About Townie 76

Townie 76, aka COL Hank, was born in Lexington Virginia and graduated VMI in 1976. He entered the Army in November 1976 as an Armor Officer. He left the Army in 1984 and joined the Virginia Army National Guard where he remained until 1998 when he returned to Active Duty as a Title 10 Active Guard and Reserve Officer. He retired from the Army on 31 July 2006 and was recalled to active duty the next day where he is now beginning his third year as a recalled retiree. COL Hank has served in various Command and Staff assignments in his thirty two years of service, to include assignment in Korea, Germany, Kosovo, Iraq, and Kuwait. COL Hank finally retired from the Army in July 2009. He now works for the Department of the Army in the Pentagon as a Department of the Army Civilian.

I Rarely Get Pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rarely get pissed, but I did today when I saw a very well written, poorly argued, and flawed factually editorial in the New York Times.  I am not normally a reader of the New York Times as I have found it New York and Eastern establishment elitism hard to stomach. Today’s piece is over the top.  In this piece, the author, Dr. Kathleen Belew, attempts—albeit poorly to suggest that “but Vietnam veterans forged the first links between Klansman and Nazis since World War II.”  She goes on to suggest that it was the Vietnam Veteran who led these individuals […]

Clearly I Am Not a Chosen One

From a source not connected with VMI, I learned, that the premier of the Field of Lost Shoes was reserved, “Two weeks ago, he informed me that V.M.I. had decided to buy out the entire theatre for its donors and supporters, so there would be no tickets available.” I guess the donors and supporters were only those who live in Richmond and have numbers after their name.  “Heaven to besty we can’t have the unwashed from places like DC or Roanoke mingling with us the denizens of the Holy City and holders of names like Deuce, Trip, Trey, Four. . […]

Rest in Peace, A10 the “Hog”

There are two articles I recommend every ground pounder, Army and Marine Corps read.  The first at the Washington Post is about opposition to the retirement of the A10 “Hog” and the second over at Harper’s touching on the same subject, where the author Andrew Cockburn, who concludes: As I explain in my Harper’s feature, the Air Force’s decision to junk the A-10 while retaining the B-1 and the even more unwieldy B-52 bombers for close air support may seem inexplicable, but it is in reality quite logical. The service owes its independence from the army to its success in […]

Interesting Article by Tom Ricks

Ricks has written a interesting article on the relationship between Marshall and Lejeune.

VMI Video From Reveille to Taps

Take a look great video, however was not inspired by the narrator, Three himself! I received my local Lexington rag today, VMI will start on its 80 million dollar indoor physical training facility which will replace parts of Cocke Hall, Cormack Hall (Indoor Track), and Swimming Pool and will duplicate the physical training facilities on North post. I have a couple of questions?  Why duplicate the outdoor facilities that are found on North post.  While I am all for physical fitness, it seems to me that physical fitness and military activities are dominate and that academics is being given short […]

Perspective is needed on Fort Hood

There is a lot of frothing at the mouth and hysteria regarding the most recent Fort Hood shooting. I would suggest that CNN, FOX et al quit hyping the story by cumming all over themselves and step back and ask in comparison to most American cities of equal size what is the percentage of violent crimes on a military base. The truth be known it is significantly less.

Some Thoughts on Russia, the Ukraine, the US, and NATO

Follow this link to an article I posted over at Sic Semper Tyrannis on the Ukraine. It would seem that our Intelligence Agencies believe that Russia will invaded Eastern Ukraine.  We should not be surprised.  After the President’s ill-advised dismal of Russia as a Regional power, Putin like a wounded bear will fight back.

Speech by General (Retired) Mattis

Follow this link, great speech by“Mad Dog” Mattis.  Link is now fixed.

When Will the Army Learn, When Will the Army Learn?

I am not surprised that it has come to this.  Having served in the Regular Army, the Army National Guard, and the United States Army Reserve I am well aware of the fear and loathing by the Regular Army and the Army National Guard towards each other. It is hardly a state secret that many Regular Army types do not care for the Reserve Components and in particular the Army National Guard.  For four years as a Department of the Army Civilian I had to listen to the Regular Army Colonel constantly put down the “fat National Guard and Reservists, […]

Congratulations to Lieutenant General Darren W. McDew VMI ’82

The Secretary of Defense announced that: Air Force Lt. Gen. Darren W. McDew, nominated for appointment to the rank of general and for assignment as commander, Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill. McDew is currently serving as commander, Eighteenth Air Force, Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.