“Semper Why”

Thanks to USMC0802 for tossing this our way. (No block quoting, so go read it.) What say you?

Brent Scrowcroft, Wise Man

Over at the National Interest is a good review and precise of the new biography of Brent Scrowcroft, The Strategist: Brent Scowcroft and the Call of National Security, Bartholomew Sparrow. What emerges from this review is a man who truly should be called a Wise Man of Washington, who understands the world order and who puts the interest of the United States ahead of partisan politics. These three quotes should give you an idea of the breadth and depth of his ability as a Strategists. . . . not all that different from Kennan’s, that Soviet ideology was more an […]

Jordan’s Next Move May Be Fatal

Thank you to John Minehan for pointing us to the Global Guerrillas blog. Xbradtc has another take on this. What say you?

Turmoil in the Kingdom?

With things as roiled as they are in that corner of the globe, what do we make of this? I think 2015 is going to be FUN, FUN, FUN. And not in the good way. (Thank God we have a steady hand at the helm of the ship of state, eh? Whew! We might be royally PHUCT otherwise.)


Well now, that’s a turn of events. I for one have long thought that the policy toward the communist shit-hole island prison Cuba needed to be reviewed and possibly changed. I’m not sure, though, that we have gotten the better end of the bargain. Forget the cracks about cigars and good rum and vintage cars and cheap vacations. This is serious business. Tell me what you think this means.

Russia never left The Great Game

Russia never left the Great Game. Obama never studied history, and it shows. While Vladimir Putin demonstrated respect for Bush-43 that was never extended to Obama, Putin still re-started the Great Game with the invasion of Georgia, using the guise of Pan-slavism as his excuse, and Bush’s focus on GWOT as cover. In a little known speech delivered in Sochi last month, Putin announced that Russia is done with the status quo and will change it. But given Russia’s economic predicament, Putin needs a way to distract Russians from the economic mess created by Putin’s kleptocracy. So pan-slavism is again […]

Max Boot on Small Wars

Watch, read, think. Well, if we could avoid getting involved in wars, I think everybody would be happier. The problem is, as we’ve seen over the course of our long history, there’s really been very few, if any, presidents who have actually succeeded in staying away from such conflicts and especially now, when the U.S. is the preeminent power in the world and insurgency is the preeminent form of warfare. Almost nobody is fighting the kind of conventional tank-on-tank engagements that the U.S. military pines for and does so well at. Almost everybody is fighting using guerilla and terrorist tactics, […]

Amateur Hour

Michael Hirsh 0ver Politico has a great article on Obama’s National Security Team and their amateurish approach to national security.  A couple of quotes stand out: Despite an NSC staff that’s grown from 50 under George H.W. Bush to more than 300 under Obama—in part because White House support and Homeland Security staffs have been folded into the NSC—“there is a sense that the NSC is run a little like beehive ball soccer, where everyone storms to wherever the ball is moving around the field,” according to another recently departed senior administration official. “They are managing by crisis rather than […]

Book Review of George Marshall: A Biography

Not sure if I shall bother reading this new biography of George Marshall, but here is a review of it in the New Republic.  Concluding paragraph says a lot about George Marshall the man: For a military man, Marshall’s heroism was peculiar. It did not arise from his conduct on the battlefield. It arose from his modesty, including “a modest daily schedule that often ended at three or four o’clock in the afternoon” and his avoidance “of lucrative corporate board memberships so commonly available to retired high military officers in our more avaricious times.” Most importantly, Marshall’s modesty flowed from […]

Ebola and the Southern Border

Commander US Southern Command, on the subject: Those looking for good news on the fight against Ebola will not find much encouragement from Marine Corps Gen. John F. Kelly, the commander of the U.S. Southern Command. As Jim Garamone of Department of Defense News reports, Kelly told an audience at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday that, if the disease reaches Central America, “it’s literally, ‘Katie bar the door,’ and there will be mass migration into the United States.” He also said with certainty that “there is no way we can keep Ebola [contained] in West Africa.” “Mass migration” is a […]