How one Keydet got assigned to the 101st

It was mid-August, and a group of Guardian Angels were sitting in the shade of the trees surrounding Fryar Drop Zone. Two angels popped in, carrying brown drink carriers loaded with coffee. All the angels but one crowded around to get their drink. Double whipped lattes, machiatos, and one quadruple espresso no sugar or cream. That last was for the angel guarding a marine. He grunted his joy, sounding more like a hog. ‘Ooh ooh oohrah yeah!’ “How can you drink that?” asked one angel. “OOH RAH! My human’s a Marine! He’s going to be a rough, tough Recon Scout […]

Drumming up business

Well, this is one way to stay in business.

In DC on Thursday, 10 April?

If you are, you may want to cast your eyes to the skies above a little after 1pm up towards the south. You’ll see what should be a wonderful collection of historical warbird aircraft flying a tribute to all US airmen who have died fighting for this nation from WW II to the present day. Boeing is sponsoring this tribute, which was organized by the American Air Museum (AAM) from Duxford, England, and this particular flight will consist of a B-17 Flying Fortress, a P-51D Mustang, a P-40 Kittyhawk, and a Spitfire. A qaggle of VIHPs (Very Important Historical Personages […]

Army Aviation Update

Good Article on the current status of all of those helicopters we know and love: WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Jan. 18, 2008) – The Army’s $14.6-billion aviation modernization program includes fielding the Lakota UH-72A, along with a number of modifications to existing helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. UH-72A Lakota Since the Army took delivery of its first UH-72A Lakota, a light utility helicopter, in November 2006, its builder, EADS North America, has churned a total of 18 operationally-ready units either on-time or ahead-of-schedule. EADS NA will ramp up production rates from two to three per month by March. UH-60M Black […]

Rumors of War

Murdoc over in his place posts this tidbit from the McMinnville, OR News-Register about their scheduled F-14D Tomcat museum aircraft (the planned centerpiece of their collection, no doubt): But the flareup of violence between the Israeli army and Hezbollah and Hamas militias in Lebanon and Gaza led to a change in plans. The Navy, which had been planning to replace the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt’s F-14 Tomcats with newer, more multi-dimensional F-18 Hornets, has decided to instead dispatch the carrier to the Middle East with its current squadron of F-14s – including the one promised to the museum. SOP. Standard Operating […]

Air Assault!

I thought that I would do a post on Air Assault School, to give some insight on current Army training, the National Guard, and the general shape of things on the ground level of the state-side military. “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon” -Napoleon Bonaparte, 15 July 1815. To the captain of HMS Bellerophon. …or go through 11 days of training for an Air Assault badge.

Happy Father's Day- I Have Returned!

Faithful readers, I have returned from the US Army Air Assault Course. Now, since I’ve been gone, apparently Zarqawi got wacked, In local Virginia politics, James Webb, author of one of my favorite books: Born Fighting How the Scots-Irish Shaped America won the Democratic nomination against sitting Senator George Allen, plus -Taliban have been getting offed at ridiculous proportions. So I pretty much missed all of the good stuff. A major turning point in Iraq and success looming in Afghanistan. It just goes to show you that when you take a break from the blog, the world keeps on turning […]