Firearms Friday: Ammunition Trends

From Mr Farnam, some interesting notes on major-caliber ammunition: In talking with friends in the domestic ammunition manufacturing business today, I learned: Overall demand is slow right now, at least among first-tier manufacturers. Much has been stockpiled over the past decade, both in the public and private sectors. Many garages and basements are filled to the rafters! [LtCol P note: Neither I, nor MDL, nor the Krampus, can confirm or deny.] In any event, here is what I’ve been told: In rifle calibers, everything is slow except for 300Blk! Demand for  300Blk (mostly supersonic) is still very high, despite the […]

Gun-Day Monday: The Magnificent, Modular AR

OK, these two items illustrate how versatile and modular the AR has been shown to be. (Did the great Eugene M. Stoner think that any of this would ever happen?) – An AR upper crossbow (PSE also sells the full thing). $1299 is pretty far up there for me, and more than I’d care to spend on a crossbow but I expect that someone will be making a stripped down version in the near future. It packs a punch, too. – A blank-firing beer-can launching AR upper. A lot less than the damn crossbow, and probably even more useful for […]

Weapons Wednesday: Securing Guns in Autos

Thirty photos of gun storage solutions in cars, trucks and motorbikes. Some silly but amusing, most are workable, a few are very clever indeed. I like the second one, but since I have a stick shift it’s a non-starter. The third one is intriguing, since I have a pick-up. Number 19 might be a winner–

Details From the Mohammed Cartoon Shooting

Details are coming out on the attack at the Mohammed cartoon event. We now know more about the fanatics who did it– a cradle heathen and an angry convert, no surprises there, dog-bites-man and all that. But the details about the police officer and the brief action are of great interest to all of us: – A “traffic” cop with his service weapon, not a SWAT guy with an M4 – A handgun vs two “assault rifles” – One man vs two in body armor In other words, while most people would call this cop out-gunned, he clearly wasn’t. He […]

Gun-Day Sunday: Weapons Security

The esteemed Brother Rat Doc H sent this in, with the accompanying question, “What is the OPFOR position on weapons security??” Lawmakers are fuming over claims that Capitol Police officers left their service weapons in bathrooms and other spots across the Capitol complex three times this year. In one instance, a child visiting the Capitol reportedly found a loaded Glock. “The fact that dangerous weapons were left in the open, potentially within reach of the general public, is unacceptable,” said House Administration Committee Chairwoman Candice Miller, R-Mich., and Ranking Member Robert Brady, D-Pa., in a written statement. Our position (mine […]

“Industry Help” for M4

The Captain takes due notice of the Army’s call to get “industry help” with M4 upgrades, breaks down (again) some numb-nuttery, and then offers a good point for the armed citizen. (And what kind of citizen, pray tell, is an unarmed citizen?) He quotes from more than one article and post, so I’ll ask you to go read the whole thing because I can’t summarize it one block quote as I like to do. But for our purposes, two points stand out: – “The procedures need to change to allow the [military] armorers* the freedom and latitude to arm the […]

Winchester SXP Shotgun Recall

STOP. If you have a Winchester SXP shotgun, do NOT load it or shoot it. The company has issued a recall. This video will illustrate exactly what’s wrong with it. Not good.

Weapons Wednesday: FPF Training’s New Offerings

Those who have been around this place for a while know my affinity for John R. Murphy and FPF Training. (If not, check the archives.) It’s worth noting that John has recently revamped his offerings and his site, with what appear to be distinct upgrades to both. Two things caught my eye. The first is the “Pistol vs Rifle” class– This four hour seminar deals with the tactical problems faced by an armed citizen confronted with a criminal armed with a rifle. Topics will be: – Ballistic Disadvantage – Movement and Cover – Marksmanship at Distance – AK Pick up […]

A Note On Ammo

I came across this yesterday: “I hear that small arms ammunition in South Africa has practically disappeared from the store shelves. Either people are wisely stocking up, or some arm of the government has decided to cut off the supply. “In that regard, I advise you to keep your own stocks in good shape. Our enemies may not be able to abrogate the constitution just yet, but there are economic and political means by which they may dry up our ammunition supply.” Now, this wasn’t published in recent weeks amid the M855 issue. It was published in September, 1993. How […]

Gun-Day Sunday: 300 Blackout and Cooper’s Commentaries

One of my great pleasures is sifting through the collection of Cooper’s Commentaries; the old-timer was so very right about a great many things, and he had a keen eye for history, inter alia. It’s instructive to look back at his opinions on weapons, weapon-craft and practical marksmanship. He kept a close watch on gun and ammunition developments and, while he would not hesitate to excoriate anything that he thought was a waste of time or a foolish errand– and there were many of those– he also had an admirable interest in the pursuit of what he called “the better […]