“Police State Too Much?”


A true Son of Liberty. John Stark would be proud, Colonel.

(URR— am I right in remembering him from 1/25 years ago?)



  1. etp0802 says:

    Hear, hear.

    Hopefully, I can be as eloquent when I am a crusty retiree…

    • DaveO says:

      Eloquence comes with age. Start with 'no sh*t, there I was, down to my P38 and two plugs of Copenhagen…'

      • DaveO says:

        Or the modern version: 'no sh*t, there I was, ready to finish my Powerpoint when SysAdmin upgraded me to Windows 7…'

        The youtube link is not working for me.

  2. UltimaRatioRegis says:


    I do believe that is Pete, yeah! Haven't seen a vid which shows him clearly, but he was certainly training the Iraqis at that time, and lives in NH.

  3. LBL '94 says:

    See, the left and right can agree on some things. 1st by Op-For, picked up by Huffington Post, and most recently by Daily Kos.