Operation Eagle Claw: 24/25 April 1980

I remember it, but was only 12 years old. Although, when I was a lieutenant at Lejeune our battalion CO organized a PME at the O Club with the senior Marine -53 pilot on the mission, and that was fascinating. He’s long since retired, of course, but as of 2006 he was working as a civilian at Quantico, if I remember correctly. The Iran hostage raid was the significant catalyst in the formation of a national coordinated special ops capability, resulting eventually in what we know today as SOCOM and all things thereunto belonging. If I may be so bold, […]

America’s enemies have read Alinsky

America’s enemies have read Alinsky. Chickens seem to be roosting. Japan has noticed. SecDef Hagel delivered a passive-aggressive response. Passive-aggressive? Is that like a “Don’t cross this red line” paired with “Ahhh just kiddin’!” Meanwhile… …and in America?

Without a Respectable Navy, Alas America!”

China is involved in a series of increasingly tense territorial disputes in the East China Sea with Japan and in the South China Sea with Vietnam and the Philippines. The US, along with several other governments in the region, believes that China is pushing these claims as part of a broader strategy to exert greater control over large areas of the western Pacific.   Iranian warships dispatched to the Atlantic Ocean will travel close to U.S. maritime borders for the first time, a senior Iranian naval commander said Saturday.    John Paul Jones summed it up:   “…without a Respectable […]

Material for Thinking

Robert Kaplan whom I first encountered when I read his Balkan’s Ghost prior to deploying to Kosovo in 2000, is in my opinion one of the big thinkers of our age.  Over at Foreign Policy, he has a fascinating article that I urge all to read and think about, entitled Augustine’s World. Syria is the Levant, the geographical core of Late Antiquity. And its disintegration, like the crumbling of Libya, Yemen, and Iraq, along with the chronic unrest in Tunisia and Egypt, signifies not the birth of freedom but the collapse of central authority. Rome could not save North Africa, […]

If only the Republicans were Iranian mullahs

If only Republicans were Iranian mullahs. Or the Taliban. Can we even be sure Putin will permit President Obama the passage of a clean CR just for DoD? Человека судят по его делам, а не по его словам.*       *A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words.

CIA Ops in Iran…

In 1953. Newly declassified documents offer more details of how the CIA executed the overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected prime minister 60 years ago, describing the political frustrations that led the U.S. to take covert action against a Soviet ally — and echoing the current frustrations with Iran over its nuclear ambitions. Not unknown (as the article states), but still fascinating. If I remember correctly, wasn’t one of Theodore Roosevelt’s sons or grandsons the primary coordinator of that action? I speak from hazy memory, so someone please fill in the gaps. Oh, and who says the Great Game ended in […]

“Not to be intimidated. Not to be rushed. Time is on our side.”

“Big Zbig’” says not so fast: Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski warns Newsmax.TV that a confrontation with Iran would be disastrous for the United States, lasting for years and possibly devastating America’s economy. “A war in the Middle East, in the present context, may last for years,” Brzezinski, who served in the Carter White House [not noted for its wildly successful foreign policies], tells Newsmax in an exclusive interview. “And the economic consequences of it are going to be devastating for the average American. May last for years. Or for minutes, depending on what kind of war it is. […]

Leaving On a Jet Plan, Won’t Be Back to Iraq No More

The governments of the United States and Iraq failed to reach an agreement on a continued presences of US troops in Iraq post December 31, 2011.  Here is a link to the Washington Post story. Comment:  Good for the Iraqi government.  It is their country, we invaded, we deposed Saddam, we have spend billions of dollars and countless lives doing all we can.  Will Iraq become a stooge for Iran, probably.  Will it experience a Civil War, most likely as it divides into at least two countries perhaps three.  Will the Middle East be less or more stable–probably in the […]

Qods Force In Our Backyard

The ever-vigilant Drifter-5 wrote in with this piece of news: “”Iran is increasing its paramilitary Qods force operatives in Venezuela while covertly continuing supplies of weapons and explosives to Taliban and other insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to the Pentagon’s first report to Congress on Tehran’s military. “The report on Iranian military power provides new details on the group known formally as the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF), the Islamist shock troops deployed around the world to advance Iranian interests. The unit is aligned with terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, North Africa and Latin America, and the report […]

More on Intelligence Changes Needed in Afghanistan Part II

Major General Flynn et al have created a stir this week with the publication of A Blueprint For Making Intelligence Relevant In Afghanistan causing all sorts of folks in Washington DC to have a case of high bile and spleenitis. Part of the problem is that Flynn and his co-authors had the temerity to publish the article through a think tank, The Center for New American Security (CNAS) and to by-pass the Army Bureaucracy. In fact Secretary Gates, while expressing support for the report, commented through his spokesman on the unique way it was distributed. Actually I commend Flynn and […]