Laughing at A**holes

For those of you have wondered why we haven’t had much to say directly about the Paris outrages– well, what else is there to say? I don’t mean to be flippant, but it can’t have come as a surprise that Mohammedans go on murderous rampages, or that political correctness in the West has prevented (some of) us from being able to see the dangers ahead, or the stark fact that we are in a war. Yes, we will have more to say and more commentary to point you to as the dust settles and facts become clearer. For now, though, […]

Reveille! Reveille!

Up and at ’em, ready to splat ’em! Shake off the torpor, we’re back from a short Thanksgiving break. I don’t know what you people have been up to, but *I* got Deer #3 on Saturday morning. To ease your transition from indolence back to productive routine, here’s a Duffel Blog classic– the First Sergeant’s Prayer. Enjoy!

“Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure”

Regular reader and sometime commenter MDL passed this on, with the note, “This is why the taxpayer gets angry.” “Imaginary Ball and Chain Drags Staff Sergeants Down” is one highlight. The Army pays its soldiers a monthly housing allowance. Married soldiers get more cash than singles do. To game the system, one sergeant convinced his girlfriend to pretend to be his wife. He even forged a marriage license to substantiate the union. He took taxpayers for almost $30,000 in healthcare and housing. The relationship must have gone sour, though,” the report reads. “She ended up turning him in to military […]

How one Keydet got assigned to the 101st

It was mid-August, and a group of Guardian Angels were sitting in the shade of the trees surrounding Fryar Drop Zone. Two angels popped in, carrying brown drink carriers loaded with coffee. All the angels but one crowded around to get their drink. Double whipped lattes, machiatos, and one quadruple espresso no sugar or cream. That last was for the angel guarding a marine. He grunted his joy, sounding more like a hog. ‘Ooh ooh oohrah yeah!’ “How can you drink that?” asked one angel. “OOH RAH! My human’s a Marine! He’s going to be a rough, tough Recon Scout […]

When English gets in the way of understanding

Is this Pentagonian, or some weird mutation from Wharton? This is a helpful guide to understanding a boss who’s knowledge is one business article deep. Please feel free to add to this list. 1.     Reach Out – Just say call, speak, email etc. Unless you’re physically going to touch someone. 2.     Take off line – Talk about this later. Alternate: you’re embarrassing  the boss 3.     Shift the goal post – This is just a sports metaphor for saying your goal was out of reach. 4.     Utilize – use! 5.     Elephant in the room – Unless it’s an actual elephant, this […]

Dunford Takes Charge (via Duffel Blog)

Just a little humor for a Monday. (Yes, it appeared Friday but I didn’t have the chance to post it until now.) The video, titled “Marines peeing on navy pilot” has already gone viral, prompting a sharp rebuke from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel… But seriously– welcome back General, and congratulations. What took you so long??

Wehrmacht Humor

Heh. How does the saying go? “You might be cool, but you’ll never be Wehrmacht motorcycle trooper riding through burned out Europe with your pet kitten cool.”

Obama Strategy Discovered

As presented in 2009, and updated for 2014.

Who’s responsible?

With the dissolving of our southern border, and with ISIS threatening to blow up a major US city, who’s fault is it? Bush’s? The TEA Party’s? Or the designer of the golf course in Martha’s Vineyard? Is Jimmy Carter available to work the Situation Room?

Friday Humor: Philosophizing and What’s Under Them ACUs??

More off-color brilliance from the Duffel Blog:!btfjC1 And BTW– Day by Day ( has been on a roll lately too. The weekend is upon us! Let’s begin the beguine!!