Doctor LBL’94, Paging Doctor LBL’94…

Based on the untoward happenings in Dallas, et al., what analysis and commentary can you provide? What do we need to know that is either not being reported at all, or perhaps isn’t being well reported? I say this not out of alarm or panic, but to set out some facts and place them in context.

On the Hunt

State-wide archery season started this past Saturday in Virginia, after the special month-long please-kill-as-many-as-you-can season in September in a few counties in the Occupied Territories. Daily life prevented me from getting out in that early season, except to clear brush and cut wood and try to establish a small food plot. But I got out three times this weekend. Including TWICE yesterday, i.e. SUNDAY, which is a big deal in Virginia, the first year we can do that. And for the record, I managed to get to church as well. So there. Of the three trips out I saw a […]

Got Arms?

If not, you’d best be heading to procure some. And all manner of things thereunto belonging, which includes cold hard training in life-taking and life-saving. Do you understand what’s what? (Oh, and OF COURSE law enforcement said there’s no link to terrorism. To say otherwise would be to raise some ugly questions.) Mr Farnam gets it. Grand Master de Vallette would readily grasp the problem at hand, and would not be at a loss for a solution. And you?

Firearms Friday: Upcoming Opportunities

The often-talked-about-but-seldom-seen MDL and I will both attend the Collapse Medicine Course by Greg Ellfiritz and hosted by John Murphy of FPF Training, on 19 Oct 2014 in Culpeper, VA. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS IT. Short of one of the high-speed live tissue courses, this is one of the best opportunities you’ll find on handling medical emergencies in absence of the existing system. At a hundred and fifty bucks it’s a bargain. Here’s the link on the FPF site, scroll down a bit. (I attended last year, and posted a review HERE.) How many other Op-Forians can we […]

BUY NOW, BUY LOTS (Excellent Advice, That)

MDL tossed this through the transom, with the self-evident truth annotated, “Excellent advice.” We concur. Same goes for guns, with demand dropping off slightly from the recent all-time highs, but with both quality and quantity in evidence. The time to act is now. Make the most of the opportunity.   The last couple of years of “strong consumer demand” (panic buying) has finally come to an end. .22 LR ammunition is still thin on the ground (although easy to purchase online) but centerfire inventory is good, retailers are flush with AR-15 rifles and there is a higher level of discounting […]

Gun-Day Monday: Wise Words

MDL sent this over with the concise notation, “Wise words.” And right he is. Do what needs to be done. Very likely you will be glad of it later.

Farnam on Training

As you know, I’m a follower and fan (and student) of John Farnam, and I’ve cited his “Quips” more than once. Here’s another one, and it’s Farnam at his best; particularly recommended for NCOs and junior officers who haven’t yet been beaten down by the system. Read it all, please. 29 Apr 14 “Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it!” Andre Gide Comments on institutionalized training. We, now and then, present training programs at state academies and other long-established “institutions.” In the private sector, we’ve moved forward rapidly over the past few decades, but many […]

Nation’s Gunshow AAR, 27 Apr 14

MDL, ETP0802, and Math Lady and I hit the Nation’s Gunshow here in NoVA yesterday. (Little did I know it, but Maj W DC was also there at the same time.) I went better prepared, monetarily, than last time, and was able to score some minor triumphs– a 100-rd value pack of Winchester .45 ACP FMJ, a MagPul MOE pistol grip for the AK, and a handful of med kit items. All of these were priced below what you’d find on the major websites, and with the modest admission fee beating shipping costs it was a true bargain. A few […]

Firearms Friday: Female Instructors and Ammo Sales

MDL tossed this over to us: “Female Gun Instructors in Hot Demand.” (You can add to that the John R. Murphy-hosted “Defensive Handgun for Women,” taught by Cornered Cat.) Also– MidwayUSA is having a clearance sale on some hard-to-find-and-expensive-when-you-can-find-it Cor-Bon DPX ammo, such as the 185-grain .45 ACP and the 62-grain .223. NOT A BAD DEAL AT ALL. One box of each wiped out the shipping for me.

Russian Ammo: Good and Bad News

Brother Farnam sent this out today: With the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Vlad P has decided to halt exports of Russian-made small-arms ammunition to the USA. Most domestic ammunition shortages associated fears over gun-control legislation had been alleviated over the past few months. But, now this new development is currently generating fresh shortages, mostly of 7.62×39. AK owners who do not currently have an adequate supply of 7.62×39 will have great difficulty finding it now, as domestic production can’t come close to keeping-up with demand! And not just 7.62×39. Wolf, etc, churn out other calibers and not all steel-cased. AIM […]