Air Force Times: “Morale is High in Nuclear Force”

This is NOT from DuffelBlog, but I had to read it closely and check the URL to make sure. An Air Force officer asserts that things, are on the whole, just fine in the nuclear force:

The article concerning trouble in the intercontinental ballistic missile community [“ ‘Burnout’ in the nuclear force,” Dec. 2] mischaracterizes the atmosphere within the community as one of malaise and “burnout.” As a former missile squadron commander, I can tell you that impression of the missile force is inaccurate.

The problem stems from a Rand study, commissioned by the Air Force, to look objectively at the quality of life of the entire ICBM force — security forces, missile maintenance, missile field chefs and facility managers, not just ICBM combat crew members. The study was a way to find processes we could change that would have a positive impact.

Shortly after the study results came out, the 20th Air Force commander, who oversees the nation’s three ICBM wings, directed us to ensure we were protecting each airman’s time off. Admittedly, I did not do a good job of ensuring our personnel were only asked to perform official duty on days they were already scheduled to work. It should not have taken a two-star general to come up with this simple, no-cost solution that gave my squadron members more time with their families.

Why wasn’t she– why isn’t the AIR FORCE– concerned with readiness instead? I get the morale issue, as a component of readiness. And I get it that she’s talking some inside baseball. But the tenor of the article is just fodder for critics of the Air Force as a service.

And I wonder what our adversaries think.


  1. VMI Warrior says:

    Wasn’t Pearl Harbor on a Sunday, when personnel were enjoying their time off?

  2. Slater says:

    High Morale in the Air Force is a level that cannot be reach in a non-country club service.

  3. UltimaRatioRegis says:

    Dude, everybody is high in the nuclear forces!

    Captain Spicoli could not be reached for comment. Because he was at the Mi-T-Mart buying cheez curls.

  4. keydet1976 says:

    Fly Higher in the Air Force and Never Leave Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!