Has the American Economy Hit the BRICS?

The American dollar is worth only what other countries will pay for it. Now it looks like a healthier alternative is available. So what happens when no one will buy US debt? Guess what pays for your military and Social Security retirements?

Freedom is Not Cheap

I came across this article posted to Face Book by Bob Manteuffel posted this article from the American Thinker. The selfish attitude of some towards their sons and daughters joining the military undermines the liberty of all.

Pirates and Oil

What a strange world we live in now. In the old days, piracy in the Mediterranean drove up the price of goods due to the increased costs of bribes to the local costal kings in the Magreb. Merchant vessels that flew under flags that paid the bribes received a free pass, while others that did not were subject to attack: American ships sailing in the Mediterranean chose to travel close to larger convoys of other European powers who had bribed the pirates. Payments in ransom and tribute to the Barbary states amounted to 20% of United States government annual revenues […]