New Dawn – Foreword

New Dawn will be available in bookstores in mid-May. I have had several requests for advanced copies. Like you all, I am waiting for the book to roll off the presses. I have no review copies left, so I am starting a series that I will be updating throughout April. Attached is LTG Thomas F. Metz’ brilliant foreword to New Dawn. PRE-ORDER AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY TODAY SHIPPING IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME

A short excerpt from New Dawn.

Within hours of the Blackwater ambush on the last day of March 2004, the Marines moved to cordon off the entire city. Inside, the enemy prepared for the inevitable assault. Major General James Mattis and Lieutenant General James Conway, however, recommended restraint. The Assistant Division Commander, Brigadier General John Kelly, sought to temper America’s response in the Division’s daily report: We have a well thought out campaign plan that considers the Fallujah problem across its very complicated spectrum.

New Dawn: the Battles for Fallujah

Yesterday, we sent New Dawn to the printer. First, they will be printing galley proofs, used for one last check. We expect to have books in our hands by mid-April. We are right on schedule. My book tour will start in Camp Pendleton on May 14th. Check out my event calendar often, as I am constantly adding events. Please go to your local bookstores and ask if they will be carrying New Dawn. PREFACE As goes Fallujah, so goes Anbar Province; as goes Anbar, so goes Iraq.

The Making of New Dawn – Part 3

New Dawn nearly didn’t get published. After working with Berkley Publishing on my last book, Marines in the Garden of Eden, I assumed that they would pick up New Dawn for publication—they didn’t.

Fat Lip vs. Murderous Mutilation

Last week, it was announced that three U.S. Navy SEALs face criminal charges after they mistreated Ahmed Hashim Abed, the alleged mastermind of the ambush of four Blackwater security contractors in March of 2004. I thought you all might be interested in what happened to those four Americans. So, here is an excerpt from my upcoming book, New Dawn.

Recording History – a Belated Update

Good Morning everyone. My Fallujah manuscript is currently in editing. I can’t say enough about my new publisher, Savas Beatie LLC. They have been working with me every step of the way. I have finally found a team to help me produce the best possible book we can put together. I am extremely happy with my editor and the staff is already helping me to put together a marketing plan. I have built a new website and early next year, I will be putting together my book tour. Please visit my new site and reserve your copy of “New Dawn,” […]

Five Years Since Phantom Fury

November 7th will be the fifth anniversary of Operation Phantom Fury, the attack to free Fallujah from the grips of the Iraqi insurgency. Visit Armchair General to read more about the fight that heralded the beginning of the end for al Qaeda in Iraq. Watch for New Dawn: the Battles for Fallujah by Richard S. Lowry (author of Marines in the Garden of Eden and The Gulf War Chronicles). It tells the entire story of Operation Phantom Fury and will be in bookstores in May of 2010. Visit Richard’s new website to learn more about all of his work.

Working toward the release of New Dawn

The draft manuscript is finished and my publisher has developed the book cover. We are also collecting endorsements. “In New Dawn, Richard S. Lowry presents not just a brilliant account of the battle for Fallujah, but also a useful overview of the history, economics and culture of the region. Lowry shows what’s great about the US military: skilled and powerful but also humanitarian and ultimately peace-seeking. Lowry’s book is a must read for anyone interested in how we won in Iraq but also for anyone interested in the history and culture of the region – Newt Gingrich New Dawn will […]

Recording History – Another Hero – Hospital Corpsman Juan Rubio

Juan Rubio was at the Pentagon on 9-11 and was sent to ground zero to help with the wounded that never materialized. Juan found himself in the city, staring at a wall of photographs and messages placed by distraught families. Then and there, he knew what he had to do. He volunteered to become a Marine Corpsman to serve in the fight he knew would come. Richard S. Lowry is the author of Marines in the Garden of Eden and The Gulf War Chronicles.

Recording History – The Adventure Continues

Hello all. Yesterday, I finished the manuscript of “New Dawn – the fight to free Fallujah.” My first great surprise was that my new publisher, Savas Beatie LLC, wanted me to send them a Word document. My last publisher, one of the largest in the world, insisted that I send them a single-sided, double-spaced, printed copy. They did not want the electronic copy. I think they still had a bunch of monks working by candlelight in the back room. Richard S. Lowry is the author of Marines in the Garden of Eden and The Gulf War Chronicles.