TAPS: Benjamin Sykes ’13

Sad news over the Halloween weekend, I knew Ben Sykes only in passing.  Several of my friends grew up with him, was full of life.  I know that this last year had been tough for him, but I’m quite sure it had everything to do with getting into Dental School at VCU which was a tremendous accomplishment.  More at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“Making Stuff From Scratch in the Wild”– Well Worth Your Time

The next in an on-going but irregular series on things worth noting… This blog and its videos are well worth your time, and should be bookmarked. I’m a big fan of people who make things, or refurbish or re-purpose things by hand, who do things the hard way– like Wranglerstar and Dick Proenneke or John Neeman— or who do something elegantly clever, or simple or unexpected, like this young man. But this Australian is in a class by himself. Watch him work very deliberately and steadily, and with no voice-over. Unbelievable.

TAPS: Carrie Wortham ’12

This morning after Church I grabbed my phone from the floor of the car and went onto Facebook and saw a status about Carrie.  I called one of my friends who happened to be married to one of her VMI roommates, he would call me back and told me what you’ll read here. Carrie was a member of Golf Company, the Regimental S-2 Captain, a Cross Country Runner, and a Pole Vaulter at VMI.  She was one of the best, always cordial and always looking to help others.  She went to Haiti and worked for a Non-Profit, Mid-Wives For Haiti […]

America is Weak, and So are Her Leaders

I can safely say that we are in the decline of Rome.  Instead of being overtaken from the interior by an enemy who joined the ranks of our military.  We are succumbing to something that our parent nation would find despicable. We no longer have a stiff upper lip, we no longer press for individuals to assert their responsibility and do everything they can to be someone.  Someone who will leave a mark.  This lack of back-bone can be ween with what happened in Charleston, say what you will, people became angry and emotional over a piece of cloth.  That […]

Matriculation Day

Happy  Matriculation Day!   Unlike some of the group I am a firm believer that they need to re-integrate more adversarial interactions during the rat-line, it can still be professional.  And if a Shit Eating Third or dumb Second crosses the line, then give them con pro and a 10-6-30.  But it is the hardest school, that puts out the best products, VMI graduates are akin to Demascus Steel, continuously beaten on the anvil and hardened.

What they teach at the VMI of the North (USMA)

So, I guess this professor up at Hudson High School must have gotten his PhD. from a place that teaches revisionist history.  I don’t know, I’m not about that life personally.  But here’s a video of a guy who has birds on his shoulders and is on the permanent faculty of a place that I just don’t think puts out a good product. I would ask Col Seidule to go read Shelby Foote and then retire, because he is a poor educator by claiming that the Civil War was only about Slavery.  I’m a strict unionist and do not believe […]

Store Fronts

‘When I got to Poland I was quite surprised with what I found. The thing that surprised me most was the banality of it all. ‘We had been fed this idea that life in Communist Europe was completely horrible and that these people had somehow been enslaved but it was a lot more ordinary than that. ‘I’ve been a photographer since I was a teenager and over the years I’ve realised the power of photography has to describe the ordinary. ‘I was walking round the streets with my camera photographing people in this strange-feeling environment. ‘When I got back home […]

Pop Quiz for our Civil Servants

Pop quiz for our Civil Servants: in your agency’s organization chart, who holds the top spot? __ President Barack H. Obama __ Secretary [fill in name] __ Reince Priebus/Debbie Wasserman-Schultz __ Other Please answer here, or using the “Contact Us” to register your response.  

The F-35 and the death of Dog-fighting

From Richard Fernandez at the Belmont Club, comes an analysis on the F-35 and future air combat. The controversy surrounding the F-35 is fundamentally an extension of the debate over what a future fighter should be. Recently the aircraft made news when it was officially announced that the airframe couldn’t dogfight worth a damn. The standard riposte is that dogfighting as a form of aerial combat, stopped being relevant a long time ago. Perhaps the best advocate for dogfighting-is-dead point of view isn’t a paper for the F-35 but a paper which argues that air combat is fundamentally changing. Perhaps […]

The Coming Technical Revolution

Adding the horse changed warfare and commerce forever. Adding the internal combustion engine changed warfare and commerce forever. And now, via the Instapundit, the coming technical revolution in military and commercial affairs. Over the past year, there’s been a whole lot of excitement about the electromagnetic propulsion drive, or EM Drive – a scientifically impossible engine that’s defied pretty much everyone’s expectations by continuing to stand up to experimental scrutiny. The drive is so exciting because it produces huge amounts of propulsion that could theoretically blast us to Mars in just 70 days, without the need for heavy and expensive […]