What salary should we pay Keydet athletes?

The service academies pay their athletes a monthly stipend, but then again they pay all their students the same stipend. Outside of the academies and VMI, a growing list of colleges and universities are abrogating their commitment to education in favor getting a slice of a $16 billion pie. With big money comes big incentive to cheat – but the losers are the student-athletes and their spouses and children – a diploma without an education to back it up is worse than a high school diploma tied to a shovel. Paul M. Barrett of Bloomberg News provides a hint of […]

Andrew Bacevich Eviscerates President Obama

Over at the Spectator (UK not American) Andrew Bacevich offers a blistering critique of President Obama, primarily from a foreign policy stand point.  Two quotes stand out: Furthermore — and here we come to the third explanation for his administration’s lacklustre performance — as President, Obama surrounded himself with mediocrities, hacks and time-servers. One need not romanticise the achievements (nor overlook the faults) of individuals such as Henry Stimson, George Marshall, Dean Acheson, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski to say that no one of comparable calibre has found a place in the senior ranks of the present administration. Members of […]

Christmas 2014

UPDATE: That’s 2014… My mistake. I guess I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue… Before we get all caught up in travel and parties and joyful religious devotions too, allow us here to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. If you’re traveling, be careful. If you’re imbibing, don’t take risks. Posting will be light for a couple days. Be sure to check out NRO’s “Christmas in Wartime” slideshow.

Christmas Mysteries

Since Atheism is a religion, is the removal of creches now the imposition by the state on behalf of  many religions working against the worship of one? What was Michelle Obama doing in a Target? Did her Secret Service detail and legion of aides lose her en route to 5th Avenue in NYC? If she doesn’t know what a kid eats, how would she even recognise a Target store? George Washington learned to read and write and be a gentleman by copying each page of Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation. Today we hope kids learn from watching a […]

Torture as entertainment

When one reviews the list of activities that constitute “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” there is a sense of ‘is that all?’ Belly slaps and water dousing are found on the sideline of any football team that wins. So what is all the outrage about? It isn’t the activity, it is the attitude. Torture became a very popular and lucrative form of entertainment.  “Survivor,” “Dexter,” “Breaking Bad,” and “24” provide viewers with a buffet of behavior underpinned by highly questionable selective moral reasoning. Making alliances to protect one’s self and betrayal presented ad a feature of the game, not a character defect. […]

Rational Thinking about Ferguson

Ever since it happened it just rang true for me.  Every time a black man is shot/killed in an incident involving a white LEO, agitators make it about race.  However, every time a white man gets shot/killed by a black cop it quite rarely ends with agitators making it about race. To take Michael Brown’s life in separate incidences is only think about snapshots.  The reality is, that day Michael Brown committed one crime.  And based on evidence from the coroner, committed another when he got into an altercation with Brian Wilson.  I will readily admit that Darren Wilson did […]

Domestic Enemies: 2014

In August of 2013, I posed the question “Who are ‘Domestic Enemies?’” This question stemmed from comments in an earlier post provided by Mike Burke and Slater. In September of 2013, Colonel Joseph L. Prue, USAF, in his post  “Identifying the domestic enemy” pulled this definition from our Constitution: Amendment 14, Section 3 states, “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of […]

Are you free to be whatever you resolve to be?

“You may be whatever you resolve to be” summarizes Stonewall Jackson’s philosophy, but the question that arises from Jackson’s philosophical synopsis are whether a Keydet, or anyone else, possesses enough freedom in America to become what they have resolved to be? With absolute freedom from outside coercion, as proposed by Peter Kropotkin, comes the anarchy permitting one to do whatever one wants comes chaos – a Hell on Earth as each person does exactly as they wish to do without regard or consequence. That is the desire of anarchists. We do not subsribe to anarchy, or even  Therefore, what does it take in terms of liberty […]

Does following the law matter?

Does law matter? Why should we obey law? The recent riots in Missouri, and growing unrest in New York and other urban centers demonstrate two not-unrelated points: the body of laws, rules and regulations are neither uniformly applied nor unbiased; and, there are professional troublemakers who are exploiting the divide between the law and the people for whom the law exists. These groups include anarchists, communists, fascists, and some oddballs like Sovereign Citizens. We will address these Domestic Enemies in a later post, because they are professionals – paid, organized, hierarchical in organization, well-equipped and trained. For them no law […]

A Man worth Following

Yesterday Senator James Webb announced an exploratory bid for the presidency.  I honestly never thought of him as a Candidate for the job.  The reality is that the bench on the Democratic side is extraordinarily slim.  The Republicans have a few guys I’d take a look at.  Many of you might recall him as the combat boot wearing candidate who ran for the Virginia Senate seat.  Although it was in solidarity of his son who was deployed at the time.  Webb, a Marine, is a Combat Veteran of Vietnam who was award for conspicuous gallantry on numerous occasions, an accomplished […]