Rest in Peace, A10 the “Hog”

There are two articles I recommend every ground pounder, Army and Marine Corps read.  The first at the Washington Post is about opposition to the retirement of the A10 “Hog” and the second over at Harper’s touching on the same subject, where the author Andrew Cockburn, who concludes: As I explain in my Harper’s feature, the Air Force’s decision to junk the A-10 while retaining the B-1 and the even more unwieldy B-52 bombers for close air support may seem inexplicable, but it is in reality quite logical. The service owes its independence from the army to its success in […]

Congratulations to Lieutenant General Darren W. McDew VMI ’82

The Secretary of Defense announced that: Air Force Lt. Gen. Darren W. McDew, nominated for appointment to the rank of general and for assignment as commander, Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill. McDew is currently serving as commander, Eighteenth Air Force, Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

A Reporter Gets It Wrong

Over at the National Journal, they apparently think the Army provides its own close air support, hence the headline Army Drops 500 lbs Bomb on Own Outpost.  While the Army is certainly capable of fratricide in this case if there had been casualties it would have been most likely the USAF.

Punk Journalism and the F-35

SMSgt Mac delivers a fisking of David Axe’s recent article on the F-35. It’s long and worth the read. Thank you SMSgt Mac!  I first encountered the term ‘Punk Journalism’ in the headline of a UK newspaper article online while surfing the web years ago. The article is currently preserved elsewhere, but it struck me at the time that it provided the keywords and framework for extracting a very workable definition of same: Punk Journalism:  \ˈpəŋk  jər-nə-ˌli-zəm’\  : Reporting or commentary that is sullied by scorn, prejudice and petulance, is wrong or distorted on the facts, and delivered in a […]

Pardo’s Push

During a discussion of Jed Babbin’s commentary on the SecAF, the talk changed from a discussion Captain Thomas J. Hudner’s attempt to save Ensign Jesse L. Brown to a comparison of MiGs and Sabre-jets over Korea to the air war over Vietnam and Pardo’s Push.

The Plane That Ate the Pentagon

Can we afford it? The Pentagon’s latest weapons testing report is not kind to the $400-billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the military’s biggest and arguably most troubled program. The annual report by the Office of the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation includes 20 pages listing the Lockheed Martin-built JSF’s ongoing problems. A jack-of-all-trades radar-evading jet meant to replace no fewer than 2,400 existing fighters in the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, the F-35 has been dogged by budget overruns, schedule delays and redesigns. Overly complex in order to satisfy the diverse needs of three military branches, the […]

Some Thoughts on the Crisis in Missiles in the USAF

A good friend, and a recently retired USAF Missile officer sent me some thoughts on the on-going troubles in the USAF missile community. No need to walk down the list of ICBM cock ups. You’ve already seen ‘em and I don’t want to list them. So what’s happening out there in the cold white north? Like Patton said, ‘a blind man could see it.’ Leadership. Capital “L” leadership. ICBM commanders don’t practice it, they don’t live it, and they don’t love it. These clowns wouldn’t know leadership if it grabbed their wife on the ass.  Missileers are quality troops, smart, […]

Cheating and Drugs in the Nuclear Force

Our Air Force: cheating and drugs and fingers on the trigger in the nuclear force. Where in the samhill are the adults?

POSITION OPEN: Air Force Contributor

Open immediately until filled, one (1) USAF contributor for, your *only* all-VMI milblog. Requirements: VMI alumnus USAF veteran (active, reserve, Guard) Thick skin Desire-ments: Action guy (pilot, FAC, combat controller, etc) Burning zeal to defend your service Pay and benefits: NONE; hard time guaranteed. Apply to vmijpp AT hotmail DOT com.

Air Force Times: “Morale is High in Nuclear Force”

This is NOT from DuffelBlog, but I had to read it closely and check the URL to make sure. An Air Force officer asserts that things, are on the whole, just fine in the nuclear force: The article concerning trouble in the intercontinental ballistic missile community [“ ‘Burnout’ in the nuclear force,” Dec. 2] mischaracterizes the atmosphere within the community as one of malaise and “burnout.” As a former missile squadron commander, I can tell you that impression of the missile force is inaccurate. The problem stems from a Rand study, commissioned by the Air Force, to look objectively at […]