Book Review of George Marshall: A Biography

Not sure if I shall bother reading this new biography of George Marshall, but here is a review of it in the New Republic.  Concluding paragraph says a lot about George Marshall the man: For a military man, Marshall’s heroism was peculiar. It did not arise from his conduct on the battlefield. It arose from his modesty, including “a modest daily schedule that often ended at three or four o’clock in the afternoon” and his avoidance “of lucrative corporate board memberships so commonly available to retired high military officers in our more avaricious times.” Most importantly, Marshall’s modesty flowed from […]

Hagel threatens China

The United States and China squared off at an Asian security forum on Saturday, with the U.S. defense secretary accusing Beijing of destabilizing the region and a top Chinese general retorting that his comments were “threat and intimidation”. Another Obamasque red line has been waved. Will anyone besides our leftist press bother to notice this obvious victory of Progressive Foreign Policy? Hagel did not get the message. Perhaps he should have read the transcript from the President’s commencement speech at West Point before threatening a country that is seeking combat with America. But some folks say that reading one of […]

Paper Dragon?

Three seemingly contradictory reports on China as a Paper Dragon.

Drumming up business

Well, this is one way to stay in business.

America’s enemies have read Alinsky

America’s enemies have read Alinsky. Chickens seem to be roosting. Japan has noticed. SecDef Hagel delivered a passive-aggressive response. Passive-aggressive? Is that like a “Don’t cross this red line” paired with “Ahhh just kiddin’!” Meanwhile… …and in America?

Bear and Dragon

ETP0802 and I were chatting last night about the possibility that Russia and China would find common ground amid the Czechoslovakian Ukraine crisis, for no better reason than to shank the US while of course advancing their own interests. And so they have: Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov discussed Ukraine by telephone with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, on Monday, and claimed they had “broadly coinciding points of view” on the situation there, according to a ministry statement. Fair enough, since we all look out for our own interests, yet it is clear and growing clearer that both countries are […]

Without a Respectable Navy, Alas America!”

China is involved in a series of increasingly tense territorial disputes in the East China Sea with Japan and in the South China Sea with Vietnam and the Philippines. The US, along with several other governments in the region, believes that China is pushing these claims as part of a broader strategy to exert greater control over large areas of the western Pacific.   Iranian warships dispatched to the Atlantic Ocean will travel close to U.S. maritime borders for the first time, a senior Iranian naval commander said Saturday.    John Paul Jones summed it up:   “…without a Respectable […]

Echoes of Ronald Reagan

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan signed America up for an ambitious strategy: use American industrial and technical strengths to destroy the Soviet Union. America began an arms race, borrowing billions over the next decade to invest in America’s military. The USSR, already deeply in debt and in a decades-long recession, spent all they had, and all they could have ever made in order to keep up with America. In the end, the USSR stumbled economically, and then crumbled politically and chaos ensued.   Sound familiar? The communists all over the learned from Ronald Reagan. A new, ocean-going aircraft carrier, aircraft, Silkworms, […]

The Coming War Between China and Japan

It’s all fun and games at Davos as folks discuss the coming war between China and Japan.   The Chinese professional mentioned the islands in the context of the recent visit by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. The Yasukuni Shrine is a Shinto shrine where Japanese killed in Japan’s many military conflicts over the centuries are memorialized — including the Japanese leaders responsible for the attacks and atrocities Japan perpetrated in World War 2. A modern-day Japanese leader visiting the Yasukuni Shrine is highly controversial, because it is viewed by Japan’s former (and current) enemies […]

Foreign Policy? Hadn’t Noticed.

Duffel Blog spoofed our non-existent foreign policy about a month ago. Now, more serious appraisals are beginning to appear in various journals outside the Beltway. One, (hotel tango to GW64), was in Sunday’s otherwise Marxist and mostly idiotic Roanoke Times. * Each one of these decisions [on Syria, Iran, China] indicates a profound reluctance to protect what generations of American policy makers have regarded as areas of vital U.S. interest. Of course, Obama’s recent foreign policy decisions may simply indicate rank incompetence at the highest levels. But it is a sad commentary when incompetence is the more charitable (and more […]