I Rarely Get Pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rarely get pissed, but I did today when I saw a very well written, poorly argued, and flawed factually editorial in the New York Times.  I am not normally a reader of the New York Times as I have found it New York and Eastern establishment elitism hard to stomach. Today’s piece is over the top.  In this piece, the author, Dr. Kathleen Belew, attempts—albeit poorly to suggest that “but Vietnam veterans forged the first links between Klansman and Nazis since World War II.”  She goes on to suggest that it was the Vietnam Veteran who led these individuals […]

“Field of Lost Shoes” Premieres in Richmond

Not a review, but a report, HERE. Anyone go to see it? Parker Longbaugh? S**t-Eating Third? We’re very interested to hear from you.

Perspective is needed on Fort Hood

There is a lot of frothing at the mouth and hysteria regarding the most recent Fort Hood shooting. I would suggest that CNN, FOX et al quit hyping the story by cumming all over themselves and step back and ask in comparison to most American cities of equal size what is the percentage of violent crimes on a military base. The truth be known it is significantly less.

Some Thoughts on Russia, the Ukraine, the US, and NATO

Follow this link to an article I posted over at Sic Semper Tyrannis on the Ukraine. It would seem that our Intelligence Agencies believe that Russia will invaded Eastern Ukraine.  We should not be surprised.  After the President’s ill-advised dismal of Russia as a Regional power, Putin like a wounded bear will fight back.

Blurred Lines: Soldiers versus Police

In an earlier post, there was a too-brief discussion on the on-going blending of US military and the police forces of our governments from Federal to municipal. With many Reservists and Guardsmen and women serving in the police, their skills and knowledge of the green blend almost seamlessly with the blue. However efficient that relationship is, Americans have an inborn fear of using the Army to police the People. Likewise, while Americans understand criminals will upgun whenever possible, even purchasing from federal police agencies, there is still a fear of a hyper-militarized policeman patrolling the streets. This fear, or desire […]

How old is Commandant Amos?

With recent public behavior coming from or from the office  Gen Amos over the Marine Corps Times is quite funny.  This is more of an update to LtCol Ps post from earlier.  Here is his NPR interview. What I find interesting about this attitude coming from him is that the DoD sits on the board of Gannett.  So, the articles published in all of their .mil publications get run through a strict copy editing process.  And if that isn’t good enough for him, then it’s quite possible this guy hangs up his Mamluk sword for a golf club permanently.  

Field Rats…another bad decision.

I recently had the jalapeño beef patty, and I have to say I enjoyed that field burger.  Whoever got that thing to taste like that deserves an Drone Pilot Medal.  However, I’ve been paying attention to the geeks at Natick recently.  And this just screams as bad as the Vegetarian Omelette of yore that was discontinued in 2009, but yet when I went to LDAC in 2011 I found one, needless to say I skipped that meal. Shelf stable pizza, now, that is a very bad sign.  When a lot of food research out there is downplaying processed foods and […]

Some Thoughts on the Crisis in Missiles in the USAF

A good friend, and a recently retired USAF Missile officer sent me some thoughts on the on-going troubles in the USAF missile community. No need to walk down the list of ICBM cock ups. You’ve already seen ‘em and I don’t want to list them. So what’s happening out there in the cold white north? Like Patton said, ‘a blind man could see it.’ Leadership. Capital “L” leadership. ICBM commanders don’t practice it, they don’t live it, and they don’t love it. These clowns wouldn’t know leadership if it grabbed their wife on the ass.  Missileers are quality troops, smart, […]

Toxic Leadership in Today’s Military

Toxic leaders. You know them. Male, female, in uniform or Armani, you know them. No day goes buy without being subjected to ridicule in a public briefing, or yelling that can be heard over the 60Kw generators. The air stinks of doom. Every day is a special report to the RDC of Hell. There are VMI grads among them, much to my chagrin. I am equally embarrassed, as a Soldier Emeritus, to learn of the Army’s on-going deception when dealing with the Washington Post in its expose’ of toxic leaders in DoD. The Army mentioned it promoted competence over likability, and […]

Not Since Sherman

Not since Sherman invaded Atlanta has such a crisis hit Hotlanta!