The Day Our World Stopped Turning

As the junior member of the group I haven’t really reflected on this today.  11 September 2001, I was in the seventh grade.  12 years old, mom almost kept us home, but the college decided they were going to push and she dropped us off at school.  I honestly don’t know if she got much work done that day. As much as my teachers may have wanted it to remain normal, they exacerbated the issue by not playing the news for us that day.  We’d all watched the beginning with the towers smoking, I didn’t see either collapse until that […]

Why not make Afghanistan a US state?

I’m starting to believe the “fierce moral urgency” of ending the “good war” in Afghanistan is like Obamacare. Why not make Afghanistan a US state? While many Americans have been led to believe the war in Afghanistan will soon be over, a draft of a key U.S.-Afghan security deal obtained by NBC News shows the United States is prepared to maintain military outposts in Afghanistan for many years to come, and pay to support hundreds of thousands of Afghan security forces.  

Hollywood redefines The Hero, but America isn’t buying

Hollywood, famous for redefining accounting and corporate welfare even as it preaches the gospels of paying taxes and political correctness, periodically redefines The Hero. Today in America, Hollywood provides essentially four choices, with each being a parody of reality: First, there’s the Comic Book Super Hero, then there is the un-male nothing-burger, followed by the clown. and lastly the something that Hollywood’s present cadre of super-geniuses can’t pull off: the Anti-Hero. The Hollywood elite are at least as talented as Richard Brooks and Burt Lancaster in Elmer Gantry, because they tell us they are. So why is Hollywood’s worship of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden […]

US and Egyptian Military

Good article in today’s (Friday) National Journal on the influence of the United States military on the Egyptian military since Camp David.  For those too young to remember there was a time when Egypt was a client state of the Soviet Union that changed with the Camp David accords in 1979.  The Bright Star Exercise is a direct result of that cooperation. “The personal relationships between members of the two forces are just as significant. Egypt was once a client state of the Soviet Union, and Mubarak and a dwindling number of his senior generals studied in Russia. But the vast […]

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe continues his racists campaign against white farmers, again from the Daily Telegraph. My only question is when is someone going to put a bullet between his eyes! This man deserves whatever happens to him as he has run a good country and its people, black and white, to the brink of poverty while he enjoys the trapping and power of ruining the nation. He and his thugs deserve the fate of all dictators, a swift trial and a quick verdict.