Cruzada de los Ninos II

Updated with new links.   The Childrens Crusade of 2014 presents four issues that are being mashed together, by design. With the first issue, there is the tussle between one’s faith, and one’s religion. In Christianity, the prime commandment is to love one’s neighbor as Xt loved his disciples. The children who’ve been brought here are neighbors, and even the criminals among them.  The religious aspect is to respect the law and rule by law, rendering unto Obama what is Obama’s. These children were brought to America with evil intent, and the only way to fight that is with good. And a good […]

VMI Needs to be Left of Bang

What does that mean? It does not mean it needs to control the narrative, but that is an added plus. VMI is out there to teach young ladies and young gentlemen to be leaders in this harsh world. If VMI cannot be left of the bang, how can it teach cadets to be leaders that can analyze situations in a way that they identify solutions and stay a step ahead. That is what being left of bang is: a step ahead. The reason why I said it did not mean to control the narrative was specifically because of what occurred […]

Why We Should Not Act

I grew up in the background of the Iraq War.  Many people said then that it was the wrong war.  Truly it was the wrong war if we were going in there to take chemical weapons from a dictator.  The truth of the matter was that Saddam had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda and it’s attack on us.  Some said Bush wanted take out a man that had put a price on his father’s head. Our aims under George W. Bush were quite different.  What I think his vision for Iraq was very clear.  It was to establish a “City […]

Protecting the SPIDER: Our Identity

VMI is the mother to all her graduates.  No matter our experience, should you wear the ring and bear her diploma, you will forever hold an affection for her.  You will want to protect her, make safe that she continues to do for those that follow you what she did for you. The education that many of us received whilst attending VMI was hard gotten.  We had to earn it through blood, sweat, tears, and definitely no sleep.  I say Protecting the Spider, much like the gents at ESPN say Goodell protects the Shield.  General Peay for as much as […]

How to Break An Officer-Bump

Young officers are like moldable clay; they take lessons to heart fast.  Some of them will be amazing, most will be good, and then you will have a lot of bad.  It is easy for them to become enraptured by their own image when they’re doing well; it is even easier for them to fall flat on their face.  How do I know this?  I’ve been there.  When a new officer comes into the FORCE/FLEET he needs to be embraced by the battalion and company level organizations he is a part of.  In the Army we tend to have a […]

“Diversity Thursday”

Get your rage-o-meters plugged in. How about an “action team” that’s dedicated to sweeping the seas of America’s enemies? No way– too radical. Nope. Never happen. I wonder if the P.L.A.N. has diversity action groups? Time will tell.

Taking Responsibility

Most, if not all cadets receive blocks of instruction in the art of taking responsibility. Taking an unearned privilege earns a rat a trip to the RDC. For upper classfolk, there’s the class system and jealously guarded privileges. You don’t see a Third wearing a class ring (unless s/he is an Academic Third). Outside of the Corps of Cadets, there’s the Commandant and his or her assistant, and for the direst of offenses, such as the one in which my own mentor managed to write 4 rules to the Blue Book, there is the Superintendent. Whatever happens, you survive.   A […]

Stray Voltage

On the 18th of April in seventy-five Hardly a Man is Now Alive Who Remembers that famous date and year Of the Mid-night Ride of Paul Revere Stray Voltage Over at Defense News retired Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Loh argues for the elimination of duplication as a means of achieving true service interdependence.  What he really means is Army, Navy, and USMC give up you aircraft the USAF will take care of you.  I know what that means, just like the Army gave up the C27 to the USAF only to see them cancel it […]

And There You Have It

I suppose this is the new normal. “Normal.” Right. You know which country’s military is NOT holding gay pride festivals? China. They’re not interested, I daresay. Not interested in gay pride, or Black History Month or Left-Handed Presbyterian Heritage Month or any of that other horseshit. They’re interested in beating us. And they’re working assiduously at it. One day we’ll rue our utter foolishness, and wish we could turn back the clock.

Independence and Liberty

Independence Day greetings to all my fellow Americans! (And a word of apology– I had wanted to have this up before now, but the unforeseen decline and death of my beloved cat set me back a bit.) Today we commemorate the giant leap forward in the human political condition that was the signing of the Declaration of Independence. MMM today has the full text of the document; PLEASE read it, especially the point by point indictment of King George III and his “long train of abuses and usurpations.” Beautiful words, and as true today as they were then. Abuses and […]