Little Children and Guns DON’T Mix…

But little children and crew-served weapons do! (Click to embiggenify.) Plus, running ammo cans will build up speed, strength, and agility. No down-side there.

Russian Ammo: Good and Bad News

Brother Farnam sent this out today: With the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Vlad P has decided to halt exports of Russian-made small-arms ammunition to the USA. Most domestic ammunition shortages associated fears over gun-control legislation had been alleviated over the past few months. But, now this new development is currently generating fresh shortages, mostly of 7.62×39. AK owners who do not currently have an adequate supply of 7.62×39 will have great difficulty finding it now, as domestic production can’t come close to keeping-up with demand! And not just 7.62×39. Wolf, etc, churn out other calibers and not all steel-cased. AIM […]

Gun-Day Monday: New FPF Site, Ukrainian Ammo, etc

1. FPF Training has a “massively upgraded” site. (If the old one comes up, dump your cache.) Among the improvements is a section for “Hosted Instructors,” which shows a few seats left for another set of Greg Ellifritz courses in two weeks– Ground Fighting and Tactical First Aid. GET IN WHILE YOU CAN; YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED. 2. I saw this post and said, uh-oh, yep, that would be a strong possibility. So I went on to check prices and availability of my favorite 7.62×39. So far no issues, but you never know. HOWEVER, a little closer digging led […]

Gun-Day Monday: Upcoming Events at FPF Training

Looking all the way into May, courtesy of John R. Murphy of FPF Training. The full schedule is on this website, but here are some highlights; note the SHOTGUN and REVOLVER courses. (Yes, I’ll be at the shotgun course.) Greg Ellifritz is back in March 15-16 for “Ground Fighting” and the “Collapse Medicine”.  Ground Fighting: The presentation and practical application of various techniques of reversal and escape for average average citizens to augment their pistol and enhance their capacity for self-defense. Protective gear in the form of a cup and glasses recommended, but not required. This class will be conducted indoors at […]

Hunting and Fishing Seasons 2014

It’s wabbit season somewhere. In Oklahoma, it’s west of I-35 and jackrabbits are tasty nuisances. Op-for readers are invited to share their hunting and fishing tales – with pics for proof! Here are some links – please feel free to share the link to your state’s hunting and fishing regulations website.   Oklahoma Virginia Michigan Texas      

Firearms Friday: Home Decor for the Armed Citizen

TACTICAL WALLS.  More than decor– functional. (Made here in the Old Dominion, too.) Worth a look.

Firearms Friday: A Lot of Gun for a (Potentially) Small Price

$10 raffle tickets, for a shot at a $12k piece of gear: Not a bad deal at all. And a good cause too.   (In the interest of full disclosure, we have no interest in this… except that we’re interested in it!)

Gun Fun

These gun fun posts usually fall to Lt Col P, but this pistol couldn’t wait.

Weapons Wednesday: Pistol Calibers

More items of interest from the great John Farnam: “It all depends…” For my first Quip of 2014, I will talk briefly about trends in serious pistol calibers. When asked about pistol calibers and guns, and which is “best,” I’m reminded of this poetic advice given to aspiring poker players by one of my favorite authors on the subject, John Vorhaus: “Poker is a challenge, built on tendencies and trends / And many tough decisions, upon which a session bends / So, when I’m asked for advice by strangers, or by friends, / I look them squarely in the eye […]

John R. Murphy Speaks

Now on his own video! Not to mention the new logo. (Lots of familiar faces there, including Erica and Gary, and of course the good old Culpeper minuteman range. Good to see them all.) Speaking of same, may I remind you now, that the holiday buzz has subsided, of John’s new course offerings? Of particular note is the return of Greg Ellifritz from Active Response Training, with a reprise of last October’s two-day Knife Fighting/Collapse Medicine on 1-2 Feb 14, then Ground Fighting/Collapse Medicine on 15-16 Mar 14. (See my AAR on the Collapse Medicine course– you’ll be amazed at […]