Hell Yeah, Less Pay!

Someone needs a fucking piss-test. The end is near. I’m more and more convinced of it every day. He needs to get out of the E-Ring.

RIP, Gen Mundy, Part II

A fine eulogy in National Review: I should note that I knew General Mundy fairly well. Indeed, we were on a first-name basis: He called me “Mac” and I called him “General.” He served as Marine commandant at a particularly difficult time. First, the Cold War had ended and part of an alleged “peace dividend” involved substantial reductions in the force structure of all the services. General Mundy oversaw a reduction of the Marine Corps from 194,000 troops to 170,000. But more important, his time as commandant was also a period when social pressure was brought to bear on the […]

RIP, Gen Mundy

From Military Times: The Marine Corps’ 30th commandant, retired Gen. Carl Epting Mundy Jr., has died, his family confirmed to Marine Corps Times. He was 78. Mundy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Merkel cell carcinoma, several months ago, said his son-in-law, Bob Gunter. He died Wednesday night at his home in Alexandria, Va. Mundy served as commandant from 1991 to 1995 and helped to restructure the Marine Corps following the denouement of the Cold War. A true Marine and a real gentleman. May whole squadrons of angels sing you to your rest, General.

Females and Marine Infantry

More than one of you sent word of these articles (much appreciated, by the way). The first is HERE, mostly commentary on the base article, and containing this little snippet: In a recent Washington Post column, Santangelo attributes these failures to a double standard women face during their entire time in the Marine Corps. Beg pardon? Oh, there’s a double standard all right, but it ain’t the root cause for your failure, Lieutenant. The base article, from the first person, is HERE. (Spoiler alert, it meanders a bit.) There are some little gems, though, like this: Yes, men have biological […]

Rah for the winners!

Rah Virginia Mil! All the winners! Go Keydets!

“Women in the Infantry: A Common Sense Analysis”

Ronaldus Secundus and GW64 both sent this in: “Women in the Infantry: A Common Sense Analysis.” In its latest push to insert women into combat roles, the Marine Corps is instituting an experimental infantry unit composed of 25% women.  The proposed unit, which will mirror a scaled down Marine Air Ground Task Force, will be composed of 460 Marines, 120 of which will be women.  Marine leadership along with college researchers will spend months analyzing the experimental unit’s success in what will look a lot like a pre-deployment workup.  The goal is to find a “magic number” which will be […]

RIP, Major Lee

Another amazing story of valor. “Perhaps the Chinese are all fatalists,” he said “I never expected to survive the war. So I was adamant that my death be honorable, be spectacular,” he said. That’s just a little of it. Read it ALL, please.

“Marine Kyle Carpenter will receive MoH for heroism in Afghanistan”

Nothing short of amazing. William Kyle Carpenter, a Marine Corps veteran who was severely wounded during a November 2010 grenade attack in Afghanistan, will receive the nation’s highest combat valor award later this year, Marine Corps Times has learned. Carpenter, a 24-year-old medically retired corporal, will become the service’s third Medal of Honor recipient from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which date back to October 2001. The Marine Corps is finalizing plans with the White House for a ceremony in Washington, officials said. Read about him. Nothing short of amazing.

Tarnished Brass? (UPDATED)

(Link has been fixed!) OUCH. Foreign Policy lays out the turmoil on “Tamer.” But with less than a year left in Amos’s tenure as commandant, it is his own ethics that have been called into question by everyone from rank-and-file troops to members of Congress. The accusations range from abuse of power, to illegally classifying evidence to cover up mistakes, to squashing Marines with the temerity to protest. The office of the commandant, typically revered by Marines across the world and many on Capitol Hill, remains under investigation by the Defense Department’s inspector general and is being battered by the […]

The Sands of Iwo Jima

Sixty-nine years ago today. As John R. Murphy said earlier today of those who went ashore and those who went inshore, “They did not flinch.”