Gun-Day Sunday: Greg Ellifritz Looks at the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

This is not a pretty subject, but Greg Ellifritz of Active Response training (you’ll remember my AAR from his tac med course) highlights some of the major points from the official report. Here are my questions– How well secured is your children’s school? What is your school system’s SOP? How do your local boys in blue (or brown) plan to respond? And are they even remotely capable of doing such a thing? Does their union have a position? Are any teachers or staff permitted to carry discreetly? All good questions to ask, in open, public forums if necessary. No need […]

“Navy Yard Dropped Its Guard”

Yesterday, while the attack at the Navy Yard was underway, the DOD IG released a report on access control at that facility. Not pretty: The Navy “did not effectively mitigate access-control risks associated with contractor-installation access” at Navy Yard and other Navy installations, the report by the Department of Defense Inspector General’s office says. Parts of the audit were read to TIME by a federal official with access to the document. The risks resulted from an attempt by Navy officials “to reduce access-control costs,” the report finds. There’s a link to the report, at the bottom of the article, under […]

Who are ‘Domestic Enemies?’

Thank you to Mike_Burke and Slater for your “Food for Thought” post and comments. Dear Reader, if you are just joining us, please visit Slater’s post first. Then go here, courtesy of Mike_Burke for a history on the Oaths of Enlistment and of Office which gives us the term domestic enemies. The requirement for the oath with those words traces to the US Constitution, Section 8: 12-16 & 18. The Constitution is not too helpful in providing a definition. Article IV, Section 2 mentions a person charged with treason once, in context of the States’ responsibilities for extradition; and Section 4 […]

What Is SOCOM Thinking?

Me thinks perhaps Special Operations Command is getting too big for its britches.  I can understand the need to broadcast over foreign AM and FM stations but domestically I have real problems with this.  See story in the Tampa Tribune.

“Police State Too Much?”

OUTSTANDING. A true Son of Liberty. John Stark would be proud, Colonel. (URR— am I right in remembering him from 1/25 years ago?) MORE, PLEASE.

The Essential Fragility of Civilization

As a former targeteer, I was always surprised how essentially fragile civilization is. Remove a link or three, and the target country is left blind, deaf, uncommunicative, and leaderless. Do this here, and America enters a state of barbarism until pre-computer technology reasserts itself.

Good Riddance

And long overdue.

Back in the Former United States of America…

URR comments on the State Prosecutor’s opinion on drone strikes here in the Homeland. I am sure Marty Dempsey will eagerly crumple up that pesky old Constitution to please his masters.   Wouldn’t be the first time. And what say you?

Two Thousand Seven Hundred MRAPS

Now belong to DHS. Bought from the Army, apparently surplus. Why, may I ask? If the Border Patrol were using them to track and run down illegals crossing the border, like Koevoet fighting groups did to SWAPO infiltrators in what used to be South-West Africa, well, that’d be one thing. And I’d applaud it. But I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what DHS is doing with two thousand seven hundred mine-resistant ambush-protected carriers. Anybody?

The Connecticut Shooting and the National Gun Control Debate

MajW suggested we open up a thread, forthright and decidedly non-hysterical, about yesterday’s criminal massacre in Connecticut and the national gun control debate. MMM points to this Twitchy feed about the immediate calls from gun control advocates for more, more, more. My local news this morning included a mention of “new calls for gun control” or something like that with every story: a steady drumbeat. Yes, some people and some organizations certainly are calling for more gun control; they are well known and their reactions are not unexpected. Don’t think for a minute that the so-called mainstream media, being solidly […]