About Townie 76

Townie 76, aka COL Hank, was born in Lexington Virginia and graduated VMI in 1976. He entered the Army in November 1976 as an Armor Officer. He left the Army in 1984 and joined the Virginia Army National Guard where he remained until 1998 when he returned to Active Duty as a Title 10 Active Guard and Reserve Officer. He retired from the Army on 31 July 2006 and was recalled to active duty the next day where he is now beginning his third year as a recalled retiree. COL Hank has served in various Command and Staff assignments in his thirty two years of service, to include assignment in Korea, Germany, Kosovo, Iraq, and Kuwait. COL Hank finally retired from the Army in July 2009. He now works for the Department of the Army in the Pentagon as a Department of the Army Civilian.

VMI’s 2014 Salaries

Over at the Richmond Times Dispatch you can find Virginia State Salaries for 2014.  I of course pulled the VMI Salaries what I found interesting is that there are 54 Administrative-Lecture or Administrative-Professor positions, or what really is the great Smith Hall Bureaucracy. I did not include the Professional-Lecture which adds even more.  Even more interesting is that on the lower end of the scale, whomever has those positions is not getting a living wage and most likely is working a 2nd or 3rd job or they are summer help. Not sure what they all do, perhaps Slater can enlighten […]

General Dempsey, Coach K on Leadership

Good article over at Anglican Ink about what makes a good leader.

The Army Has a Credibility Problem

This story from the Washington Post says that the Army has a credibility problem.  Comments?

What Ike Jacket and a Service Cap Looks Like

According to Army Times the new SMA Dailey poll has found overwhelming support for outfitting the  Army with an Ike Jacket and for E7 and above the Army Service Cap. If that happens then our Senior NCOs and Officers will look like this fellow.  Even the USAF will be more military looking!  Somebody please get the SMA out of the fashion business.    

Obit General Sam Walker

Former Superintendent Sam S. Walker passed away August 8, 2015, obit from News Gazette.

“No really, flying drones is as hard as piloting anything else.”

Number 4 is absolutely a hoot!

No Shit Sherlock!

Wow this is a blinding flash of the obvious from the outgoing CSA: “For me, I think we missed the boat initially on adjusting to societal norms with tattoos,” said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno. “I think tattoos are something that are more common, and I think we have to realize and understand that, and we have to make sure we get the best people in our Army.” This is also a lesson in not always listening to the Senior NCO as they have built in prejudices and bias.  Former SMA Chandler clearly did.  It would appear that […]

Thoughts On MG (Ret) Scales

Major General Robert Scales (U S Army Retired) once again comes out swinging against Washington ineptitude in funding the United States Army.  One of the points he makes about the creation of a hollow Army is about the reduction to 450K Active Duty personnel and the number of programs which have been cut in recent years.  General Scales bemoans that we are still using Reagan Era Abrams tanks. While I am too concerned about the direction of the Army I think much of the Army’s problems has to do with the Army itself. Let me point out a couple of […]

Stray Voltage

This article makes an argument that with more people going to college the intelligences of military officers has declined.  The title of the article put one off; however upon reflection there is something to be said for the argument. I think this makes an argument that anyone commissioned in the Armed Forces should have hard major whether it is a liberal arts, social-science, or STEM related. I have run into too many officers whose major was recreational sports, communications, adventure education, bakery science, bowling industry management, diving business and technology, and my favorite family science. How do you create a […]

So Tell Me Again Why the USAF Want to Retire the Warthog?

This says it all on why we need the A-10.