About Townie 76

Townie 76, aka COL Hank, was born in Lexington Virginia and graduated VMI in 1976. He entered the Army in November 1976 as an Armor Officer. He left the Army in 1984 and joined the Virginia Army National Guard where he remained until 1998 when he returned to Active Duty as a Title 10 Active Guard and Reserve Officer. He retired from the Army on 31 July 2006 and was recalled to active duty the next day where he is now beginning his third year as a recalled retiree. COL Hank has served in various Command and Staff assignments in his thirty two years of service, to include assignment in Korea, Germany, Kosovo, Iraq, and Kuwait. COL Hank finally retired from the Army in July 2009. He now works for the Department of the Army in the Pentagon as a Department of the Army Civilian.

VMI Looking For A New Basketball Coach

It is confirmed that Coach Baucom is leaving.

Why No Army ROTC Marshall Conference at VMI This Year?

I got curious when I did not see the Army ROTC Marshall Conference on the VMI Calendar this year.  I did a google search and discovered that it is being held not at VMI and the location of the Marshall Museum and Foundation but at Fort Leavenworth Kansas.  Does anyone know why it is not being held at VMI?  Inquiring Minds want to know? http://www.rotc.monroe.army.mil/events.aspx On another note, it would appear according to the Roanoke Times that VMI Basketball Coach Dugger Bascom is leaving for the greener pastures of the Citadel.

NDAA for the 21st Century

Over at Breaking Defense there is an article regarding John McCain’s desire to take a look the Goldwater-Nichols Act and make a determination if it needs to be updated or changed. In the same article it was also mentioned that he wanted to take a look at the Defense Office Personnel Management Act (DOPMA). There is no question that we need a new National Security Act for the 21st Century, part of the attempt by in Goldwater-Nichols was to be a partial step towards shaping DoD for the 21st Century. We need a National Security Act for the 21st Century […]

The USAF Reasons for Getting Rid of the A10 are Total Bull$%it!

According to an article over at Real Clear Defense, the reasons the USAF are giving are: Some in the press have been similarly skeptical of the Air Force’s intentions, saying that the plan “doesn’t add up,” and more colorfully, calling it “total bull*hit and both the American taxpayer and those who bravely fight our wars on the ground should be furious.” Those reports similarly cite the Air Force’s longstanding antagonism to the CAS mission as the chief motive for the A-10’s retirement.

The USAF Is Selling A Bridge in Brooklyn

Over at the blog John Q. Public, there is a great piece on the problems of the F35.  Despite what we are being told by the swarthy salesman of the U.S.A.F. the problems are not minor, and they will not be fixed in the near term. The final paragraph sums up the hypocrisy, not only by the U.S.A.F. but by the Congress of the United States. This debacle is, in many ways, a distressing sign of what happens when Congress is no longer the domain of statesmanly adult behavior that puts country first. Congress itself has perverse incentives to set […]

More on the Citadel Hazing

A statement from the Citadel Commandant regarding hazing.  I was told by an Alumnus that there is much misinformation out there and to go to Citadel site. It would appear the administration is trying to do the right thing. The culture of the Citadel has always been different than that of VMI.  The reasons for its founding had much to do with politics of the Ante-Bellum South and in particular the State of South Carolina which I shan’t go into more detail here. Having said this, I have many good friends who are Citadel graduates, proud of their school, and […]

The West and the UN

Over at Defense One is a good article on the West reluctance to participate in UN Peace Keeping missions, written by Magnus Nordenman a graduate of the Institute.    

Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble

Please take the thirty minutes or so to watch the Jonathan M. Daniels ’61 Award Presentation to Representative John R. Lewis of Georgia on 11 March 2015; his speech from the heart is a message we should all heed and pay attention to.

Soldier Wins Victoria Cross

Over at the Telegraph is an article on the member of the Paras who won the Victoria Cross. “You don’t really think what could happen to yourself, you think ‘how is what I’m doing now going to improve the situation?’”

Brent Scrowcroft, Wise Man

Over at the National Interest is a good review and precise of the new biography of Brent Scrowcroft, The Strategist: Brent Scowcroft and the Call of National Security, Bartholomew Sparrow. What emerges from this review is a man who truly should be called a Wise Man of Washington, who understands the world order and who puts the interest of the United States ahead of partisan politics. These three quotes should give you an idea of the breadth and depth of his ability as a Strategists. . . . not all that different from Kennan’s, that Soviet ideology was more an […]