LTCOL P hails from the star city of the south, Roanoke, Virginia. A 1989 graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, he is an artillery officer in the United States Marine Corps, with time in both the active and reserve sides. He served in Iraq in 2004. COL P came to OPFOR as a guest blogger, but has now joined the team full time. He also runs Rule 308, where he denounces gun control and other aspects of socialism, and proclaims the greatness of the United States.

Hell Yeah, Less Pay!

Someone needs a fucking piss-test. The end is near. I’m more and more convinced of it every day. He needs to get out of the E-Ring.

“Field of Lost Shoes” Premieres in Richmond

Not a review, but a report, HERE. Anyone go to see it? Parker Longbaugh? S**t-Eating Third? We’re very interested to hear from you.

RIP, Gen Mundy, Part II

A fine eulogy in National Review: I should note that I knew General Mundy fairly well. Indeed, we were on a first-name basis: He called me “Mac” and I called him “General.” He served as Marine commandant at a particularly difficult time. First, the Cold War had ended and part of an alleged “peace dividend” involved substantial reductions in the force structure of all the services. General Mundy oversaw a reduction of the Marine Corps from 194,000 troops to 170,000. But more important, his time as commandant was also a period when social pressure was brought to bear on the […]

If I Sat on the VMI Board of Visitors, Pt II

Or, perhaps more accurately– “If the VMI Board of Visitors Sat on Me.” S-Eating Third left a great comment on DaveO’s previous post, saying in part: I am an out-of-state third from Maryland. I’m extremely fortunate to have parents who are willing to pick up the full tuition with no cost to me. However, [I] have friends who couldn’t pay for VMI if it weren’t for their ROTC scholarships. These scholarships are going away soon– as will the potential for great cadets and officers. Indeed. So, with the state’s share of the burden dwindling, and the bill for an ambitious […]

RIP, Gen Mundy

From Military Times: The Marine Corps’ 30th commandant, retired Gen. Carl Epting Mundy Jr., has died, his family confirmed to Marine Corps Times. He was 78. Mundy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Merkel cell carcinoma, several months ago, said his son-in-law, Bob Gunter. He died Wednesday night at his home in Alexandria, Va. Mundy served as commandant from 1991 to 1995 and helped to restructure the Marine Corps following the denouement of the Cold War. A true Marine and a real gentleman. May whole squadrons of angels sing you to your rest, General.

Females and Marine Infantry

More than one of you sent word of these articles (much appreciated, by the way). The first is HERE, mostly commentary on the base article, and containing this little snippet: In a recent Washington Post column, Santangelo attributes these failures to a double standard women face during their entire time in the Marine Corps. Beg pardon? Oh, there’s a double standard all right, but it ain’t the root cause for your failure, Lieutenant. The base article, from the first person, is HERE. (Spoiler alert, it meanders a bit.) There are some little gems, though, like this: Yes, men have biological […]

Little Children and Guns DON’T Mix…

But little children and crew-served weapons do! (Click to embiggenify.) Plus, running ammo cans will build up speed, strength, and agility. No down-side there.

“How the Army Can Send the Right Message on Jeffrey Sinclair”

Excellent advice HERE. I won’t ruin the effect by posting an excerpt, as much as I’m tempted to. What say my Army brethren?

Stupidity Eventually Loses

Not necessarily before it wreaks havoc, but eventually: Again, this pet vanity project of the Great Green Fleet beyond experimentation is a waste of money and personality based folly in the extreme. Most of the time, hard critique is not out of malice, but out of heartbreak. Let’s not speak of this anymore, m’kay? Our Navy needs the SECNAV’s attention elsewhere from here on out… (We’ll see if the good Mr Secretary gets the hint. Remember, economics always wins. Always.)

Adminstration to Kill Tomahawk and Hellfire Programs?

Seriously?? The Tomahawk missile program—known as “the world’s most advanced cruise missile”—is set to be cut by $128 million under Obama’s fiscal year 2015 budget proposal and completely eliminated by fiscal year 2016, according to budget documents released by the Navy. In addition to the monetary cuts to the program, the number of actual Tomahawk missiles acquired by the United States would drop significantly—from 196 last year to just 100 in 2015. The number will then drop to zero in 2016. The Navy will also be forced to cancel its acquisition of the well-regarded and highly effective Hellfire missiles in […]