1 shot = 6 kills

1 shot = 6 kills for British sniper at a 1/2 mile.

Food For Our Souls

My wife pointed the site of the British Legion out to me, believe me I was overwhelmed.  The sentiments are sincere and reflect the loss that is still felt in the United Kingdom today.  I share a poem dedicated to our Brothers and Sisters in Arms of the Naval Services: IN WATERS DEEP In ocean wastes no poppies blow, No crosses stand in ordered row, Their young hearts sleep… beneath the wave… The spirited, the good, the brave, But stars a constant vigil keep, For them who lie beneath the deep. ‘Tis true you cannot kneel in prayer On certain […]

Stray Shots from Across the Net–Thursday Edition

Stray Shots From Around the Web.  I took three days of leave this week, I was suppose to go to Pennsylvania on some personnel business, however my wife’s mother is ill so instead I put her on an airplane.  So I have had time to wander the web so to speak in the morning and find some interesting articles as I drink coffee and eat breakfast while I take care of our eleven cats (yes I said eleven we are the crazy cat people at the end of the cul du sac)  and two dogs. Item 1:  Our USAF Missile […]

“Hero Gurkha” Receives Conspicuous Gallantry Cross

Stand by to meet Corporal Dipprasad Pun, of 1st Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles. (Plot spoiler, he’s fucking stud and a stone-cold killer.) A Gurkha soldier who single-handedly defeated more than 30 Taliban fighters has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross by the Queen. Corporal Dipprasad Pun, 31, described how he was spurred on by the belief that he was going to die and so had nothing to lose in taking on the attackers who overran his checkpoint in Afghanistan. His gallantry award is second only to the Victoria Cross – the highest honour for bravery in the face of […]

British Army Photo Contest

Very interesting, and well worth a look.

Gun-Day Sunday: WWI Field Guns Repatriated

Like the old Canadian Ross rifle we had in our office at Camp Eggers, if these field guns could talk I bet they’d have a story to tell. In 2003 a British Colonel found two British WWI 18 pounder field guns hidden in the desert sand at an Iraqi Army base. The guns were taken back to Britain and BAE restored them back to “service condition”. NEAT-O.

British soldiers killed in First World War finally buried with full military honours

A very moving piece from the UK: They gave their lives fighting for their country and had remained buried in an anonymous French field for almost a century. But four British soldiers killed in action during the First World War were finally buried with full military honours today during an emotional service in northern France attended by their families. Lieutenant John Pritchard, 31, and 28 year-old Private Christopher Elphick were re-interred along with two unidentified comrades from the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) after being killed during the Battle of Arras. (More pics here.) RIP to them. And thanks to Maj […]

URR Brings up a Classic: “Danny and Peachy”

Yes, yes– a classic.

How Different the Kids of Royalty Are!

Captain Wales, in the Telegraph explained what motivated him in Afghanistan: He said: “I am the Queen’s grandson and all that good stuff and I love representing her, but to be honest with you and as far as I see it, and as far as William sees it as well, our service towards our country in the military in whichever shape or form it takes will always come first.

UK Opens Falklands Archives

Maj W sent this in: “Falkland War Files Released.” Falklands Invasion ‘Surprised’ Thatcher — BBC The 1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentina caught Margaret Thatcher by surprise, newly released government papers have shown. The then-prime minister only saw it was likely after getting “raw intelligence” two days before the Argentines landed. Papers released under the 30-year rule show Mrs Thatcher was acutely worried about retaking the islands. One historian said the documents were among the “most powerful material” declassified in the last three decades. I look forward to sifting through pages, Thanks, Maj W!