Lying as a Strategic Business Plan

It would seem that Volkswagen decided that Lying and Cheating about its emissions test was a good business strategy.  A business strategy that would result in increased sales, that would guarantee it was the world’s largest automaker. Like anytime someone lies or cheats in the end the truth comes out. Volkswagen may have to declare bankruptcy, may go out of business, doubtful, most likely they will reorganize as a new corporation. It is shame they can’t be drummed out.

America is Weak, and So are Her Leaders

I can safely say that we are in the decline of Rome.  Instead of being overtaken from the interior by an enemy who joined the ranks of our military.  We are succumbing to something that our parent nation would find despicable. We no longer have a stiff upper lip, we no longer press for individuals to assert their responsibility and do everything they can to be someone.  Someone who will leave a mark.  This lack of back-bone can be ween with what happened in Charleston, say what you will, people became angry and emotional over a piece of cloth.  That […]


Several weeks ago I posted suggesting that President Obama needed a new National Security team.  At the time I thought I was a wolf in the wilderness (or maybe Churchill between the wars!); in today’s Daily Beast Leslie Gelb offers some recommendations to Mr. Obama to wit clean house.  I really like his suggestion here, but I would go one better, bring them back into the Administration as trusted advisers, even in their dotage they would be better than what we have today. Finally, Mr. Obama will need the usual wise men for regular informal consultation: Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, […]

March in Paris

I find it incomprehensible  that no United States leader, other than the U S Ambassador, was present at the march in Paris today.  The fact that neither the President, Vice-President, leaders of the House and Senate, the Secretary of State or the Attorney General who was in Paris, thought it important enough is a slap in the face of the French and the world.  

Grubering versus Fake but Accurate

To Gruber is to tell the truth with no concept of the consequences.  Named for the MIT multimillionaire professor who wrote a portion of Obamacare whose speeches contained admissions that citizens were lied to in order to achieve an alleged greater good. We have seen the return of Fake but Accurate with Rolling Stone’s execrable peddling of rape myths at U.Va., and the implosion of Lena Dunham’s rape accusation made in her book. The response from radical elements of the left has been demanding followers set aside facts in order to adhere to the lies in order to maintain power. […]

Rational Thinking about Ferguson

Ever since it happened it just rang true for me.  Every time a black man is shot/killed in an incident involving a white LEO, agitators make it about race.  However, every time a white man gets shot/killed by a black cop it quite rarely ends with agitators making it about race. To take Michael Brown’s life in separate incidences is only think about snapshots.  The reality is, that day Michael Brown committed one crime.  And based on evidence from the coroner, committed another when he got into an altercation with Brian Wilson.  I will readily admit that Darren Wilson did […]

Dear Congress

Dear Congress, Nobody likes you except your mother. On a good day. Get over yourselves and get to work. You did not win this latest election – the POTUS worked very hard to lose it. He succeeded, you did not. You will be graded in two years. He will simply be left on some random golf course with some Secret Service agents and no plane tickets home. With Harry out of the way, you Congresscritters have the opportunity to get the Nation’s business done. I don’t mind horse-trading but do not sell me a sow and call it a horse, and me […]

HQDA and Congress need to stop

Any time something about race in the military comes up I amped up.  This most recent article about the Army wanting to make the military and really the officer-corps more cosmopolitan gets my dander up.  Why Slater, why would you say that?  Well, when they first hit the nail “they,” and whoever “they” are is the enemy, talk about the percentage of black officers within the Army.  The truth is, you can’t force an all-volunteer force into being something unless you make racial quotas and deny folks that are qualified for folks that are unqualified. That’s how you get things […]

The Burden of War

Falleth not upon the Soldier, or Marine, or Sailor, or Airman.  But on the people who sent him to that beach without water.  Here‘s an interesting article by Sebastian Junger who has spent much of his journalistic career embedded among Soldiers to tell their story. The Soldier. . .is a tool.  When you hammer a nail as you build a bed frame, what take responsibility for it?  The hammer?  I would say no.  It must be the person hammering the nail.  To that effect, the Soldier is a tool, he should not bear the majority of the pain or blame […]

The Long War

When I was studying in France back in 2009 one of the many unique opportunities I had was to attend the Collogue Guerre Irreguliere/Irregular Warfare Conference at Camp Coetquidan.  And one of the things a British General said was that NATO knew Afghanistan would be a 20 year war.  That it would take an entire generation to fight and rebuild that country. The reason I bring this up, one of our categories here on OPFOR is The Long War.  I’ve had this sneaking suspicion that my generation’s war never ended.  That this irregular enemy, the non-state actor, would continue to […]