LTCOL P hails from the star city of the south, Roanoke, Virginia. A 1989 graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, he is an artillery officer in the United States Marine Corps, with time in both the active and reserve sides. He served in Iraq in 2004. COL P came to OPFOR as a guest blogger, but has now joined the team full time. He also runs Rule 308, where he denounces gun control and other aspects of socialism, and proclaims the greatness of the United States.

Gun-Day Sunday: DOE! A Deer, a Fe-male Deer…

Taken yesterday morning in the bitter cold, in Clarke County, Virginia, not far from the Shenandoah River. Range was about 75 yards, broadside. I hit her a few inches back, so she ran about 50 yards before she dropped, flopped, rolled over, kicked, and died. The 150-grain .308 Remington Core-Lokt does the deed. And the Scout Rifle is simply a pleasure to shoot. Who else wants to share trophy pics? Send ‘em in!

“Accomplished Nothing” in Afghanistan

So says SIGAR, in the realm of economic development: SIGAR’s chief, John Sopko, told reporters Tuesday, that the agency has opened an “in-depth review” into the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), a Defense Department unit aimed at developing war zone mining, industrial development and fostering private investments. “We have gotten serious allegations about the management and mismanagement of that agency, as well as a policy question about what they were doing and whether they should have existed,” Sopko said. Not “news” in the strict sense, but still disheartening and damning. I did my time in NTMA/CSTC-A, so […]

“Finding Americans to do Beijing’s Dirty Work”

Thanks to Ragnar Lothbrok, this disturbing piece. Apparently there’s no shortage of that sort of “American” in academia. What the hell??

“Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure”

Regular reader and sometime commenter MDL passed this on, with the note, “This is why the taxpayer gets angry.” “Imaginary Ball and Chain Drags Staff Sergeants Down” is one highlight. The Army pays its soldiers a monthly housing allowance. Married soldiers get more cash than singles do. To game the system, one sergeant convinced his girlfriend to pretend to be his wife. He even forged a marriage license to substantiate the union. He took taxpayers for almost $30,000 in healthcare and housing. The relationship must have gone sour, though,” the report reads. “She ended up turning him in to military […]

Opening Day of Virginia’s Rifle Season, 2014

Success, at last. Biggest deer I’ve shot so far. Location: Clarke County, Virginia; range: 50 yards; target angle: broadside; weapon: Steyr Scout .308; ammunition: 150 gr Remington Core-Lokt. Inside spread: 16 inches; main beams 22 inches; longest tines: 9 inches; bases: 5 inches.  

The Amazing B-17 Flying Fortress

Thanks to VFR Marine, we have THIS to present to you. Twelve thousand, seven hundred, thirty-one were built. Fewer than fifteen are still flying today. Wow. I remember seeing the movie, Memphis Belle, and saying to myself, “That’s America right there– American boys in American planes, dropping American bombs on America’s enemies.” BTW– we need an Air Force contributor. Any takers?

Virginia Natl Guard Back to Roanoke?

Any Guardsmen out there care to help me? I knew that the Guard armory on Reserve Avenue got torn down when Victory Stadium got torn down, but for some reason I never guessed that the Guard presence in the Star City of the South– my home town– had disappeared. Roanoke needs to get her citizen-soldiers back.

Founders Day 2014: “Among an Excellent Set of Fellows”

Founders Day in Leesburg, Virginia, 2014– I was able to visit the grave of Valentine Cook Saunders, Class of 1842, and lay some red, white and yellow flowers. Saunders was one of the first twenty-five cadets to matriculate on this day, 175 years ago. He was a Leesburg native, and wrote the oldest existing letter from a cadet to his parents, which contains some fascinating details about early life at VMI, such as how many weapons were stored at the old Arsenal. Although they apparently had way more free time than we did, their guard duty (and parade practice) was […]

Happy Birthday, Marines!

This is GREAT: http://www.marines.mil/News/MarinesTV.aspx?videoid=368823&videotag=Latest%20Videos&videopage=2&ccenabled=false Watch the whole thing, but stand by for what you will see at 9:25.* It will motivate the hell out of you. Can you imagine any other Service chief doing that??   * I gotta get me one of them mameluke beer tap pulls!

Max Boot on Small Wars

Watch, read, think. Well, if we could avoid getting involved in wars, I think everybody would be happier. The problem is, as we’ve seen over the course of our long history, there’s really been very few, if any, presidents who have actually succeeded in staying away from such conflicts and especially now, when the U.S. is the preeminent power in the world and insurgency is the preeminent form of warfare. Almost nobody is fighting the kind of conventional tank-on-tank engagements that the U.S. military pines for and does so well at. Almost everybody is fighting using guerilla and terrorist tactics, […]