When English gets in the way of understanding

Is this Pentagonian, or some weird mutation from Wharton? This is a helpful guide to understanding a boss who’s knowledge is one business article deep. Please feel free to add to this list. 1.     Reach Out – Just say call, speak, email etc. Unless you’re physically going to touch someone. 2.     Take off line – Talk about this later. Alternate: you’re embarrassing  the boss 3.     Shift the goal post – This is just a sports metaphor for saying your goal was out of reach. 4.     Utilize – use! 5.     Elephant in the room – Unless it’s an actual elephant, this […]

Dunford Takes Charge (via Duffel Blog)

Just a little humor for a Monday. (Yes, it appeared Friday but I didn’t have the chance to post it until now.) The video, titled “Marines peeing on navy pilot” has already gone viral, prompting a sharp rebuke from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel… But seriously– welcome back General, and congratulations. What took you so long??

Wehrmacht Humor

Heh. How does the saying go? “You might be cool, but you’ll never be Wehrmacht motorcycle trooper riding through burned out Europe with your pet kitten cool.”

Obama Strategy Discovered

As presented in 2009, and updated for 2014.

Who’s responsible?

With the dissolving of our southern border, and with ISIS threatening to blow up a major US city, who’s fault is it? Bush’s? The TEA Party’s? Or the designer of the golf course in Martha’s Vineyard? Is Jimmy Carter available to work the Situation Room?

Friday Humor: Philosophizing and What’s Under Them ACUs??

More off-color brilliance from the Duffel Blog: http://www.duffelblog.com/2014/07/green-beret-ponders-just-war-theory-shooting-man-face/#!btfjC1 And http://www.duffelblog.com/2014/07/kind-underwear-sergeant-jackson-wearing-acus/ BTW– Day by Day (www.daybydaycartoon.com) has been on a roll lately too. The weekend is upon us! Let’s begin the beguine!!

Day By Day: 2014-2015 Support Drive

I *know* we have Day by Day readers here; I’ve been a fan for years. Chris Muir, the author, has decreed the opening of his support drive– the strip is almost 100% reader supported– so go here, scroll down and show some love. (Yes, I’ve given. Based on the zestiness I see, I might have to give again! Who’d want to see an Op-For strip on DBD??)

Iraq– DuffelBlog Wades In

I didn’t think there was much to laugh at here, but I’ll be damned if DuffelBlog didn’t hit the X ring. At the end of the Iraq War — in a gesture of revenge — the U.S. abandoned thousands of Humvees in Iraq, an act compared to the Soviets seeding millions of land mines in Afghanistan, and with similar results once the Iraqis began to drive them. The Humvees were captured by ISIS on Tuesday after being abandoned by Iraqi soldiers unable to locate the vehicles’ keys, which they claimed the U.S. advisers who alerted them to this feature had never provided. Although […]

Drumming up business

Well, this is one way to stay in business.

Little Children and Guns DON’T Mix…

But little children and crew-served weapons do! (Click to embiggenify.) Plus, running ammo cans will build up speed, strength, and agility. No down-side there.