Last True Son of a Confederate Veteran Dies in Georgia

Over at the Atlanta Journal Constitution the report of the death of the last Son of a Confederate Veteran in Georgia.

Okay So It Not Military–But for JPP and I This is Important 611 at Manassas VA

Flight of the Wild Geese

Mustapha Sejari, one of the rebels already approved for the U.S. training program, told The Daily Beast that he and his 1,000 men are on the verge of withdrawing from the program. The issue: the American government’s demand that the rebels can’t use any of their newfound battlefield prowess or U.S.-provided weaponry against the army of Bashar al-Assad or any of its manifold proxies and allies, which include Iranian-built militias such as Lebanese Hezbollah. They must only fight ISIS, Washington insists. [emphases by author] Didn’t we learn the downside of creating mercenary armies when the CIA fought the Congolese? Who […]

Maintaining the Standard-The Final Eight Fail

You know? For a significant amount of time I believed the Army would fail in this experiment.  How do I define failure?  Failure would be degrading the standards of the school in order for a female Soldier to pass.  I thought that bringing in and the eventual train up of female O/Cs told Ranger Training Brigade that they were on notice for their Army Values.  That the quality of leadership within this Army would continue to diminish.  No female Soldier passed Darby phase (8 recycled, they failed a second time). I could go on a rant about what I think […]

Time to play a round of Jeopardy!

Colonel Steve Warren, ’89, gets to play Jeopardy with the press. The answer is “Anthrax.” And the question is? Meanwhile, just in time for summer vacay, another Jeopardy answer is “Airplane.” And that question is? Teso has demonstrated that you don’t even need a computer to hi-jack a plane remotely. A smartphone equipped with an app called PlaneSploit, which Teso himself developed, could be enough. In theory cyber-terrorists could use such an app, or something similar, to take over a plane’s steering system and, in a worst-case scenario, cause the plane to crash. [emphasis by author] Lastly, a more Sherlockian […]

What Wrong with the Army

The Army is screwed when you have to wear a Kevlar to cut grass at Fort Stewart!!!!!!

Next CSA

MilleyIt is a sad day for the Army as they are nominating General Mark Milley to be the next CSA.  The fact that General Vincent Brooks was not selected is a crying shame, he would have help propel the Army into the 21st Century.

Best War Movies of All Time

Over at the Telegraph they have selected the best war movies of all time.  I don’t disagree with any, although there are a couple I would add, to include In Harms Way and Lawrence of Arabia.  Of those on the list I am torn between Zulu and the Bridge Over the River Kwai as being the best.  I have not seen American Sniper or any of the other movies about our current wars, unfortunately the events and what I experienced are too close.

Blast from the Past

Here is a link to an article I wrote in August 2007 for the Armed Forces Journal International. Clearly Shrek didn’t bother to read it, if he did he didn’t bother to pay attention.  Not surprising as he knows more than anyone.

April 9th 1865

He had not slept well the night before. A third or more of his Army had been captured by Federal Forces when they crossed the “T” as they pursued his beleaguered forces from Petersburg westward. Now he would attempt what he was famous for, maneuvering his forces away from Grant’s force. He envisioned a short battle that would permit him and the soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia to escape once again, to secure supplies, and link up with Joe Johnson and to continue the fight. Robert Edward Lee of Virginia rose as was his custom, trimmed his beard […]