Who shall guard our Guardians?

The Pentagon, never known for having having two neurons firing in sequence, is back at failing to understand a fundamental concept of warfare: selection of the battlefield. Now the Pentagon is actively aiding IS in winning that fight. Prompted by shootings at military facilities in the US, Americans have started showing up at military recruiting offices to stand guard with handguns and rifles. Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said the Defense Department appreciated the “outpouring of support” but warned that the volunteers might do more harm than good. “We ask that individuals not stand guard at recruiting offices as it could […]

Complete Chaos at NAVAIR

Commander Sal straddles the target with his main battery and scores multiple hits on Diversity Thursday. As someone who from MIDN days supported women serving wherever they physically and realistically could, this torques me off, as it gives the “I told you so” crowd all the negative stereotype fodder they need. Of what do I speak? Well, if you haven’t eaten yet – you may want to hold off. If you have a spray shield for your computer, you may want to go get it. Set aside some time and read the entire thing. Do you know who doesn’t believe […]

Rational Thinking about Ferguson

Ever since it happened it just rang true for me.  Every time a black man is shot/killed in an incident involving a white LEO, agitators make it about race.  However, every time a white man gets shot/killed by a black cop it quite rarely ends with agitators making it about race. To take Michael Brown’s life in separate incidences is only think about snapshots.  The reality is, that day Michael Brown committed one crime.  And based on evidence from the coroner, committed another when he got into an altercation with Brian Wilson.  I will readily admit that Darren Wilson did […]

Offensive? No, Just Idiotic

I D I O C Y. The last sentence being the winner.

Bergdahl: an alarming case of tone deafness

Here’s the thing about Bergdahl and the Jump-to-Conclusions mats: What if his platoon was long on psychopaths and short on leadership? Bergdahl’s platoon mates are now ‘psychopaths‘ and swiftboaters: 2014’s equivalent to 1974’s ‘baby-killers.’ It is an alarming case of tone deafness in response to criticism of l’affaire Bergdahl.  

“Diversity Thursday”

Get your rage-o-meters plugged in. How about an “action team” that’s dedicated to sweeping the seas of America’s enemies? No way– too radical. Nope. Never happen. I wonder if the P.L.A.N. has diversity action groups? Time will tell.

Some Thoughts on the Crisis in Missiles in the USAF

A good friend, and a recently retired USAF Missile officer sent me some thoughts on the on-going troubles in the USAF missile community. No need to walk down the list of ICBM cock ups. You’ve already seen ’em and I don’t want to list them. So what’s happening out there in the cold white north? Like Patton said, ‘a blind man could see it.’ Leadership. Capital “L” leadership. ICBM commanders don’t practice it, they don’t live it, and they don’t love it. These clowns wouldn’t know leadership if it grabbed their wife on the ass.  Missileers are quality troops, smart, […]

Who Goes Nazi?

It is also, to an immense extent, the disease of a generation—the generation which was either young or unborn at the end of the last war. This is as true of Englishmen, Frenchmen, and Americans as of Germans. It is the disease of the so-called “lost generation.” Sometimes I think there are direct biological factors at work—a type of education, feeding, and physical training which has produced a new kind of human being with an imbalance in his nature. He has been fed vitamins and filled with energies that are beyond the capacity of his intellect to discipline. He has […]

Maybe They’ll Just Go Back to Using “Commodore”

If one of the reasons that CAPT Honors was sacked was his use of “anti-gay slurs,” I wonder what other terms will now be purged from the lexicon… Rear Admiral (Lower Half)— all things being equal, I’d prefer to be a Rear Admiral (UPPER Half); maybe they should just go back to using “Commodore.” Rear area security— it needs to be closely monitored and tightened up! Butt stroke (both vertical and horizontal). “To the rear of the piece, fall in!”— for all you artillerymen out there. And my personal favorite– “To the rear, march!”

Portrait of the Asshole as an Old Man

Pompous, self-righteous, insufferable old windbag. “During an interview set to air tonight on NBC, former President Jimmy Carter tells Brian Williams that he feels his role as an an activist in troubled parts of the world is “superior” to those of other former presidents.” Oh, yeah, one more– national disgrace.