The F-35 and the death of Dog-fighting

From Richard Fernandez at the Belmont Club, comes an analysis on the F-35 and future air combat. The controversy surrounding the F-35 is fundamentally an extension of the debate over what a future fighter should be. Recently the aircraft made news when it was officially announced that the airframe couldn’t dogfight worth a damn. The standard riposte is that dogfighting as a form of aerial combat, stopped being relevant a long time ago. Perhaps the best advocate for dogfighting-is-dead point of view isn’t a paper for the F-35 but a paper which argues that air combat is fundamentally changing. Perhaps […]

The Coming Technical Revolution

Adding the horse changed warfare and commerce forever. Adding the internal combustion engine changed warfare and commerce forever. And now, via the Instapundit, the coming technical revolution in military and commercial affairs. Over the past year, there’s been a whole lot of excitement about the electromagnetic propulsion drive, or EM Drive – a scientifically impossible engine that’s defied pretty much everyone’s expectations by continuing to stand up to experimental scrutiny. The drive is so exciting because it produces huge amounts of propulsion that could theoretically blast us to Mars in just 70 days, without the need for heavy and expensive […]

VA purging Vets from healthcare

Two stories from about the VA’s new initiatives in healthcare. Scott Davis, a program specialist at the VA enrollment center in Atlanta, says 34,000 veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan lost their eligibility for healthcare after the VA sat on their applications until they expired. The applications were designated as pending because they lacked income information. However, combat veterans are not required to verify their income when applying for VA benefits. Keep in mind the massive infusions of taxpayer cash into the VA. Where did the money go? A GS-05, on orders from much senior people, set aside applications […]

The Civilian Army in Our Midst

Congress authorizes our end strength, and the Services do what they are told.  We haven’t had a strong voiced service Chief in the Army since Shinseki told Rumsfeld you couldn’t invade Iraq with a “whambam thank you ma’am” strategy.  Which is what they attempted to do. . .many issues followed the invasion to be discussed ad nauseum later. But I came across this article in the Wall Street Journal that talks about how the civilian DoD work force has just exploded in support of the military.  Yet our troop numbers are beginning to dwindle, and the guys that wear suits […]

Food For Thought: Door-Kicking Police

Courtesy of Survival Blog, here’s an article that ought to command everyone’s attention. When I later visited the Fairfax County police station to gather details about what went wrong, I met the shift commander, Lt. Erik Rhoads. I asked why his officers hadn’t contacted management before they raided the apartment. Why did they classify the incident as a forced entry, when the information they had suggested something innocuous? Why not evaluate the situation before escalating it? Rhoads defended the procedure, calling the officers’ actions “on point.” It’s not standard to conduct investigations beforehand because that delays the apprehension of suspects, […]

North Korea, North America

“It is ridiculous, the hairstyle he has, everything,” says Hyeonseo Lee. She is talking about Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea and in her old life, before her defection from the tightly controlled regime, saying such a thing would condemn her and her family to prison or to death. “I could kill three generations of my family,” she says. Lee defected at 17, embarking on a perilous journey. Now 34, she has finally written her account of life and escape from the Hermit Kingdom in a new book, The Girl With Seven Names. Please go read the whole […]

The Return of the Hollow Force

As the youngest of us here on Op-For, I remain in service to Columbia. I signed that dotted line prior to my rat year at VMI, the War in Iraq was at its height, the surge going into full swing and there was an initiative from President Bush Called “Grow the Army.”  “Grow the Army” the Army reached a height of 570,000 Soldiers.  We all thought then, that all of us would be going to war.  Many of us have, yet most of us have not.  I would say we’re both lucky in different ways. There was an officer in […]

Old: South was the Confederacy, New: South was not the Confederacy

What say you, historians of the Confederacy and of the South? The fact is, “the south” was never fully under the control of the central Confederate government in Richmond (and Montgomery, Alabama before that) and neither were the Confederate state governments able to completely control their own states because of constant internal resistance from their own citizens. There was internecine warfare going on in North Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas and other southern states throughout the civil war. Revisionism? True truth?

Quelle Surprise

And by that I mean no surprises here at all. There are three trends troubling DC not so much for their occurring, but DC’s failure to notice them building beforehand. In the world of Finance, three quick stories. A stock market crash there has seen $3.2 trillion wiped from the value of Chinese shares in just three weeks, triggering an emergency response from the government and warnings of “monstrous” public disorder. I wonder where China will get the money to recoup the loans being shoveled out to investors? We expected Greece to whistle up the cavalry, and on cue, here […]

I’m offended that you’re offended

First off, I think our country is screwing up.  Dylan Roof’s trial should be taking place before the month is out and not hist first appearance in October.  And, once convicted should be executed via the noose on the Battery for all of Charleston and the world to see.  But alas, the families and the greater citizens of Charleston will not be granted true closure for maybe ten years when he is finally lethally injected. A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, it’s by a sports writer that is not Bill Simmon, but maybe Clay Travis is pretty good […]