Will the Institute be heard from?

If we end up attacking Syrian targets and if ground troops are needed for some reason, USS SAN ANTONIO (LPD17) is apparently on station in the Eastern Med. Additionally, USS KEARSARGE (LHD3) is reportedly in the Red Sea. Both ships contain elements of the 26 MEU, which is commanded by our (that is myself and LTCOL P) Brother Rat, COL Matt St. Clair.  If they go, I wish him well, because it will be rough.  I think he is the right man for the job, however, and if there is fighting to be done, he will do it.


  1. PSYOP Cop says:

    As with any conflict, of course the Institute will be heard from. Whatever the battle, whatever the cause, when our nation calls, we answer. It’s that simple.

    We may not agree with it… or each other. But when the fight begins, it is there that we all want to be. If we can’t be there, then our thoughts are with our brothers (and sisters!) forward-deployed.

    God speed them all.