Gun-Day Monday: Upcoming Events at FPF Training

Looking all the way into May, courtesy of John R. Murphy of FPF Training. The full schedule is on this website, but here are some highlights; note the SHOTGUN and REVOLVER courses. (Yes, I’ll be at the shotgun course.) Greg Ellifritz is back in March 15-16 for “Ground Fighting” and the “Collapse Medicine”.  Ground Fighting: The presentation and practical application of various techniques of reversal and escape for average average citizens to augment their pistol and enhance their capacity for self-defense. Protective gear in the form of a cup and glasses recommended, but not required. This class will be conducted indoors at […]

Hunting and Fishing Seasons 2014

It’s wabbit season somewhere. In Oklahoma, it’s west of I-35 and jackrabbits are tasty nuisances. Op-for readers are invited to share their hunting and fishing tales – with pics for proof! Here are some links – please feel free to share the link to your state’s hunting and fishing regulations website.   Oklahoma Virginia Michigan Texas      

Farnam: “More on Winter Weather”

A follow-up to a previous post, same subject; both well worth reading: 31 Jan 14 Additional on Winter Storms: From a friend in WI: “Winter conditions here are often life-threatening, because of the cold. Entire stretches of highway have been shut-down, often fifty miles or more. Sometimes, no one can get off for over half a day! Being thus stranded in a stationary car that is running out of gas can be a death-sentence, and has been for some! One thing I’ve learned, and of which I was reminded from looking at Atlanta: you need to stay off of limited-access […]

“Ready or Not!”

From Mr Farnam, re the recent meteorological boar-hoggery in the Deep South, said by one Tango Seven-Six to be unparalleled since Sherman last visited: 30 Jan 14 Individual Preparedness: This from a friend in Atlanta, GA: “Few locals were prepared for this weather! I personally witnessed several thousand people walking away from abandoned vehicles, on just one highway. Ice was an inch thick! I drove as far as I could yesterday morning, and then walked three more miles, all in order to rescue a friend, his wife,and daughter after their car ran out of gas. They sat in their cold […]

Firearms Friday: A Lot of Gun for a (Potentially) Small Price

$10 raffle tickets, for a shot at a $12k piece of gear: Not a bad deal at all. And a good cause too.   (In the interest of full disclosure, we have no interest in this… except that we’re interested in it!)

Gun Week

Gun Week: I got two new guns this week; both special orders that I have waiting several months to receive. The first was a Third Model Dragoon.  This adds to my American Cavalry Collection.  The collection consist of 3rd Model Dragoon, 1860 Colt Army Revolver (modern build by Colt using the original tools and dies), Model 1873 Colt Army Revolver (Cavalry Model 7.5 inches), Sharps Cavalry Carbine, and Model 1860 Cavalry Saber aka as the wrist breaker.  The Model 1873 and the Sharp’s both fire modern cartridges so I have had the chance to shoot them.  Model 1873 is incredibly […]

Course AAR: Tactical First Aid and “System Collapse” Medicine

This past Sunday I took advantage of a great opportunity presented by our good friend and most honorable number one instructor, John R. Murphy of FPF Training. John hosted the Tactical First Aid and “System Collapse” Medicine course by Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training. The cost was $150; it was worth every penny and, honestly, much more. Full disclosure: I have taken DMI’s outstanding Deployment Medicine Operator’s Course, and so Greg’s one-day class was a great refresher in the essentials of TCCC. Therefore, although I was in a position to place much of the content in the context of […]

Army Camodoggle

The Beast, which is rapidly becoming my favorite on-line news source, has a great story about the 5 Billion wasted on the Universal Camouflage Pattern only to replaced less than ten years later with not one but three Multi-Cam versions of a field uniform. I have to wonder if the real waste is every service having their own field or as the navy calls them “Aquaflage” uniforms? I know the USMC is very proud of their service to our nation, as they should be, and part of that pride is a unique MARPAT uniform.  I have never met a Marine […]

Gun-Day Sunday: Words from Two Masters

The first, an always timely reminder from the late, great Jeff Cooper. The second, a two-part quip from Mr Farnam, which as always contains great advice: 20 Sept 13 Flying with Guns! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been on nearly a dozen commercial flights (domestic). I normally have a rifle (my RA/XCR-M at present) and two pistols. In fact, I’m in an airport right now, about to board my flight! I have three 20-round rifle magazines (308), fully charged, and three pistol magazines, also fully charged. I have additional ammunition in factory boxes. Rifle magazines are Mag-Pul, as their […]

PMag Availability Update

Attention Oxidized William, et al.! Just got this in by email from Brownells: 30-round PMag Gen M3 are back in stock. (Just checked at 1708 eastern, 26 July, and they seem to be still in stock.) $14.20 a piece. Not bad.