The Corps on Parade

Just lifted this off the VMI website, too good not to post: (Click to embiggenify, as they say on WRSA.)

Trophies of the Hunt

It’s hunting season! Deer, elk, fowl, fish – send us pics of your trophy, and tell us where, instrument (rifle, bow, and so on), as long as its legal we’ll post your trophy on Monday morning. Just hit the “Contact Us” link!

Picture of the Day: Wearing the Ring

Although this is an addition to the post on Col Matt StClair ’89 below, it really deserves its own post: Looks like a perfect fit. (The photo was sent by Matt’s wife Melissa, and I don’t know if it’s by her or by PAO.)

Stay Outta My Parking Spot!

Except MMM is of course welcome to use it whenever she’s at Lejeune.

The One-Niner-Eight

Behold the M198 155mm howitzer– museum piece. I was driving past the 10th Marines area yesterday and saw it sitting there, all clean and painted and shiny, which of course was my first clue that something was amiss. Yes, there it was among all the other museum pieces, the legends of Marine Corps artillery. (When I reported for duty in 1990, we still fielded the M101A1 105mm, as well as 155mm SPs and the 8-inch. All of them are on display too.) Certainly it was on the big and heavy side, but it never failed to deliver the goods. If […]

SOP Afternoon for Camp Lejeune

Here is your standard summer afternoon for Camp Lejeune, NC, looking across the New River at the air station, which is partially obscured by the storm.

Picture of the Day: Oooo Sparkly

Favorite aircraft time! An A-10 Warthog deploys flares during operations over Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of the USAF.

When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best…

Michael Monsoor’s casket (via FOXNEWS):


Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there… Past, Present and Future.


080220-N-XXXXX-025 PACIFIC OCEAN (Feb 20, 2008) At a single modified tactical Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) launches from the U.S. Navy AEGIS cruiser USS Lake Erie (CG 70), successfully impacting a non-functioning National Reconnaissance Office satellite approximately 247 kilometers (133 nautical miles) over the Pacific Ocean, as it traveled in space at more than 17,000 mph. President George W. Bush decided to bring down the satellite because of the likelihood that the satellite could release hydrazine fuel upon impact, possibly in populated areas. U.S. Navy photo (Released) More information is available here. I know those guys are excited. BZ to all the […]