War What Is It Good For? It Allows the Army to Fight With the National Guard and Once Again Lose.

Aviation Restructuring Initiative or ARI is the Army’s program to right size it aviation assets.  It involves the getting rid of the OH58, replacing the Trainer at Fort Rucker with Lakota’s (which were bought for the Guard by General Coty), taking the AH64s out of the Guard, and transferring UH60A (the earliest model and most expensive to operate) to the Army Guard.  In order to accomplish this the Army is separating 350 Warrants Officers who OH58 pilots, has began the process of removing the OH58s out the active day formation, begun moving Lakota’s from the Guard and moving them to Fort […]

Identity and Brand Management

When it comes to Identity and Brand Management, no one beats the United States Marine Corps. Many nations have their own units of Marines, or if Naval Infantry. Some of them fall into the “Badass” range: Royal [British] Marines and the Royal Dutch Marines come to mind. But they are not United States Marines. With their tailored midnight blue jackets with the choker collar, quatre foil hats or red piping, or the new Marpat and the ageless 8-corner fatigue caps, you know the wearer is a United States Marine. Billboards up and down the American highways remind wannabemarines that a United […]

Really, Really, Why do we need New Colored Boots and T Shirts

It is bad enough that the Army is once again changing it Camo Pattern, but apparently they are also going to change the color of the boots and t shirts.  I have a suggestion to the CSA, do not allow the Sergeant Major of the Army to have anything to do with uniforms, other than wearing his own.  The Army has spend more in changing its uniforms over the last twenty years and still no one is happy.  Changing uniforms cost money–real money–usually out of the soldiers pockets.  Think about the 2nd and 3rd order effects.

Shakespeare, Updated

Lawfare: an experience in which an untrained, inexperienced attorney takes effective command and control of battle management away from men and women who’ve been doing combat for years. My experience with lawfare began with having my own personal lawyer assigned to me began in 1997, during my second rotation to Bosnia. I was the DivArty’s Targeting Officer and Field Artillery Intelligence Officer, and Plans Officer. Maybe it was the look in my eye that scared the CG, or maybe it was my boredom. There wasn’t a whole lot to do in Tusla Main even with Clinton White House interns running […]

SMA Leads By Example

SMA Chandler practicing what he preaches…

“Who’s Getting Riffed?”

Re the upcoming Army RIFs, Parker Longbaugh tossed this over the transom. Not being a member of the US Army, I have no business commenting so I’ll levy the expertise of our three (3) Army brethren plus all of you in commenter land. Thanks for serving your country, Major. Now hit the bricks. Have at it!

Someone Save the Army From Itself!!!!!

Here we are an Army that is too broke to send units to the National Training Center, but now we are going to get a new PT uniform.  Please save the Army from the SMA and his uniform foolish.  First Tattoos, second a new field uniform, and now this.  When will the foolishness end.

The Shape of the Drawdown

So far the shape of the drawdown only affects us the plebeians of the American Warrior Society: the junior and field grade officers, junior Soldiers and Lower Non-Commissioned officers.  What I’ve been saying is that the Army has not been serious like the Marine Corps has by offering Early retirement.  The current 15 year retirement only pertains to those with enlister and commissioned service.  The current Reduction In Force some could say was looked at strategically. I would say that it has not.  Just barely has it reached the Field Grade Level.  Majors and Lieutenant Colonels just had the OSBs […]

Douglas MacGregor: Make the Army even smaller!

Col (R) MacGregor is arguing that the Army needs to get smaller.  Supposedly members of congress are listening.  One thing I don’t agree with is the dismantling of the Brigade Combat team.  That transformation that took place under Rumsfeld although done very painfully is a good thing.  Brigades are self-sustaining.  The negative with that in the last decade of war you have not seen Division headquarters actually have to maneuver the entire formation.  But what is even more fun is that MacGregor wants to eliminate divisions and make small formations of “Battle Groups,”  the description sounds like a BCT to […]

The Army Could F^&K Up a Nocturnal Emission in a House of Ill Repute

The Army has been getting slapped stupid for giving “notices of separation” to Captains and Majors who are currently serving in Afghanistan and other hot spots (no I am not talking about German, Korea, or Italy!).  According to today’s Washington Post the Army said they had no choice.  According to the Stars and Stripes the number in Afghanistan was 48 and deployed (not specifically identified) was 87. This tells me that HRC and the Army G1 have inserted their head where the light don’t shine.  They should have known who was deployed in Hot Spots and worked it so they […]