to the security of this Nation.

War Comes to Boston; VMI HEARD FROM

We’re back. The war, The War, has come to Boston. (As I write, I hear on the radio that there’s gunfire somewhere in Watertown. Hopefully it’s gunfire directed at Dzokhar Fuckface-aev, or whatever he calls himself in his primitive click-click language.) I also, thanks to multiple correspondents* we know that one of the good guys on the two-way range last night, and wounded in action, is a VMI grad. Godspeed his recovery. And eternal damnation to filth who have polluted our streets with their vicious, blood-soaked creed. The War goes on, folks. It was with us long before 9/11, it […]

Bombing in Oslo

BREAKING NEWS: OSLO, Norway – DEVELOPING: Norwegian police — reportedly including anti-terror units — were responding Friday to a shooting at a youth camp run by the ruling Labor Party, where authorities confirmed that several people were wounded. The shooting came just hours after a powerful car-bomb tore through government buildings in Oslo, including the prime minister’s office, leaving at least two people dead and 15 injured. Sky News reports that a man dressed as a policeman and armed with a handgun attacked the summer camp for children. Norway Police are saying that shots also may have been fired near […]

Tangos Belong in GTMO

Senator McConnell publicly corrects Our Attorney General about criminal courts vs military tribunals: Outgoing CIA Director Leon Panetta recently estimated that there are 1,000 members of al-Qaeda in Iraq operating in that country. Kentuckians, including the state’s Democratic governor, want to know why two of them are sitting in a Kentucky jail cell instead of the military facility we built for such men at Guantanamo. I called on the Obama administration last week to transfer them. I have not yet received an answer, nor have I heard a good argument as to why Guantanamo is not a superior alternative. Aside […]


Over at the Small Wars Journal there is an interesting piece which concurs with Senator McCain opinion piece in the Washington-Post opposing torture.  I would recommend that you read not only the article by Malcolm Nance but also the comments as they are enlightening.  I find it interesting, that by and large it is the average citizen who supports the use of torture whereas those involved in law enforcement, intelligence, and the military find the whole notion of torture reprehensible.  In this discussion the opinions of Senator McCain who has endured torture and Mr. Nance who has worked in intelligence […]

Religion of Peace Continues Ghandi-esque Campaign for Nonviolent Social Change

For those of you who think that “right wingers” pose a greater threat to the US than the Islamists, and for those of you who might have forgotten who and what we’re dealing with, here are a couple of reminders. – The Baghdad church attack – The “body cavity” bomber strikes again I am amused by some of the comments we get, anonymous and not, but honestly– we need to face reality. The threat to the US doesn’t come from the right, as much as you might wish it did to satisfy your peculiar worldview. Instead, it comes from a […]

He Should Have Walked Around the Corner

My neighbor was looking for a fight. He might have walked around the corner! “The man charged in an alleged plot to blow up Metrorail stations in Northern Virginia came to the FBI’s attention because he was asking people about ways to fight American troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to court records unsealed Thursday.” Read it all, it’s very instructive. So, what should we do with these people?

Colombian Guerrilla Leader Dead

Heart-warming news out of Colombia, where it appears the government has struck another significant blow to the Marxist FARC: http://www.washingtonpost.com%2fwp-syndication%2farticle%2f2010%2f09%2f23%2fAR2010092304580_mobile.xml+&cid=585 “”He’d caused a lot of harm to a lot of people, and it never seemed to bother him,” said Thomas Howes, one of the three rescued Americans, who met with Briceno three or four times. “There was never any remorse.”” Good riddance.