More Woes for the F-35… But Not What You Might Think

The latest arrow to be stuck in the torso fuselage of the F-35, having something to do with ejection seats and pilot weight. That’s inside baseball if ever I saw it. But still, probably not what the program wants to have been made public. No, the *real* problem with the F-35 is buried down in the article, and presented almost as an aside: It’s been a tough couple of days for the F-35. On Monday, Canada overwhelming elected the Liberal Party and its leader, Justin Trudeau, as prime minister. Trudeau made a promise on the campaign trail to nix Ottawa’s […]

A Fatter Navy

So Gents…I guess the Navy doesn’t need Sailors that are fit to fight…maybe they’ll recruit some of the Soldiers we’re kicking out…

Gun-Day Monday: Malfeasance and Misfeasance

“Unreal: Gun Used in Terror Attack on Mohammed Cartoon Contest Sold Through Operation Fast and Furious” It turns out [murderous heathen Nadir] Soofi purchased his gun under the Holder Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious back in 2010. … In other words, ATF and the FBI pushed through a shady gun sale that ultimately was used in a terror attack against Americans on U.S. soil. So, if I get it right, this Federal government of ours is allowing adversaries on our soil to arm themselves illegally– enabling them, actually– but “not ruling out” prosecuting a U.S. military officer for defending himself […]

A Court-Martial for the Navy Officer Who Fought Back??

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY? Please keep an eye on this, and write your Congressional representatives if SecNav persists in this injustice. LCdr White shouldn’t be court-martialed; he should be decorated and promoted.   (This news item came by way of the redoubtable GW’64, and many thanks to him.)

“Done Been Girled…”

A frequent link favorite at WRSA, our fellow Virginian and fellow Marine, Fred Reed is not everyone’s cup of tea, and truth be told sometimes he sends one out of the impact area. However, far more often than that he gets first-round effects on target. Better still, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass who gets wrapped around the axle about it. Record this as a target, and end of mission, “Done Been Girled: the Price of Matriarchy,” with my emphasis added in this one passage out of too many to quote– It is the nature of women to complain, endlessly, […]

CNO Publishes His Plan

In the plan Greenert explains the requirement to the four enduring functions around which the Navy has historically organized, trained and equipped: deterrence, sea control, power projection and maritime security, as well as capabilities related to a new fifth function, all domain access. The link to CNO’s plan is at the link. I’ll have to defer to our resident experts on the DON on whether the plan is ship-shape or pogey-bait for suckers. There is some news over where URR writes. XBradTCX posts on the return of 39 Marines killed during the battle for Tarawa. We’ll leave it to Jennifer […]

The Civilian Army in Our Midst

Congress authorizes our end strength, and the Services do what they are told.  We haven’t had a strong voiced service Chief in the Army since Shinseki told Rumsfeld you couldn’t invade Iraq with a “whambam thank you ma’am” strategy.  Which is what they attempted to do. . .many issues followed the invasion to be discussed ad nauseum later. But I came across this article in the Wall Street Journal that talks about how the civilian DoD work force has just exploded in support of the military.  Yet our troop numbers are beginning to dwindle, and the guys that wear suits […]

The Return of the Hollow Force

As the youngest of us here on Op-For, I remain in service to Columbia. I signed that dotted line prior to my rat year at VMI, the War in Iraq was at its height, the surge going into full swing and there was an initiative from President Bush Called “Grow the Army.”  “Grow the Army” the Army reached a height of 570,000 Soldiers.  We all thought then, that all of us would be going to war.  Many of us have, yet most of us have not.  I would say we’re both lucky in different ways. There was an officer in […]

This Day In History: 8 July 1853

Commodore Matthew Perry’s first expedition to Japan. If I’m not mistaken his flagship, USS Susquehanna, was commanded by a Virginian named Captain Sydney Smith Lee, son of the great “Light Horse Harry” Lee and older brother to an Army officer… wait– are we still allowed to say the name? Anyone dare to guess?

“The Conquering Tide: War in the Pacific Islands, 1942-1944″

Got a hot tip today that the next book by Ian Toll— author of the incomparable Six Frigates and Pacific Crucible— is due out soon. This masterful history encompasses the heart of the Pacific War―the period between mid-1942 and mid-1944―when parallel Allied counteroffensives north and south of the equator washed over Japan’s far-flung island empire like a “conquering tide,” concluding with Japan’s irreversible strategic defeat in the Marianas. It was the largest, bloodiest, most costly, most technically innovative and logistically complicated amphibious war in history… I think I need to sell another unit of blood plasma and order a copy.