Gun-Day Monday: “Shoot the Heaviest Rifle Round”

MDL passed this on.  You need to read the whole thing. I can’t extract just one or two passages to quote, you need to read it all. The money quote is at the end, and it puts it all in context. Question for the readership– what says your experience?

On the Hunt

State-wide archery season started this past Saturday in Virginia, after the special month-long please-kill-as-many-as-you-can season in September in a few counties in the Occupied Territories. Daily life prevented me from getting out in that early season, except to clear brush and cut wood and try to establish a small food plot. But I got out three times this weekend. Including TWICE yesterday, i.e. SUNDAY, which is a big deal in Virginia, the first year we can do that. And for the record, I managed to get to church as well. So there. Of the three trips out I saw a […]

Got Arms?

If not, you’d best be heading to procure some. And all manner of things thereunto belonging, which includes cold hard training in life-taking and life-saving. Do you understand what’s what? (Oh, and OF COURSE law enforcement said there’s no link to terrorism. To say otherwise would be to raise some ugly questions.) Mr Farnam gets it. Grand Master de Vallette would readily grasp the problem at hand, and would not be at a loss for a solution. And you?

BUY NOW, BUY LOTS (Excellent Advice, That)

MDL tossed this through the transom, with the self-evident truth annotated, “Excellent advice.” We concur. Same goes for guns, with demand dropping off slightly from the recent all-time highs, but with both quality and quantity in evidence. The time to act is now. Make the most of the opportunity.   The last couple of years of “strong consumer demand” (panic buying) has finally come to an end. .22 LR ammunition is still thin on the ground (although easy to purchase online) but centerfire inventory is good, retailers are flush with AR-15 rifles and there is a higher level of discounting […]

Good Pieces of Kit

Laminated and taken to the field since 1066! This is really fascinating, and you could spend a lot of time– time well spent, I’d say– poring over the lists and the photos. (You’ll have to overlook some problems with the weapons terminology and description, such as calling the 7.62 L1A1 (the FAL) of Falklands War fame a “very light” rifle. But we’re dealing with Limey pinko journalists here, and what do they know about guns??) Still– a pretty nifty look at the Soldier’s Load.

1,000 yards with a 9mm

Care of XBradTC over at “Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid“

Gun-Day Monday: Lubes and FPF Training

Some interesting gun news ASIDE FROM THE STUNNING DC CARRY-LAW DECISION, to wit– Lube and corrosion tests ( Good ol’ CLP did pretty well as a corrosion control agent. How’d yours do? The Great John R. Murphy of FPF Training has overhauled his site (; it’s now much simpler and easier to navigate. Note please the Alumni Shoot on 30 Aug. If you live in or near Northern Virginia and haven’t signed up for a Murphy course, you’re missing out. Anyone go to the gun show this past weekend?

Gun-Day Monday: Slow-Fire and Dust Covers

We were chatting amicably amongst ourselves, as we are wont to do, and DaveO asked this Just a thought: how has warfare changed with the capability to spray a lot of lead downrange, and would returning to bolt or lever action heavier caliber rifles/carbines improve our combat capability? I’d say he’s on to something. What say you?? From John Farnam’s Quips comes this today, ( containing the great and true line, “True enlightenment always involves failure and correction.” How often does your range time involve failure and correction?

The Army’s new pistol – opportunity to revolutionize warfare?

The Army will soon host an Industry Day to vendors who will compete to prove the Army’s new pistol. The winner will be judged by the DNC and RNC. Why not let the maker of body bags decide instead? The M9 suffered the problem of all automatics: when ejecting the cartridge, carbon gets blown into the mechanism and works into the slide. This meant very too often slide wouldn’t go back far enough and a round would eject. The advantage of automatics is: lots of bullets downrange. Is this truly an advantage? Is this not the Inshallah Aiming System (If Allah wills it, […]

Day By Day: 2014-2015 Support Drive

I *know* we have Day by Day readers here; I’ve been a fan for years. Chris Muir, the author, has decreed the opening of his support drive– the strip is almost 100% reader supported– so go here, scroll down and show some love. (Yes, I’ve given. Based on the zestiness I see, I might have to give again! Who’d want to see an Op-For strip on DBD??)