Leadership Quiz

1. Does your plan require a Hero to make it work? A “Hero” is defined as one person, and one person only, whose action creates success. 2. Does your plan resemble the business plan presented by the Underpants Gnomes? 3. Does your plan require your competitor to play nicely? 4. Does your plan require critical thinking skills? If you answered yes to any or all of these, you have a future in our State Department, where Miracles exist, and America is always a loser! Not that you’ll ever know, once the internet is gone and you’ll only have MSNBC for […]

Are you free to be whatever you resolve to be?

“You may be whatever you resolve to be” summarizes Stonewall Jackson’s philosophy, but the question that arises from Jackson’s philosophical synopsis are whether a Keydet, or anyone else, possesses enough freedom in America to become what they have resolved to be? With absolute freedom from outside coercion, as proposed by Peter Kropotkin, comes the anarchy permitting one to do whatever one wants comes chaos – a Hell on Earth as each person does exactly as they wish to do without regard or consequence. That is the desire of anarchists. We do not subsribe to anarchy, or even  Therefore, what does it take in terms of liberty […]

The Day Our World Stopped Turning

As the junior member of the group I haven’t really reflected on this today.  11 September 2001, I was in the seventh grade.  12 years old, mom almost kept us home, but the college decided they were going to push and she dropped us off at school.  I honestly don’t know if she got much work done that day. As much as my teachers may have wanted it to remain normal, they exacerbated the issue by not playing the news for us that day.  We’d all watched the beginning with the towers smoking, I didn’t see either collapse until that […]

The dog that isn’t barking

News from the Middle East is a dog’s breakfast, to say in the least. Hezbollah, which is always ready to threaten Israel, and then runs home, tail firmly tucked between its legs to its momma, the UN, is spooked by ISIS. The Sunni terror army reached in Lebanon to kidnap hostages and defeated the Kurds two countries away. That speaks to a very sophisticated command and control system. And one that learns: good ole Eddie Snowden gave AQ and its affiliates an education and the terrorists applied fixes. Pakistan is claiming its troops have not been deployed to the Saudi border […]

“Ponder … Why?”

From last week, our pal CDR Sal nails it again– http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com/2014/07/diversity-thursday_17.html?m=1 Does this sort of activity help or hinder readiness? Readiness is, after all, the only thing that matters. Why, indeed?

Seduced by Success?

This needed to be written, the question needed to be asked. In fact, the military conditions under which we’ve operated for the past two decades have been historically atypical. They have allowed too many in uniform to believe the hype. What happens when men whose whole professional life has known only success meet real challenges and the threat of defeat? The article is aimed at the Army, but applies to all the Services. And think too, of the coming austerity, the political correctness, the quotas, the feminization of combat arms, the punishments for anyone who speaks out. The worst is […]

More on Edward Snowden

This came through on email today, I’m taking the liberty of quoting it nearly in toto: Intense debate continues to rage over the legality, constitutionality and morality of the National Security Agency’s data collection, as well as the status of Edward Snowden, the contract employee who leaked the documents to a British newspaper last week. Is he a Patriot or a traitor? (Regarding the program itself, read Mark Alexander’s essay, It’s the Profiling, Stupid! One noteworthy addition to the essay is that the administration’s surveillance seems to have excluded mosques, which are often jihadi programming centers. Target conservatives with the […]

Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

READ. What say we? Is he different from that detestable little worm, Manning? If so, how? Has he done a great service to the cause of Liberty, or has he dealt a serious blow to national security? What would become of you, all of you who have clearances, if you did what he did? (One thing’s clear to me. We need to get him back on US soil, before a none-too-friendly foreign power offers him a deal he can’t refuse.)

Is There A Military Caste

Over the weekend, C-Span asked the question is there a divide between those in the military and civilian sectors. While the answers were interesting, perhaps the more important question which should have been asked, has the military become a separate caste which sees itself as being superior to the other citizens of our nation? I am undecided as to my answer to the question proposed. Your thoughts would be appreciated.