About Townie 76

Townie 76, aka COL Hank, was born in Lexington Virginia and graduated VMI in 1976. He entered the Army in November 1976 as an Armor Officer. He left the Army in 1984 and joined the Virginia Army National Guard where he remained until 1998 when he returned to Active Duty as a Title 10 Active Guard and Reserve Officer. He retired from the Army on 31 July 2006 and was recalled to active duty the next day where he is now beginning his third year as a recalled retiree. COL Hank has served in various Command and Staff assignments in his thirty two years of service, to include assignment in Korea, Germany, Kosovo, Iraq, and Kuwait. COL Hank finally retired from the Army in July 2009. He now works for the Department of the Army in the Pentagon as a Department of the Army Civilian.

Best War Movies of All Time

Over at the Telegraph they have selected the best war movies of all time.  I don’t disagree with any, although there are a couple I would add, to include In Harms Way and Lawrence of Arabia.  Of those on the list I am torn between Zulu and the Bridge Over the River Kwai as being the best.  I have not seen American Sniper or any of the other movies about our current wars, unfortunately the events and what I experienced are too close.

Blast from the Past

Here is a link to an article I wrote in August 2007 for the Armed Forces Journal International. Clearly Shrek didn’t bother to read it, if he did he didn’t bother to pay attention.  Not surprising as he knows more than anyone.

British Para Awarded Victoria Cross

A British Para, was awarded the Victoria Cross by the Queen in part for saving the life of American Marine Captain. Three cheers for Lance Cpl. Joshua Leakey.

April 9th 1865

He had not slept well the night before. A third or more of his Army had been captured by Federal Forces when they crossed the “T” as they pursued his beleaguered forces from Petersburg westward. Now he would attempt what he was famous for, maneuvering his forces away from Grant’s force. He envisioned a short battle that would permit him and the soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia to escape once again, to secure supplies, and link up with Joe Johnson and to continue the fight. Robert Edward Lee of Virginia rose as was his custom, trimmed his beard […]

More Thoughts on Goldwater-Nichols 1986

As many know I posted something about Goldwater-Nichols last week, below is an article and some comments to an article on reforming Goldwater-Nichols.  I had originally intended to post this as a comment, but decided at the last minute to post it here for our OP-FOR community.  You will note that I have asked questions.  I think this the only appropriate way to approach the future of shaping our National Security Strategy and our the future organization shaping our National Security organizations.  To state conclusions upfront is to limit debate. Over at Breaking Defense, there are some very interesting comments […]

Shrek Gets It Wrong.

Shrek gets it wrong again. He says the Army is at historical readiness lows. It ain’t, it may be from his perspective as he doesn’t remember the bad years when he first came in the Army—because he was assigned to units who always got what they wanted. His first assignment in the Army was in Germany and a Field Artillery Brigade—I guarantee you that in the 70’s Germany got everything it wanted when they wanted particularly the Field Artillery Brigades. His next assignment was to XVIII Corps Artillery. I have been around the Army almost as long as Shrek—and I […]

Tribute to Servicemen

This was written by Peter Bacque, a long time reporter for the Richmond Times Dispatch.  Peter passed away earlier this week.  I got to know Peter in Kosovo, he was a great reporter who did his job well, but when he finished being reporter he and sat in a Coffee shop at Camp Bondsteel and talk about Virginia, about Virginia politics and whatever else came up.

VMI Looking For A New Basketball Coach

It is confirmed that Coach Baucom is leaving.

Why No Army ROTC Marshall Conference at VMI This Year?

I got curious when I did not see the Army ROTC Marshall Conference on the VMI Calendar this year.  I did a google search and discovered that it is being held not at VMI and the location of the Marshall Museum and Foundation but at Fort Leavenworth Kansas.  Does anyone know why it is not being held at VMI?  Inquiring Minds want to know? http://www.rotc.monroe.army.mil/events.aspx On another note, it would appear according to the Roanoke Times that VMI Basketball Coach Dugger Bascom is leaving for the greener pastures of the Citadel.

NDAA for the 21st Century

Over at Breaking Defense there is an article regarding John McCain’s desire to take a look the Goldwater-Nichols Act and make a determination if it needs to be updated or changed. In the same article it was also mentioned that he wanted to take a look at the Defense Office Personnel Management Act (DOPMA). There is no question that we need a new National Security Act for the 21st Century, part of the attempt by in Goldwater-Nichols was to be a partial step towards shaping DoD for the 21st Century. We need a National Security Act for the 21st Century […]