22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit has set sail

You heard it here first. USS Carter Hall was loaded and underway at 2224 last night. USS Fort McHenry was loaded and underway at 0745. USS Gunston Hall has been diverted from a theater security cooperation event in Africa and picked up some AAVs early this morning across Onslow Beach. GUN was loaded and underway at 0757. There is a contingent of Marines aboard GUN… USS Bataan was underway at 0905 and we have brought aboard our CH-53Es and UH-1N Hueys. SF Capt Carpenter – 22nd MEU PAO Gunston Hall was a last-minute addition. The MEU commanders had loaded their […]

Help is on the way

Within hours of one of the largest human disasters of the 21st Century, America’s military had begun work to bring aid and assistance to the people of Haiti. Coast Guard cutters in the Caribbean immediately started steaming at flank speed toward Port-au-Prince. Within 24 hours, an Air Force Special Operations team from the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron landed at the airport and the United States Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson CVN-70, was steaming toward Haiti.