Commandant Caught Red-Handed! :-)

Oh, please– you knew this was coming. Heh heh, heh.

Donald Rumsfeld, A Documentary

I ran across the trailer for the Documentary: The Unknown Known.  The title of the documentary comes from a DoD briefing in February of 2002 when he famously said: “There are known knowns.”  It was directed by Academy Award winner Errol Morris whom also directed The Fog of War, which was an excellent documentary about the life of Robert McNamara. I’m unsure how I will take this, I grew up in the shadow of war following, 11 SEP 2001.  However, I will say I was well read, knowing of the Neo-Conservative movement and all of the folks that were in […]

Pentagon Shocked By Wave Of ‘Knockout Game’ Attacks‏!

If only! I’d pay to see that.

Some Golden Oldie Humor

From Doctrine Man.; for young Mr. Slater; and how to draw the Army down

Joe’s Language

From NPR, the almost definitive guide to the language of the troops.

Sunday funny

A Sunday funny for your entertainment! It does contain a word not safe for kids.

More Friday Humor: “The Return of Count Spirochete”

I will not even b-e-g-i-n to describe the conversation thread that started with a legitimate topic and ended with the use of the word, “spirochete,” but those of you who know me know that anything is possible. (And usually not in the good way.) Suffice it to say that no sooner had the word floated out of my mouth that co-worker and fellow Marine, Wang, had found this online: E N J O Y. Tax-payer funded. And good animation, too.

You Can’t Make This Up–Live From Toronto, Our Mayor Live!

Not suitable viewing for children or members of the United States Air Force! I realize this is a military blog, but this has been making the rounds of the office today, trust me, I am sure our neighbors to the North wish this was made up.  Anyway courtesy of the BBC, Mayor Rob Clark’s new conference.  Particularly priceless  is the reaction of the female news women at the end of this clip.


SOMEONE JUST CROSSED THE RUBICON. Tyranny! Is it directed at VMI alumni?? If they had enforced that when *I* was in Kabul, well, I’d probably have been deported. (I have no idea if this is real or not, but it’s hilarious either way.)

Always a Grain of Truth

Always a grain of truth in Duffel Blog articles…