The Lightning Strikes Again

I initially believed the reports of the enormous gap in time between the retirement of the A-10 and the Full Operational Capability for Close Air Support to be something from the Duffelblog or the Onion. But the Duffelblog takes national defense a bit more seriously than does our Air Force. “In many ways, it won’t have the some of the capabilities of our current platforms,” Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, head of the service’s Air Combat Command, acknowledged during a briefing with reporters on Friday at the Pentagon. While we’ve been distracted by marines playing with balls, and hazing at El Cid, […]

(He Said “Balls”)

No, really– Robotic War Balls: A research team from Stamford, Conn. has developed an amphibious drone that they are currently testing with the Marines. The GuardBot is a robot ball that swims over water at about 4 miles per hour and then rolls along the beach, at as much as a 30-degree incline and 20 miles per hour. It uses a nine-axis stabilization, “pendulum motion” propulsion system, which moves the bot forward by shifting the center of gravity back and forth and a variety of steering algorithms.  It took creator Peter Muhlrad some seven years to develop, but now that it’s complete […]

An Interesting Discussion On Uniforms

John Minehan a frequent commenter to this site recently sent this email to me, I asked if I could share it with the forum.  I will also share some comments from others once I receive their permission. I always thought it was odd how similar(but distinct) the Cadet uniform evolved at USMA, VMI, Citadel and the former PMC.  I also thought “outliers” like Norwich and VPI and A&M are kind of interesting. Specifically, why did PMC have the USMA “brass bullet” buttons on the coatee, when Citadel and VMI had buttons with the school seal?  PMC also had the one […]

The changing face of war

The greatest horror stories take place in your mind. H. P. Lovecraft planted suggestions, such as the renewed vigor of Robert Suydam that grew into terror at the discovery of mysterious clawmarks on the body of his wife in “The Horror at Red Hook.” Artillery is most effective because it invisible in action, but its affect morally devastates those who survive. We respect and fear snipers for this same reason. Facing your enemy decreases the senses of horror and helplessness. Whether in the boxing ring or on the battlefield, a face is humanizing, and humans can be defeated, especially non-Americans. But the […]

ISIS seize WMD that Certain People screamed were never there

Won’t W be surprised! Since these WMD never existed, according to certain people, where did this all come from. Darth Cheney is truly a Dark Master for pulling this off with his neo-con minions! 17.09 Chemical weapons produced at the Al Muthanna facility, which Isis today seized, are believed to have included mustard gas, Sarin, Tabun, and VX. Here is the CIA’s file on the complex. Stockpiles of chemical munitions are still stored there. The most dangerous ones have been declared to the UN and are sealed in bunkers. Although declared, the bunkers contents have yet to be confirmed. These […]

Punk Journalism and the F-35

SMSgt Mac delivers a fisking of David Axe’s recent article on the F-35. It’s long and worth the read. Thank you SMSgt Mac!  I first encountered the term ‘Punk Journalism’ in the headline of a UK newspaper article online while surfing the web years ago. The article is currently preserved elsewhere, but it struck me at the time that it provided the keywords and framework for extracting a very workable definition of same: Punk Journalism:  \ˈpəŋk  jər-nə-ˌli-zəm’\  : Reporting or commentary that is sullied by scorn, prejudice and petulance, is wrong or distorted on the facts, and delivered in a […]

Stray Shots from Across the Net

I haven’t done this in awhile, but scattering of articles gathered from across the Internet on all things military. Item 1:  This just proves that most in the Army are ham fisted when it comes to anything to do with dealing with Congress or the media.  An email sent to two people dealing with the opening of roles for women, is then forwarded to every Public Affairs Officer in TRADOC.  Did not the recipient before he hit send think about what he was doing?  Does it pass the Washington Post test (in this case the Politico test), will it stay […]


Bill Roggio and Lisa Lundquist ask some good questions. I’ll add one to their list: what if the US hits Syria’s WMD stocks? The British reporters seem to have caught on. The Wall Street Journal: Champion of OPSEC? With the WH broadcasting the basic plan, the USAF vs. Russian ADA fight is going to be intense. Meanwhile, cyber warfare continues. Hacking financial systems have more impact than Tomahawks and bombers.  

Gun-day Monday

When you can’t afford your own RPG, but still need to bring down troublesome Tyranosaurs, or wind down a sharknado, this is the gun for you!

“Hands-Free” Carrier Landing?!

Maybe I’ve been missing something, but I think THIS falls into the “Holy Shit!” category. The fact that they landed it by remote is interesting enough, but the really hair-raising part is this: A pilot and a flight officer were in the cockpit in case human intervention was needed, but the landing was “hands-free” – controlled by a linked computer network on the ship and the plane. The idea of unmanned naval aviation is intriguing– and not least because there are no bonuses or flight pay involved.