I’m a let you finish

But Keydet Life is the greatest Comic of all time!   To be honest, I haven’t seen stuff this good since my time with the 2eme Bataillion de France. ¬†Those dudes can draw cartoons, these remind me of those days. ¬†Except for the fact that an entire class would face decimation had we run off to the Keys for five days during exams…wait.

Day By Day: 2014-2015 Support Drive

I *know* we have Day by Day readers here; I’ve been a fan for years. Chris Muir, the author, has decreed the opening of his support drive– the strip is almost 100% reader supported– so go here, scroll down and show some love. (Yes, I’ve given. Based on the zestiness I see, I might have to give again! Who’d want to see an Op-For strip on DBD??)

Five Surplus Rifles Under $500

Forwarded by the great Mike Fay, of Marine combat artist fame, good surplus rifle choices for dirt cheap: the Mauser 98 series; the Short Magazine Lee-Enfields; the Mosin-Nagants (of which the Finnish M39 is The Best); the Arisaka– huh?? F that weird Jap trash; and the Swiss K31– F YEAH. And be sure to look at some of the latest work posted at Mike’s site. Brilliant, as always.  

They Continue To Fight

I came across today in the New York Times. It is the first of a multiple day series. These are the stories of Marines who are still fighting; now the enemy are their wounds and not the Taliban, while their bodies may be broken their fighting spirit is not. When we hear all the negative comments about this or that, these stories inspire me and remind me that our future is bright, that the generation these Marines represent has True Grit.

Mike Fay Retires

Ever so slightly late but no less heartfelt, we salute CWO Mike Fay, USMC, as he concludes a truly exceptional career in the Marines. I’m a big fan of his artwork, and we have featured it before. And I’m also privileged to call him a good friend. I’m not going to post any of his work here, because I want you to go to his site and root through it to see for yourself. Some of his drawings will stop you in your tracks. “What can I say…it’s been a great run since I first enlisted on June 11, 1975. […]

Sketchpad Warrior Back from Afstan

It’s been a while since we visited the extremely few and awfully proud, the Marine Corps Combat Artists. I recently got an update from one of them, Sgt Kris “King Of” Battles from Sketchpad Warrior, who is recently back from Afstan (sic, in Torch lingo). Here’s one of his latest, on Echo 2/8; be sure to read the accompanying post: (Also, don’t forget about CWO2 Mike Fay at Fire & Ice!)

RIP: Rule 5 at 5:00

The very valuable Thunder Run has called endex to its daily quasi-smut post, “Rule 5 at 5:00.” Go, one and all, to view the valedictory image. IT’S MEMORABLE. I’ll still be a regular reader because it’s chock full of good stuff, but… well, we can’t live in the past. I’m sorry, I need some time alone. To reflect and to think.

Ode to the Warrior Class

Our good friend and fellow Institute man Michael Solovey is working on yet another print honoring our warriors. This one, titled “Ode to the Warrior Class”, is a tribute to our heritage and the warriors who have gone before. To quote Michael: This main image could be a Marine or Soldier. He looks off into battle with allusions to other great warrior cultures in the background–Vikings, Spartans, and Romans. Across the sky, there are silhouettes of Blackhawks, Hueys, and Cobras flying into battle. This future print will be a watercolor with the intent of celebrating the Warrior Class and what […]

MARSOC Artwork

Some of you may remember a post I did some time ago about fellow Institute man Michael Solovey’s sketch entitled Thus Ever To Tyrants, honoring VMI alums who have participated in the War on Terror. I have a print hanging up in my “Man Den” at home, along with my other VMI and Marine Corps mementos. Michael contacted me again last week, and this time he has a sketch honoring the Marines of MARSOC. It looks like yet another great piece of artwork. Take a look, and then cruise on over to Michael’s website to look at his other work, […]

Thus Ever To Tyrants

I finally got my Summer 2006 issue of the VMI Alumni Review this weekend. In the “Alumni News” section there is an advertisement for Maj Michael P. Solovey USA, Class of 1996. Maj Solovey has produced a print to honor VMI alumni serving in the Global War on Terrorism. It’s called “Thus Ever To Tyrants”. Maj Solovey will be donating a framed print to VMI. More importantly, the proceeds from the sales will fund a bronze plaque at the Institute honoring Institute alumni killed in the War on Terror. For those of you who are not VMI alumni, visit the […]