Artillery Thursday: From Reclaimed Relics to the Smallest Guided Munitions

From two ends of the firepower spectrum, the old and the massive to the new and the miniature, we bring you something– twothings– pretty nifty… “Blast from the past: 3 Civil War cannons pulled from river” Aside from being coated in mud and muck, the recovered cannons were in surprisingly good condition and are more or less “ready to rock and roll,” said Jonathan Leader, South Carolina’s state archaeologist, who helped lead efforts to locate the remains of the sunken CSS Pedee. Receding waters left the third cannon (a 7-inch Brooke rifle) exposed, and the gun is a bit corroded […]

“8 Big Changes That Have Improved Load-Bearing Combat Gear”

“That ‘GIO Pattern’ web equipment of belt and pouches had been developed in the early 1960s and universally condemned thereafter. The design was such that loads were unbalanced, the load capacity was inadequate, the webbing itself inflexible. Because it was absorbent, it often froze. In the Falklands War it proved exasperatingly uncomfortable and quite useless for its task. We deserved better from twenty years of peacetime research and development.“ Take That Hill! Royal Marines in the Falklands War, by Nick Vaux, Major-General Royal Marines Commando Forces [emphasis added] So, I thought of that quote above, clearly remembered from my last […]

The Coming Technical Revolution

Adding the horse changed warfare and commerce forever. Adding the internal combustion engine changed warfare and commerce forever. And now, via the Instapundit, the coming technical revolution in military and commercial affairs. Over the past year, there’s been a whole lot of excitement about the electromagnetic propulsion drive, or EM Drive – a scientifically impossible engine that’s defied pretty much everyone’s expectations by continuing to stand up to experimental scrutiny. The drive is so exciting because it produces huge amounts of propulsion that could theoretically blast us to Mars in just 70 days, without the need for heavy and expensive […]

Gun-Day Sunday: Initial Impressions of the SIG 716

USMC0802, after considerable deliberation, acquired a SIG Sauer 716, which we took yesterday up on the mountain to zero and fam fire. Since we put less than a hundred rounds through it, this is not an exhaustive review but our initial impressions. (I’ll let him chime in on comments.) Overall, we like it: typically SIG in that it’s very well made, solid, good trigger pull; recoil was present but not excessive. It came with one (1) PMag which of course performed without a hiccup. We used Portugee milsurp 7.62, and it too shot just fine. (Buy it whenever you see […]

Army Switches to Hollow Point 9mm?

Apparently.  WOW. In a significant doctrinal [sic] shift, the U.S. military is relegating full metal jacketed (FMJ) pistol bullets to a training role, and will be adopting modern hollowpoint designs similar to those used by most domestic law enforcement agencies and citizens who carry handguns for self-defense. The stunning announcement was made at the U.S Army’s Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey yesterday during the military’s two-day “industry day” for the Modular Handgun System (MHS), which will conclude today. A military lawyer who made a presentation during the Industry Day noted that the United States is not a signatory to the […]

Gun-Day Monday: The Magnificent, Modular AR

OK, these two items illustrate how versatile and modular the AR has been shown to be. (Did the great Eugene M. Stoner think that any of this would ever happen?) – An AR upper crossbow (PSE also sells the full thing). $1299 is pretty far up there for me, and more than I’d care to spend on a crossbow but I expect that someone will be making a stripped down version in the near future. It packs a punch, too. – A blank-firing beer-can launching AR upper. A lot less than the damn crossbow, and probably even more useful for […]

Weapons Wednesday: Securing Guns in Autos

Thirty photos of gun storage solutions in cars, trucks and motorbikes. Some silly but amusing, most are workable, a few are very clever indeed. I like the second one, but since I have a stick shift it’s a non-starter. The third one is intriguing, since I have a pick-up. Number 19 might be a winner–

“Industry Help” for M4

The Captain takes due notice of the Army’s call to get “industry help” with M4 upgrades, breaks down (again) some numb-nuttery, and then offers a good point for the armed citizen. (And what kind of citizen, pray tell, is an unarmed citizen?) He quotes from more than one article and post, so I’ll ask you to go read the whole thing because I can’t summarize it one block quote as I like to do. But for our purposes, two points stand out: – “The procedures need to change to allow the [military] armorers* the freedom and latitude to arm the […]

News and views

Russia rolled out a new tank named the Armata, whose red carpet premier is the Victory Day parade in Moscow. Western leaders decided to snub Russia’s celebration of Victory Day over Russia’s seizure of the Crimea and military adventurism and blackmail. Given Obama’s “Dream Team” of National Security advisors, will America stumble into war with Russia? Meanwhile, back in America, an uproar over Cadets wearing heels at another staged rally. I suppose some would rather have seen them in Michael Kors or Givenchy, but Cadets don’t make that much money. At least the shoes are a bright, offensive shade of Artillery Red! […]

Weapons Wednesday: FPF Training’s New Offerings

Those who have been around this place for a while know my affinity for John R. Murphy and FPF Training. (If not, check the archives.) It’s worth noting that John has recently revamped his offerings and his site, with what appear to be distinct upgrades to both. Two things caught my eye. The first is the “Pistol vs Rifle” class– This four hour seminar deals with the tactical problems faced by an armed citizen confronted with a criminal armed with a rifle. Topics will be: – Ballistic Disadvantage – Movement and Cover – Marksmanship at Distance – AK Pick up […]