Take Down of Somalia Pirates

Good article over at wired.com on the take down of Somalia pirates by Seal Team 6.  The account is from a new book by  Rear Admiral (Retired) Terry McKnight, VMI 78.  

Early Breakout and Why I Would Have Missed It

I think I was back by now. It’s been a while, but looking at a January 1989 calendar, I believe I got back to barracks after the Christmas Break 19 years ago today. You see, had Breakout occurred for our Rats the last weekend in January 1989, I would have missed it, thanks to the US Navy and my desire for a commission. I don’t have very good eyesight, so I was medically ineligible for an ROTC scholarship. Finally, long about the end of our second class year,the Navy folks decided they would try to get me a waiver. This […]

Thanksgivings Past

We are all thankful today for something. I am thankful I am home, and that when I was on active duty, although I missed a few Thanksgivings (and one birth), I never missed a Christmas. One of the Thanksgivings I missed was in 1999. The mighty USS SCRANTON was inport Bahrain, one of 4 port calls to that august center of US Navy operations in the Arabian Gulf. A couple of other ships were in, too. Our carrier, the USS JOHN F KENNEDY and its shotgun, the USS MONTEREY were both inport. It didn’t seem like a carrier was in… […]

Kinda Like That

Driving west-bound along I94 in Michigan tonight it was damn windy. My F150 was getting blown around and buffetted all over the road. It was impossible to tell the direction of the wind because the sun had long since set and the usual points of reference (trees, flags, etc.) were masked by the darkness. It reminded me of an underway. Now, when a hurricane is headed for your port, the ships all get to go to sea because they would be severely damaged if/when the hurricane force winds hit. Not to mention the tidal surge. It would be a bad […]

A Submarine Underway

Ladies and Gentlemen: good evening. For your reading pleasure this weekend, I offer you a tale of a submarine getting underway and going to sea. I hope you find it acceptable. On with the show… On the 1MC: “Station the Maneuvering Watch.” For a submarine this announcement has the same meaning as, “Station the Special Sea and Anchor Detail” on a surface ship (you know, those big gray things that can submerge only once). Whether the ship is getting underway or is entering port, it means man stations per the approved watchbill. Typically the most experienced and proficient folks are […]

Fleet Week

070524-N-3235P-631 NEW YORK (May 24, 2007) – Sailors assigned to amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD 1) pose for a photograph in Times Square while on liberty. The 20th annual Fleet Week New York is an opportunity for New Yorkers to meet Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen and thank them for their service. Fleet Week honors the service and sacrifice of all Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen, as well as the city of New York, in the global war on terrorism. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael W. Pendergrass (RELEASED) FLEET WEEK: WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, you have […]

12 Years Ago Today

Yes, the Oklahoma City bombing occurred 12 years ago yesterday, but I did not hear about it until a day later. At the time I was on the staff of Commander, Destroyer Squadron 22 (CDS 22) as the Staff ASW Officer and the Submarine Operations Officer. Our flagship was USS TICONDEROGA (CG47) which was serving as REDCROWN in the Adriatic Sea as part of Operation Sharp Guard. This included enforcing UN sanctions and the No-fly zone that was in effect. We were only one month into our 6 month Med deployment as part of the Theodore Roosevelt Battle Group (commanded […]