Russian Cruise Missiles: A Work in Progress? (UPDATED)

Update below… Talk about “shooting out”— Four cruise missiles launched from a Russian warship aimed at targets in Syria missed their target and crashed in Iran Thursday, a senior defense official told Fox News. The “Kalibr” cruise missiles were fired for the first time in combat from warships in the Caspian Sea, the official said. There was no immediate word of any damage or casualties in Iran. Let’s hope that damage is extensive and casualties are many. It couldn’t have happened to nicer folk. Fuckheads. CDR Sal brings us more detail and more analysis. Another poke in the eye for […]

IS-AQ-Taliban turn to India

An apparent Islamic State recruitment document found in Pakistan’s lawless tribal lands reveals that the extremist group has grand ambitions of building a new terrorist army in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and triggering a war in India to provoke an Armageddon-like “end of the world.” The only way to do that is to go nuclear. And since Iran will sell nukes to fellow Islamofascists, thank you John Kerry and Barack Obama,  the future is going to be quite deadly in India. China will be pleased.

Commentary Coming Soon on Iran “Deal”

“Deal” indeed; such as it is. Don’t worry, we’ll have more. Until then, you might look at XBradTC where URR hangs out. I think they hit the highlights. Or lowlights. More to follow. Feel feel to lodge your own comments.

“The Big War” … (Not WW2)

I’m not sure I see the 1914 parallel, but there’s something to it: ISTANBUL — The Middle East crisis that peaked one year ago Wednesday when the Islamic State captured Mosul may result in the breakup of Iraq and an indefinite continuation of a war in Syria that’s already out of control, analysts say. Yet still worse things could happen. Indeed. “I am extremely pessimistic” about the future of Iraq, said Toby Dodge, a leading scholar on Iraq who teaches at the London School of Economics. He said he doubted that Prime Minister Haider al Abadi, “a very decent man, […]

Iran Seizes Container Ship?

Are we going to do anything about this? A nation devoted to its sovereignty, attached to its interests, mindful of its obligations, and with a decent respect for civilized behavior would have an answer. An answer swift and sure. Who guarantees freedom of the seas? We do. And if not us, then who? Chaos at home, chaos abroad. Where are the statesmen? Ugly, ugly, and getting better no time soon.

The Road to War, Part One

Looking around the fluff pieces out there exhalting peace with Iran in our time, the question most asked is: ‘why Iran?’ Why not Kenya? Why not Nigeria, Uruguay or Fiji? Over 120 nations on this earth are worth America’s time and effort – so why Iran? Is it because Iran pledged repeatedly since 1979 to destroy America and Israel by any means possible? 120 nations would rather be our friend and business partner, but we side with Iran? A country that has spent time, money and considerable effort to murder Americans whenever and wherever possible. Why did Obama refused to help the […]

Rusty Warhorses in Iraq Are Resurrected

Well, who can blame them? In a military scrapyard in the southern Iraqi desert, abandoned army equipment sat for years waiting to be melted down to steel bars. Now, thanks to new conflict and a resourceful old mechanic, some of the rusty warhorses have won a reprieve. Last June’s stunning offensive by Islamic State militants who control much of northern and western Iraq left the army in disarray and much of its U.S.-supplied equipment was taken over by the advancing radical Sunni Muslim fighters. Baghdad’s Shi’ite-led government appealed for reinforcements from across the world to help it fight back. But […]

Leadership Quiz

1. Does your plan require a Hero to make it work? A “Hero” is defined as one person, and one person only, whose action creates success. 2. Does your plan resemble the business plan presented by the Underpants Gnomes? 3. Does your plan require your competitor to play nicely? 4. Does your plan require critical thinking skills? If you answered yes to any or all of these, you have a future in our State Department, where Miracles exist, and America is always a loser! Not that you’ll ever know, once the internet is gone and you’ll only have MSNBC for […]

The Iranian F-14 Ace

Who knew?? You ready for this shit?  The top-scoring fighter pilot with the most air-to-air kills from the cockpit of an F-14 Tomcat is an Iranian dude named Jalil. And he recorded all of those kills while flying for the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force. Yep. But you have to admit it’s pretty interesting.

Why we should act in Iraq

Why should we act in Iraq? Please read Slater’s post before reading this one. Here is another article on ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant). The discovery of chemical munitions being captured by the Islamist ISIS adds a number of variables to the equation. Next to nukes, chemical munitions are the most desired weapons sought by Islamist terrorists. History tells us that some of those weapons will find their way to Hamas and Hezbollah for use against Israel. In the main Islamists murder their co-religionists with an alarming regularity. These weapons will be used against Assad and his Ba’athist regime. […]