LTCOL P hails from the star city of the south, Roanoke, Virginia. A 1989 graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, he is an artillery officer in the United States Marine Corps, with time in both the active and reserve sides. He served in Iraq in 2004. COL P came to OPFOR as a guest blogger, but has now joined the team full time. He also runs Rule 308, where he denounces gun control and other aspects of socialism, and proclaims the greatness of the United States.

Hang Him

(If he’s proven guilty, that is.)

Former DIA Chief Criticizes Administration (w/ Transcript)

Sent in over the transom today– Ex-DIA chief Flynn goes into opposition against Obama Administration on ISIS: It is striking to me how many security officials have gone public against this administration after leaving. This is not a normal pattern, and by this point amounts to a non-partisan indictment of how Obama’s White House has dealt with a variety of national security issues. Among other things, it makes me appreciate the restraint that the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, must be exercising on a daily basis. Well, maybe they’re disgusted at what they see, huh? […]

Never a Dull Moment at Camp Lejeune

Well now, this isn’t something you see every day. And stranger still, she’s been arrested.   (Thanks to USMC0802 for the tip.)

Turmoil in the Kingdom?

With things as roiled as they are in that corner of the globe, what do we make of this? I think 2015 is going to be FUN, FUN, FUN. And not in the good way. (Thank God we have a steady hand at the helm of the ship of state, eh? Whew! We might be royally PHUCT otherwise.)

“Suppose Islam Had a Holocaust and No One Noticed”

(Posting for DaveO, who is incommunicado tonight.) SK asks the question. The foreign policy infrastructure, the human rights NGOs and the self-important scribblers who presume to tell the world what is important in the pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post have fought hard to avoid connecting the killings by the Islamic State in Nigeria to the killings by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. And they have fought hardest of all to avoid connecting these killings to the thousands murdered in the streets of New York and the latest bodies strewn about Paris. The killings […]

Happy Birthday, General

You are not forgotten. Nor shall you be.

Gun-Day Sunday: Old Rifle and In Defense of Snipers

This Old Gun.  “Who owned it? A luckless hunter or miner? Maybe an outlaw on the run? And how on earth did it get there?” Smearing Snipers: What Many Americans Don’t Get about Our Warrior Elite. About ten years ago, an employer of mine had an odd request: I needed to delete an aspect of my military career from my professional biography because it might “offend” a potential client or partner. Recon Marine, infantry Marine, service-disabled veteran . . . those were a boon. But “Scout Sniper,” one of the greatest accomplishments I had as a Marine — that had […]

Je Suis Charlie…

Je suis Charlie, indeed! CHARLIE MARTEL. Heh heh heh. In a similar vein, here’s a modest proposal from a chap that Charles Martel and others like him might see as a kindred soul. (Gasp! Who dares to say such things about the Religion of Peace!) *** PS: Baisez les musulmans. Consult a translator if you don’t parlez that Francaise too good. And a merci beaucoup to WRSA while we’re at it.

Laughing at A**holes

For those of you have wondered why we haven’t had much to say directly about the Paris outrages– well, what else is there to say? I don’t mean to be flippant, but it can’t have come as a surprise that Mohammedans go on murderous rampages, or that political correctness in the West has prevented (some of) us from being able to see the dangers ahead, or the stark fact that we are in a war. Yes, we will have more to say and more commentary to point you to as the dust settles and facts become clearer. For now, though, […]

Zero for Twenty-nine

Thanks to USMC0802 who sent this in– *** The Marine Corps spokesperson, Captain Maureen Krebs, told the Free Beacon that the two officers, “did not meet the standards required of them on day one in order to continue on with the course.” Fifteen male officers also did not meet the standards. Of the 118 officers who began the course, 101 proceeded to the second day.   *** Doesn’t make them bad people or bad officers. But it doesn’t happen by accident. May the Corps hold the line here. The Marines have pledged to be the most ready when the Nation is […]