Five Surplus Rifles Under $500

Forwarded by the great Mike Fay, of Marine combat artist fame, good surplus rifle choices for dirt cheap: the Mauser 98 series; the Short Magazine Lee-Enfields; the Mosin-Nagants (of which the Finnish M39 is The Best); the Arisaka– huh?? F that weird Jap trash; and the Swiss K31– F YEAH.

And be sure to look at some of the latest work posted at Mike’s site. Brilliant, as always.



  1. VMI Warrior says:

    I actually prefer my 1898 Gavär 96 (Carl Gustafs stads Gevärsfaktori manufacture) to either my 1909 G98 or my 1938 K98 (Steyr manufacture). That Swedish gun is a true work of art.
    Several years ago I was with a buddy shooting at a pubic range at a WMA that had long culvert tubes you had to shoot through. Some dry leaves had accumulated in the tube and my buddies Nagant carbine set them smoldering from the massive fireball that thing produces. Has to be a lot of wasted powder / energy there.

  2. Townie76 says:

    I have shot the Mauser and the Lee-Enfield; both are wonderful rifles to shoot; but I tend to remember the adage "rule .303."

  3. Wilbur says:

    Good selection, but I'd have put the .303 first. :-)

    It's actually getting difficult to get good Lithgow manufactured ones in Australia for under $500 now, despite the very large number in circulation here. For some Aussies there seems to be no other rifle (and with a strict A.W.B. here it will probably stay that way…).

    O.K…. my post wouldn't be complete without some Lithgow Lee Enfield rifle youtube show and tell, from when men where men, rule .303 was real and Paul Hogan was taken mildly seriously as an actor;

  4. mdl says:

    Swedish M38, hoot to shoot and Samco still has surplus ammo. Get a peep sight from Mojo Sights, it's a hoot to shoot.