Budgetary Corruption and Missing Recruiting Goals

Is there a link between the putrescence of corruption and young folk not enlisting? The contradiction is the legacy of an emergency war fund, started in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, that has become a favorite Washington way to sidestep the impact of fiscal constraints on military spending. The Overseas Contingency Operations account, or OCO, has been tapped to fund tens of billions of dollars in programs with questionable links, or none, to wars, according to current and former U.S. officials, analysts and budget documents. The mutation of the fund’s original purpose has long been tolerated by […]

The problem with Sergeants Major

As Townie has pointed in several posts, the latest of which is found here, the Sergeant Major of the Army is making yet another go at something he has zero clue about. The problem is not the uniform selection – it is that we have Sergeants Major, not Senior Enlisted Advisors. Sergeant Major is a rank of great respect, and outside of a brigade, there is no one more useless than a Sergeant Major. We make them feel special with the additional “Command” in their rank. But once removed from direct contact with soldiers, the E-9 has no purpose, no […]

Dear Sergeant Major of the Army

It was recently reported in Army Times (a journal not necessarily know for accuracy!) that the new Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA) Dailey wants to bring back the Ike Jacket.  Please read my Dear Sergeant Major Daily Letter below and you will know where I stand. Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey: I appreciate your desire to leave an indelible mark on the United States Army but I don’t think you want to be the SMA that gives us the Ike Jacket. I am a retired Colonel, which means I have an opinion and it probably stinks just like […]

The Return of the Hollow Force

As the youngest of us here on Op-For, I remain in service to Columbia. I signed that dotted line prior to my rat year at VMI, the War in Iraq was at its height, the surge going into full swing and there was an initiative from President Bush Called “Grow the Army.”  “Grow the Army” the Army reached a height of 570,000 Soldiers.  We all thought then, that all of us would be going to war.  Many of us have, yet most of us have not.  I would say we’re both lucky in different ways. There was an officer in […]

Blow the whistle on thee, but not on Me

Blow the whistle on thee, but not on Me has become a major theme of the Obama administration. What is getting lost in the Army’s dishonorable drive to seek revenge on LTC Jason Amerine is that whistleblowing serves a protective, learning purpose: expose a problem, correct it and learn from it. Back when the Army was an organization of honor, it was dedicated to learning. Look back at every war, police action, and peace-making and the Army had its head handed to it by the enemy. The enemy never rolled over, but he did die – after the Army painfully exposed […]

I Am Confused

Over at USA Today there is an article on the Army’s new Combat Uniform.  It goes to great lengths to explain that Commanders will not be permitted to require their soldiers to buy the new uniform just to be “uniformed.”  I don’t worry about Commanders, I do worry about Command Sergeants Majors! Now I am also confused, given there isn’t much change in the uniform why do we need new T Shirts, Belts (particularly since they are hidden by the uniform), and boots that are a new shade of brown.  What shade brown is it “shit brown.” While this whole […]

Maintaining the Standard-The Final Eight Fail

You know? For a significant amount of time I believed the Army would fail in this experiment.  How do I define failure?  Failure would be degrading the standards of the school in order for a female Soldier to pass.  I thought that bringing in and the eventual train up of female O/Cs told Ranger Training Brigade that they were on notice for their Army Values.  That the quality of leadership within this Army would continue to diminish.  No female Soldier passed Darby phase (8 recycled, they failed a second time). I could go on a rant about what I think […]

Marine Corps IOC ends female integration program

Over the past three years under pressure from Congress to integrate women into the teeth of America’s fighting Force, the Marine Corps at the fore front opened the Infantry Officer Course at MCB Quantico to female volunteers.  The last two volunteers were dropped on 2 APR 15, Day 1 for this iteration of IOC.  Of the 90 men that began that day, 9 were also dropped due to their score on the Combat Endurance Course. Unlike IBOLC at Ft Benning the first day of IOC at MCB Quantico begins with the Combat Endurance Course, just so you know, the “E […]

Shrek Gets It Wrong.

Shrek gets it wrong again. He says the Army is at historical readiness lows. It ain’t, it may be from his perspective as he doesn’t remember the bad years when he first came in the Army—because he was assigned to units who always got what they wanted. His first assignment in the Army was in Germany and a Field Artillery Brigade—I guarantee you that in the 70’s Germany got everything it wanted when they wanted particularly the Field Artillery Brigades. His next assignment was to XVIII Corps Artillery. I have been around the Army almost as long as Shrek—and I […]

War What Is It Good For? It Allows the Army to Fight With the National Guard and Once Again Lose.

Aviation Restructuring Initiative or ARI is the Army’s program to right size it aviation assets.  It involves the getting rid of the OH58, replacing the Trainer at Fort Rucker with Lakota’s (which were bought for the Guard by General Coty), taking the AH64s out of the Guard, and transferring UH60A (the earliest model and most expensive to operate) to the Army Guard.  In order to accomplish this the Army is separating 350 Warrants Officers who OH58 pilots, has began the process of removing the OH58s out the active day formation, begun moving Lakota’s from the Guard and moving them to Fort […]