Stray Voltage September 15 2015

Stray Voltage Without commenting on the merits of the USMC study of Women in Combat, the actions of publicly being critical of the study by the Secretary of the Navy are unforgivable. He has squandered what ever trust he might have had from the leadership of the Navy and USMC. He should do the honorable thing—resign; unfortunately he is a political hack and will simply continue spouting nonsense. Hey Air Force if you are worried that an 18 year old enlisted airman can’t be trusted with to be a pilot, let me offer you a suggestion, why not enlist them, […]

9/11, 2015

I’m out of profundities and tributes. I have very little to add to the discussion of the remembrance of this day. Except, that is, for a deep sense of dread at the state of our nation’s defenses, her readiness and her willingness. I’m appalled at the pervasive mendacity, mediocrity, and– here’s the only word for it– shit-headedness of the vast majority of our political leadership. Preposterous non-entities. (There’s not much good to say for a large swath of the military leadership, either.) When you have a man who is charged with the readiness of two of the armed services and all […]

“Marine Corps’ Women-in-Combat Experiment Gets Mixed Results”

And “mixed results” is a polite way of saying it. Read THIS first, from the WaPo. According to a recent report in the Marine Corps Times, only a small number of women were left by the experiment’s conclusion — two of the roughly two dozen who started — mostly in part because of the physical and mental stress that comes with combat roles. Both the men and women in the task force also reported a breakdown in unit cohesion with some voicing  a perceived unequal treatment from their peers. Then, read this, the ExecSum also from the WaPo. (You can skip to […]

TAPS: Carrie Wortham ’12

This morning after Church I grabbed my phone from the floor of the car and went onto Facebook and saw a status about Carrie.  I called one of my friends who happened to be married to one of her VMI roommates, he would call me back and told me what you’ll read here. Carrie was a member of Golf Company, the Regimental S-2 Captain, a Cross Country Runner, and a Pole Vaulter at VMI.  She was one of the best, always cordial and always looking to help others.  She went to Haiti and worked for a Non-Profit, Mid-Wives For Haiti […]

Matriculation Day

Happy  Matriculation Day!   Unlike some of the group I am a firm believer that they need to re-integrate more adversarial interactions during the rat-line, it can still be professional.  And if a Shit Eating Third or dumb Second crosses the line, then give them con pro and a 10-6-30.  But it is the hardest school, that puts out the best products, VMI graduates are akin to Demascus Steel, continuously beaten on the anvil and hardened.

FOR SALE: Chesty Puller’s Home in Virginia

Yep, the Saluda home of the greatest Marine that ever lived, LtGen Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller, VMI 1921– for sale. Great little town and county, too. Sure would be nice if some VMI Marine bought it.

“Done Been Girled…”

A frequent link favorite at WRSA, our fellow Virginian and fellow Marine, Fred Reed is not everyone’s cup of tea, and truth be told sometimes he sends one out of the impact area. However, far more often than that he gets first-round effects on target. Better still, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass who gets wrapped around the axle about it. Record this as a target, and end of mission, “Done Been Girled: the Price of Matriarchy,” with my emphasis added in this one passage out of too many to quote– It is the nature of women to complain, endlessly, […]

CNO Publishes His Plan

In the plan Greenert explains the requirement to the four enduring functions around which the Navy has historically organized, trained and equipped: deterrence, sea control, power projection and maritime security, as well as capabilities related to a new fifth function, all domain access. The link to CNO’s plan is at the link. I’ll have to defer to our resident experts on the DON on whether the plan is ship-shape or pogey-bait for suckers. There is some news over where URR writes. XBradTCX posts on the return of 39 Marines killed during the battle for Tarawa. We’ll leave it to Jennifer […]

Marines “Ran Back Into The Fight”

Here’s a lot more detail on the Chattanooga attack, more than I’ve seen reported thus far: A military official says several troops “ran back into the fight” after getting their colleagues to safety during an attack in Chattanooga that left four Marines and a sailor dead. Maj. Gen. Paul W. Brier, commanding general of the 4th Marine Division, said during a news conference Wednesday in Chattanooga that there were 20 Marines and two Navy corpsman inspecting equipment at a joint Marine-Navy facility when the attack happened on Thursday. Brier says the troops “reacted the way you would expect” during an […]


Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez: human filth. RIP, Marines. And how do exact revenge? How do we make it so painful for our enemies that they’ll think twice about doing this on our soil? Do we need a moose-limb pogrom? Mr Kipling might have just the thing…