America’s enemies have read Alinsky

America’s enemies have read Alinsky. Chickens seem to be roosting. Japan has noticed. SecDef Hagel delivered a passive-aggressive response. Passive-aggressive? Is that like a “Don’t cross this red line” paired with “Ahhh just kiddin’!” Meanwhile… …and in America?

Russian Naval Infantry Regaining Expeditionary Capabilities

The Russian Naval Infantry has been in the news lately. Between it’s deployments to Syria and the Ukraine, the Russians are beginning to realize an expeditionary capability that complements Russia’s diplomatic and economic efforts. France says warship deal with Russia still alive Russian naval infantry will be soon equipped with floating bulletproof body armor Russian Naval Infantry: A Brief History After the Cold War

Bear and Dragon

ETP0802 and I were chatting last night about the possibility that Russia and China would find common ground amid the Czechoslovakian Ukraine crisis, for no better reason than to shank the US while of course advancing their own interests. And so they have: Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov discussed Ukraine by telephone with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, on Monday, and claimed they had “broadly coinciding points of view” on the situation there, according to a ministry statement. Fair enough, since we all look out for our own interests, yet it is clear and growing clearer that both countries are […]

Dug In… Again

Looking waaaaay back into the Op-For archives to the Russian encroachment on Georgia in 2008, we have this– Dug In. Now, Georgia (the country, not the state) was and is far removed from the US/NATO orbit. But Ukraine directly borders NATO states. Remember who the “champion digger” is.

Meanwhile: In the Sudetenland…

Nothing good is happening. Russia did not respond directly to charges of new troop movements, saying only that any action it was taking was within the confines of existing Russia-Ukraine agreements to protect Russia’s Crimean naval base at Sevastapol. “As you know, we have an agreement with Ukraine on the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet,” said Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s U.N. ambassador. “We are acting within the framework of that agreement.” This just in– SecDef plans massive cuts to Army!

“Medieval” in Ukraine

A very interesting and instructive article: Really, it turned medieval. Protesters shot fireworks with makeshift launchers. In combination with throwing stones and using slingshots, they overwhelmed disoriented Berkut special forces units, who were pelted with flying objects as fireworks exploded around them. Protesters wore military helmets and carried makeshift—or captured—shields. Wooden boards were used to protect their lower legs from shrapnel the police taped to exploding stun grenades. It’s not how I’d like to locate and close with, but it’s very effective especially when coupled by the volunteer auxiliary corps, as described further in the article. The ostensibly weaker side […]

Out with a Bang

… Or two. Now that’s sure to trigger some good old fashioned scratch-a-Russian-find-a-Tatar state reprisals. (Did anyone catch the name of the district in Volgograd where the bombing took place??) Who’s laying bets that 2014 will be even more lively than its immediate predecessor?

Foreign Policy? Hadn’t Noticed.

Duffel Blog spoofed our non-existent foreign policy about a month ago. Now, more serious appraisals are beginning to appear in various journals outside the Beltway. One, (hotel tango to GW64), was in Sunday’s otherwise Marxist and mostly idiotic Roanoke Times. * Each one of these decisions [on Syria, Iran, China] indicates a profound reluctance to protect what generations of American policy makers have regarded as areas of vital U.S. interest. Of course, Obama’s recent foreign policy decisions may simply indicate rank incompetence at the highest levels. But it is a sad commentary when incompetence is the more charitable (and more […]

Congress doesn’t lose power…it just gives it away.

It seems today was another morning where I had spit out my coffee.  I turned the news on, as this road to war with Syria, it seems the speed bumps are getting flattened by the POTUS’ steam roller.   Although when I read that the Admiral Kuznetsov will be sailing for Tartus and becoming the flagship of the current naval task force, it put me at ease a little.  The total of Russian ships on stations would be less than ten, although the sheer firepower will not the equal the USN’s it will be enough to cause the USN to take pause. […]

Snowden: the Tip of the Iceberg

Just in case anyone still believes that Snowden had all these “noble” ideas of revealing domestic spying, read this article detailing some of the Top Secret US intelligence budget. While the Washington Post is only publishing part of it, this information is certainly in the hands of the Chinese and the Russians.  It is mind boggling to me that he had access to this document and it gives me further confidence that he had far more information with him than the story he told.  This is bad.