1,000 yards with a 9mm

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Gun-Day Monday: Lubes and FPF Training

Some interesting gun news ASIDE FROM THE STUNNING DC CARRY-LAW DECISION, to wit– Lube and corrosion tests (http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/05/26/gun-lubricant-corrosion-tests/). Good ol’ CLP did pretty well as a corrosion control agent. How’d yours do? The Great John R. Murphy of FPF Training has overhauled his site (www.fpftraining.com); it’s now much simpler and easier to navigate. Note please the Alumni Shoot on 30 Aug. If you live in or near Northern Virginia and haven’t signed up for a Murphy course, you’re missing out. Anyone go to the gun show this past weekend?

Gun-Day Monday: Slow-Fire and Dust Covers

We were chatting amicably amongst ourselves, as we are wont to do, and DaveO asked this Just a thought: how has warfare changed with the capability to spray a lot of lead downrange, and would returning to bolt or lever action heavier caliber rifles/carbines improve our combat capability? I’d say he’s on to something. What say you?? From John Farnam’s Quips comes this today, (http://defense-training.com/dti/no-excuse-zone/) containing the great and true line, “True enlightenment always involves failure and correction.” How often does your range time involve failure and correction?

The Army’s new pistol – opportunity to revolutionize warfare?

The Army will soon host an Industry Day to vendors who will compete to prove the Army’s new pistol. The winner will be judged by the DNC and RNC. Why not let the maker of body bags decide instead? The M9 suffered the problem of all automatics: when ejecting the cartridge, carbon gets blown into the mechanism and works into the slide. This meant very too often slide wouldn’t go back far enough and a round would eject. The advantage of automatics is: lots of bullets downrange. Is this truly an advantage? Is this not the Inshallah Aiming System (If Allah wills it, […]

Day By Day: 2014-2015 Support Drive

I *know* we have Day by Day readers here; I’ve been a fan for years. Chris Muir, the author, has decreed the opening of his support drive– the strip is almost 100% reader supported– so go here, scroll down and show some love. (Yes, I’ve given. Based on the zestiness I see, I might have to give again! Who’d want to see an Op-For strip on DBD??)

Gun-day Monday: The Coming Crash in Ammunition Prices

Good news! Hat tip to Tantor In classic economic fashion, the bubble was fueled by actions of the federal government. Many federal agencies bought enormous quantities of ammunition. The Obama administration’s actions fueled fear of coming shortages, gun bans, registration of ammunition sales, even potential low level warfare. All of this led to the current bubble of ammunition sales. In response, the economy reacted the way free markets are supposed to work. Ammunition suppliers started running their manufacturing plants day and night, adding additional shifts. Importers scoured the world markets, trying to buy everything they could to satisfy the insatiable […]

Weapons Wednesday: Shotgun AAR

As promised, a more detailed AAR on the one-day Tom Givens/Rangemaster Shotgun Course– Class size: 10 or 12 Class makeup: Widely varied this time; besides MDL and myself there was one Murphy stalwart I knew from several previous classes (all three of us Marines); two females, one of them 50% of a married couple. One former FBI agent and current Catholic priest (yep!); others were the standard American males who seek out this sort of training; only one could be said to have struggled at first but he came through towards the end of the day. Round count: We burned […]

Scratch AAR from One-Day Shotgun Course

One word: OUT-STAN-DING. My right shoulder and right cheek are all beat to hell, but that’s a small price to pay for some of the best gun training I’ve had in years. Tom Givens, the instructor, provided exactly the right context for how a civilian citizen ought to, and will, fight with this gun. I had to bust some rust (of course) and had two or three hiccups, but the 870 ran just fine. Two big thumbs-up for the shortened butt stock. MDL ran the course like a champ, like he sleeps with his 870. Once again, brother can run […]

Gun-Day Monday: Wise Words

MDL sent this over with the concise notation, “Wise words.” And right he is. Do what needs to be done. Very likely you will be glad of it later.

RIP, Walter R. Walsh: Marine, FBI Agent, Gunfighter

Oh, and an Olympian too– Dead at age 106. Quite the man. May squadrons of angels sing him to his rest.