Andrew Bacevich on Obama’s Foreign Policy

Over at the American Conservative (my new favorite provocative web site; even though I don’t agree with a lot of what they write!) suggest that Obama’s foreign policy team should not be replace, that their incompetence is good for the United States.  I agree, when he says: You want vision? That will require a new crop of visionaries. Instead of sitting down with ancients like Kissinger, Scowcroft, Brzezinski, or Baker, this president (or his successor) would be better served to pick the brain of the army captain back from multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, the moral theologian specializing […]

The one diplomat every dictator listens to and complies with

In a straight line from actively supporting the elimination of democracy in Honduras through the conference feting the worst dictators in Africa and the so-called Arab Spring that chilled (at best) or killed most moderate, not-anti-West Muslim leaders in North Africa, to today’s celebration of and collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood to remove the moderate (and incredibly courageous and sensible) President of Egypt – our State Department continues its bold, innovative “smart diplomacy.”  Why do the prognazis of Foggy Bottom love absolute dictators? Put another way: the one diplomat every dictator and serial killer listens to and complies with is an infantry squad leader with […]

Academies, ROTC, which is better?

We who are graduates of VMI often find ourselves believing that West Point, Annapolis, or the USAF Academy are somehow evil purveyors of elitism and privilege.  According to the author, they are, and no better than ROTC in producing good leaders.  Is there some truth to the analysis, I don’t know?  In the Army today all but two; the FORSCOM Commander a Princeton Graduate and by all accounts a toxic leader; and the AMC Commander a graduate of a Historically Black University or College; are West Point Graduate.  Why is this? This article is worth reading and considering but I […]

What is an American?

Is an American born, bred, elect, or self-selected?

Is He Watching and Reading

Do we have a secret admirer?

British Officers Musings on the Lack of Messes in the American Military

Over at King of War a very interesting piece, for your consideration.

How the Sergeant Major Stole Christmas

I have to say this was pretty cool from the guys over at We Are the Mighty.  May all of you have a happy Christmas.

With National Security in near ruins, Obama finally listens to GOP

Buttercup has been fired. This may be the only good news. The POTUS always triples down with anti-war and/or left of left politicians. Is tax-dodger John Kerry next?

A Man worth Following

Yesterday Senator James Webb announced an exploratory bid for the presidency.  I honestly never thought of him as a Candidate for the job.  The reality is that the bench on the Democratic side is extraordinarily slim.  The Republicans have a few guys I’d take a look at.  Many of you might recall him as the combat boot wearing candidate who ran for the Virginia Senate seat.  Although it was in solidarity of his son who was deployed at the time.  Webb, a Marine, is a Combat Veteran of Vietnam who was award for conspicuous gallantry on numerous occasions, an accomplished […]

Perhaps it was the missing strawberries?

Perhaps it was the case of the missing strawberries that distracted the skippers?