Round Two in Egypt

The endless cycle goes on.

What’s the import for us?

(And when can we expect Round Three?)


  1. Doug says:

    Egypt means nothing to the US. We give it $1.5 billion in aid just to keep it alive and so we can hold something over its head whenever it wants to break its treaty with Israel. I say let them kill each other until someone takes charge. If it gets rambunctious towards Israel we can help out or just send the IDF more weapons and let them handle it.

  2. Uhlan89 says:

    Your missing the point…US Policy under BS has taken a serious drumming for the 1st time since we initiated the “Arab Spring into Sharia” all those years ago when we first drove the Northern Alliance out of power in Asshatizan using “students” and satellite imagery. Our dependence on secular or non-islamisist frontmen has recently been reversed in Iraq…Turkey…Egypt…Syria and even arguably in Libya. Who has benefitted from “democracy” in these places? Not women! Not intellectuals! Not Christians! Goldman-Sachs? A wahabbist caliphate? Halliburton and KBR and all the other “chosen” providers…Hell Yes!