How to Break An Officer

Young officers are like moldable clay; they take lessons to heart fast.  Some of them will be amazing, most will be good, and then you will have a lot of bad.  It is easy for them to become enraptured by their own image when they’re doing well; it is even easier for them to fall flat on their face.  How do I know this?  I’ve been there.  When a new officer comes into the FORCE/FLEET he needs to be embraced by the battalion and company level organizations he is a part of.  In the Army we tend to have a […]

When Will the Army Learn, When Will the Army Learn?

I am not surprised that it has come to this.  Having served in the Regular Army, the Army National Guard, and the United States Army Reserve I am well aware of the fear and loathing by the Regular Army and the Army National Guard towards each other. It is hardly a state secret that many Regular Army types do not care for the Reserve Components and in particular the Army National Guard.  For four years as a Department of the Army Civilian I had to listen to the Regular Army Colonel constantly put down the “fat National Guard and Reservists, […]

HASC Chairman Rejects QDR

Yep. WASHINGTON— Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-CA), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee made the following statement upon receipt of the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) for 2014.  The QDR is a legally required strategy that the Department of Defense must issue every four years.  The statute mandating the QDR includes a series of  elements the review must include. So, now what?

Interesting Perspective

The author contends that reducing the Army will make it and the military stronger; I ask is he right or wrong?  I do ask you read the article first before commenting.  Thanks

USS George Washington will not be retired

The Pentagonian budget wars heat up as the Navy’s counter to the USAF’s threat to retire the A-10, the retirement of the USS George Washington, has been withdrawn. The name of the game is to offer up a capability that is key to strategic, operational or tactical success so that Congress and The People (who pay attention) are so alarmed that additional money is borrowed (usually from our mortal enemies and our great-great-great-great grandchildren) to pay for the capability. The only player in the game who has no clue is the Army. I’d recommend the Army offer up the Green […]

Hold up the mirror

Behaviour is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.     – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   Op-for presented a series of posts featuring toxicity in leadership, corruption in acquisitions, and servicemembers who cheated on their competency examinations. From each of these posts, of which Townie’s is the latest lagniappe, one has to wonder who holds the mirror up for introspection? For an examination of self and a determination of one’s own boundary?   No one put a gun to the head of those servicemembers and told them to lie, to cheat, to steal, and to tolerate the putrefaction of […]

The News Is Not Good

Me thinks that there may be a problem with ethics in the United States military.  I suspect we have begun to believe the press reports of our greatness.  Why do I say this, well let’s take a look at today’s headlines. Exam Cheating Scandal Hits the Navy Nuclear Force Fraud in the Army Recruiting Bonus Program May Cost Nearly &100 Million FBI: Marine Intel Officer Nabbed in 235K Sting Folks those are just today’s.  Let us not forget the two days of expose in the Washington Post regarding the ethical failures of Senior General Officers or the ongoing investigations into […]

Some Thoughts on the Crisis in Missiles in the USAF

A good friend, and a recently retired USAF Missile officer sent me some thoughts on the on-going troubles in the USAF missile community. No need to walk down the list of ICBM cock ups. You’ve already seen ‘em and I don’t want to list them. So what’s happening out there in the cold white north? Like Patton said, ‘a blind man could see it.’ Leadership. Capital “L” leadership. ICBM commanders don’t practice it, they don’t live it, and they don’t love it. These clowns wouldn’t know leadership if it grabbed their wife on the ass.  Missileers are quality troops, smart, […]

A large standing Army is just a big black hole

“… from a national security standpoint, a large standing army is just a big black hole. Where is that land battle you anticipate? Russia? Iran? The Congo? Go ahead. Defend your Army…”     AF A1 may not score points in terms of rhetoric, but the question is a fair one: the American Army, with its large Regular, Reserve, and National Guard components are required to be many things to many people – in this case, the elected and appointed civilians responsible for being in charge of our Army. The Army’s capabilities range anywhere from deploying wherever needed in the world in […]

What is Old is New: Pentagon eases uniforms for religious observance

The Pentagon has eased rules that have made it difficult for some service members to wear religious clothing or beards required by their faith. Until now each military service had its own rules for how to make religious accommodations for their service members.    While Mikey Weinstein and his rabble will celebrate by this pronouncement, which makes no mention of the Christianity, I’m not seeing anything that I didn’t see in the 1990s. Even beards, but the threshold is whether a beard is an outward religious observance as with Sikhs, or a cultural one (beard as the mark of manhood). What […]