Why We Should Not Act

I grew up in the background of the Iraq War.  Many people said then that it was the wrong war.  Truly it was the wrong war if we were going in there to take chemical weapons from a dictator.  The truth of the matter was that Saddam had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda and it’s attack on us.  Some said Bush wanted take out a man that had put a price on his father’s head. Our aims under George W. Bush were quite different.  What I think his vision for Iraq was very clear.  It was to establish a “City […]

Cats and dogs, living together

As a kid living on West Point in 1981, the newly-released Marines and other Embassy personnel held hostage in Tehran for 444 days were brought into the cafeteria of the old Elementary School building. They were outwardly calm, but had eyes as big as saucers. Looking back, I question the judgement of exposing those men to a crowd of any type and size so soon after release. What was apparent then to my friends and me then was that those men were in shock. Since pulling Iran out of poverty as a British and Soviet piss pot, Iran and America were good […]

Hagel threatens China

The United States and China squared off at an Asian security forum on Saturday, with the U.S. defense secretary accusing Beijing of destabilizing the region and a top Chinese general retorting that his comments were “threat and intimidation”. Another Obamasque red line has been waved. Will anyone besides our leftist press bother to notice this obvious victory of Progressive Foreign Policy? Hagel did not get the message. Perhaps he should have read the transcript from the President’s commencement speech at West Point before threatening a country that is seeking combat with America. But some folks say that reading one of […]

Korea turns hot

Korea heats up: Cloward-Piven, meet Kim.

Stupidity Eventually Loses

Not necessarily before it wreaks havoc, but eventually: Again, this pet vanity project of the Great Green Fleet beyond experimentation is a waste of money and personality based folly in the extreme. Most of the time, hard critique is not out of malice, but out of heartbreak. Let’s not speak of this anymore, m’kay? Our Navy needs the SECNAV’s attention elsewhere from here on out… (We’ll see if the good Mr Secretary gets the hint. Remember, economics always wins. Always.)

Adminstration to Kill Tomahawk and Hellfire Programs?

Seriously?? The Tomahawk missile program—known as “the world’s most advanced cruise missile”—is set to be cut by $128 million under Obama’s fiscal year 2015 budget proposal and completely eliminated by fiscal year 2016, according to budget documents released by the Navy. In addition to the monetary cuts to the program, the number of actual Tomahawk missiles acquired by the United States would drop significantly—from 196 last year to just 100 in 2015. The number will then drop to zero in 2016. The Navy will also be forced to cancel its acquisition of the well-regarded and highly effective Hellfire missiles in […]

“Yep. Climate Change.”

This might be getting into more of the political realm than we like to, but URR has laid down a fairly blistering screed (I mean that as a compliment) on what passes for our foreign policy. He links to an article on Our Very Serious-Sounding Secretary of State– you know, the chap with the yacht and the pedigree– in which said cabinet member is quoted as having stated just yesterday (!), these things: Washington (AFP) – US Secretary of State John Kerry has called on American ambassadors around the world to make the fight against climate change a top priority […]

Hagel: The Gift that Keeps on Taking

Very probably not a very good idea: “Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level.” In fact, a very bad idea. Here’s the money quote, the one excerpt (among several) that lets you in on the woolly thinking of the progressive left with regard to the defense of the Republic: “We’re still going to have a very significant-sized Army,” the official said. “But it’s going to be agile. It will be capable. It will be modern. It will be trained.” Is the Army now lethargic? Incapable? Outdated? Ill-trained? If yes to any or all, will making it smaller […]

Donald Rumsfeld, A Documentary

I ran across the trailer for the Documentary: The Unknown Known.  The title of the documentary comes from a DoD briefing in February of 2002 when he famously said: “There are known knowns.”  It was directed by Academy Award winner Errol Morris whom also directed The Fog of War, which was an excellent documentary about the life of Robert McNamara. I’m unsure how I will take this, I grew up in the shadow of war following, 11 SEP 2001.  However, I will say I was well read, knowing of the Neo-Conservative movement and all of the folks that were in […]

1714, 1814, 1914, 2014?

1714, 1814, 1914, and now 2014? Around the thirteenth year of each century, the nations of the world find it necessary to engage in warfare (economic, diplomatic, and military/naval) so intense that the world order gets upset worse than the BCS rankings every other Saturday. And like OU’s decisive and enjoyable thrashing of Bama, the underdog plays the game of its life against the respected favorite. This is the cycle of time. Professor Margaret MacMillan, of the University of Cambridge, writing for the Brookings Institute makes the argument that today’s economic, political and military environment finds our world looking at […]