Firearms Friday: “Brandishing”

For those of who carry, a fine piece by the great John Farnam, over at THE NEW PLACE. Go thee hence and read. Now.

Gun-Day Sunday: Muzzleloaders and Good Advice from Mr Farnam

I connected this morning with the T/C Impact on a decent buck, a mature deer with a tiny misshapen rack, so while I would have preferred a doe, it’s a good thing to take him out of the herd. And he’s meat on the table; I’m a meat hunter, primarily, and my personal cri de chasse is “If It’s Brown, It’s Goin’ Down.” Problem– I can’t get the damn thing to hold zero with the Bushnell red dot sight. Anyone out there have any advice? Is it the gun or the sight?? On a separate but gun-related topic, another good […]

Weapons Wednesday: Wounds, Wound Care (and Some Wisdom from Mr Farnam)

Three separate but related articles for you tonight. FIRST, Lucky Gunner posted a few days ago a pretty good look at tests of various handgun loads in ballistic gelatin. Very informative. Look down the list and see how your carry loads did. SECOND, by way of the outstanding WRSA, a side-by-side comparison of regular old gauze versus hemostatic agents in hemorrhage control.  There’s a lot to absorb there (no pun intended), and I commend it to your attention. FINALLY, some timely and useful words of wisdom from Mr Farnam on the most dangerous pistol-handling time. [T]here is little doubt that […]

Weapons Wednesday: Farnam on Concealed-Carry Readiness

The latest Quip from the good Mr F, on true readiness. From a friend and colleague “At our monthly pistol match last weekend, our courageous (and now unpopular) match director included an optional thirty-round course of fire, exclusively for legitimate concealed-carry pistols. The only requirement was that the gun, and ammunition, used had to be one that the participant carries regularly. He said, ‘Let’s use what you’re carrying, right now, what you would have to rely upon to save your life… right now!’ No ‘match-guns,’ nor ‘race-guns’ were allowed. Of the ten who participated, only three ‘carry’ guns functioned normally […]

Artillery Thursday: From Reclaimed Relics to the Smallest Guided Munitions

From two ends of the firepower spectrum, the old and the massive to the new and the miniature, we bring you something– twothings– pretty nifty… “Blast from the past: 3 Civil War cannons pulled from river” Aside from being coated in mud and muck, the recovered cannons were in surprisingly good condition and are more or less “ready to rock and roll,” said Jonathan Leader, South Carolina’s state archaeologist, who helped lead efforts to locate the remains of the sunken CSS Pedee. Receding waters left the third cannon (a 7-inch Brooke rifle) exposed, and the gun is a bit corroded […]

Weapons Wednesday: Unorthodox Concealment Schemes

“Is that a pistol in your vagina, or are you just happy to see me?” I’d like to know, was it muzzle-up or muzzle-down? Because muzzle-up is simply unsafe. Then again, if you’re carrying a piece in your thing I suppose the basic rules of gun safety aren’t foremost in your mind.

Gun-Day Monday: Double-Barrel Bullpup Shotgun

Yep. I did not know that there was a market for such a thing, but I’m glad that companies out there are striving to experiment and innovate. I expect that it’d be a fearsome thing to face down a hallway or in a trench.  

Weapons Wednesday: Good Deal on S&W M&P 9mm

We have zero financial interest here, but we’d like to point out that AIM Surplus is offering LEO trade-in M&P 9mm pistols for $350. That ain’t bad at all. Might want to take advantage of it.

“Middle Eastern Men” vs American Military Families?

Looks like it, here on U.S. soil. The [FBI] alert says Middle Eastern men are approaching families of U.S. military members at their homes in Colorado and Wyoming [emphasis added]. It mentions Greeley, Colorado, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, as the specific areas. There is a straightforward two-step plan military families can implement to solve this menace, should they be faced with it. The tools and the training are readily available in most American states. (Step Two involves calling 911.)

Gun-Day Monday: Malfeasance and Misfeasance

“Unreal: Gun Used in Terror Attack on Mohammed Cartoon Contest Sold Through Operation Fast and Furious” It turns out [murderous heathen Nadir] Soofi purchased his gun under the Holder Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious back in 2010. … In other words, ATF and the FBI pushed through a shady gun sale that ultimately was used in a terror attack against Americans on U.S. soil. So, if I get it right, this Federal government of ours is allowing adversaries on our soil to arm themselves illegally– enabling them, actually– but “not ruling out” prosecuting a U.S. military officer for defending himself […]