Stop the Maddness

Latest story from the Army Times regarding changes to the Army Uniform. Apparently the soldiers voted in favor of an Ike Jacket, when coupled with a Service Cap, soldiers will look like Ralph Kramden. I said it before bad idea. Suggestion either kill the Beret or keep it; but don’t differentiate ranks based on head gear. All are soldiers. If you kill the Beret then bring back the overseas cap; for a Service Cap is hard to take care of when wearing Class A on an Airplane. It gets crushed, it gets damaged. Lastly I hope the Army Uniform Board […]

This Confirms My Belief the Army Wants No Part of the Middle East

Over at Defense One an article by General (retired) Gordon Sullivan and another one by the Commander of United States Army Europe Lieutenant General Ben Hodge make it clear the Army hopes that the Middle East will just go away.  This quote by General Sullivan say it all: 4. Rotational deployments to Europe, Asia, and other locations, and rotations to the National Training Center, need to be fully supported and, if possible, expanded because a smaller Army has to work harder at being a global presence. With fewer forward-based soldiers, rotational deployments and prepositioned weapons and stockpiles will be extremely important to U.S. national […]

My 2 cents on how the Army invests in its future

Trigger warnings: there is some profanity, and no women are mentioned, unless you count Rangers. In the spring of 2001, the Army conducted the Major’s board for Year Group 1991. In the Field Artillery, out of a cohort of over 300 that began in June 1991, only 65 were left to fill roughly 125 billets. Of the survivors, less than 5 were so hapless they couldn’t even resign right. But, per Army regulation 24.6% (16 of 65 officers) were given the boot. Why? Regs said so. How was the Army going to fill the requirement gap of 76 majors? Bring […]

Whither Afghanistan?

The ever-vigilant, thoughtful commentator and stalwart Op-For loyalist George W ’64 sent in two articles on Afghanistan for consideration. The first is here, “Why Afghanistan is going to fall…” This is one of the first paragraphs: After covering the invasion of Afghanistan, former NPR journalist Sarah Chayes decided to stay in the country to try to help turn it around. She opened a business in Kandahar and probably spent more time living directly with the Afghan people — without security guards — than any other American since 2001. Chayes ultimately went to work for coalition forces in the region, sharing the […]

Stray Voltage September 15 2015

Stray Voltage Without commenting on the merits of the USMC study of Women in Combat, the actions of publicly being critical of the study by the Secretary of the Navy are unforgivable. He has squandered what ever trust he might have had from the leadership of the Navy and USMC. He should do the honorable thing—resign; unfortunately he is a political hack and will simply continue spouting nonsense. Hey Air Force if you are worried that an 18 year old enlisted airman can’t be trusted with to be a pilot, let me offer you a suggestion, why not enlist them, […]

The Army Has a Credibility Problem

This story from the Washington Post says that the Army has a credibility problem.  Comments?

What they teach at the VMI of the North (USMA)

So, I guess this professor up at Hudson High School must have gotten his PhD. from a place that teaches revisionist history.  I don’t know, I’m not about that life personally.  But here’s a video of a guy who has birds on his shoulders and is on the permanent faculty of a place that I just don’t think puts out a good product. I would ask Col Seidule to go read Shelby Foote and then retire, because he is a poor educator by claiming that the Civil War was only about Slavery.  I’m a strict unionist and do not believe […]

No Shit Sherlock!

Wow this is a blinding flash of the obvious from the outgoing CSA: “For me, I think we missed the boat initially on adjusting to societal norms with tattoos,” said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno. “I think tattoos are something that are more common, and I think we have to realize and understand that, and we have to make sure we get the best people in our Army.” This is also a lesson in not always listening to the Senior NCO as they have built in prejudices and bias.  Former SMA Chandler clearly did.  It would appear that […]

Thoughts On MG (Ret) Scales

Major General Robert Scales (U S Army Retired) once again comes out swinging against Washington ineptitude in funding the United States Army.  One of the points he makes about the creation of a hollow Army is about the reduction to 450K Active Duty personnel and the number of programs which have been cut in recent years.  General Scales bemoans that we are still using Reagan Era Abrams tanks. While I am too concerned about the direction of the Army I think much of the Army’s problems has to do with the Army itself. Let me point out a couple of […]

Budgetary Corruption and Missing Recruiting Goals

Is there a link between the putrescence of corruption and young folk not enlisting? The contradiction is the legacy of an emergency war fund, started in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, that has become a favorite Washington way to sidestep the impact of fiscal constraints on military spending. The Overseas Contingency Operations account, or OCO, has been tapped to fund tens of billions of dollars in programs with questionable links, or none, to wars, according to current and former U.S. officials, analysts and budget documents. The mutation of the fund’s original purpose has long been tolerated by […]