Chem Weapons in Syria?

So we are told. “Red line crossed!”

Questions: Now what? So?? What do you want us to do about it?


  1. PlatoII says:

    I have no doubt chemical weapons have been used in Syria, and see this as old news, except that Obama has finally admitted that his infamous "red line" has been crossed. What I see as the real issues here are twofold, and actually have little to do with the chemical weapons.

    First, who the hell do we help? Assad is an evil dictator and the enemy of the West who we have been committed against this entire time. But the 'good guys' are strongly populated by islamist, and even al Qaeda, forces, who we have been at war with for more than a decade (or decades). The left love blaming al Qaeda on arming islamists in the 80's who later turned against us, but now the same people want to directly arm and train our current enemies who we are still actively engaged with in many other theatres.

    Second, despite not having seen any real mention of it in the media, this delayed acceptance of the evidence and proof of chemical weapons use has surely made America look weak and lose face in the eyes of many. By being so bold to say it this happens we will respond, Obama had to be fully committed to acting quickly and decisively. The allegations of chemical weapons use date back more than six months, and other nations have stated they have had proof for at least the last several months. By taking so long to make any sort of decision the US appears to lack the means to find out what is happening on the ground, the integrity to stand up and keep its word, or to just straight up suffer from poor, indecisive leadership which will say whatever it thinks will sound good at the time, and hope never to have to deal with the consequences.

    Personally, I believe the US is already damned for not intervening sooner for the crossing of the red line, and is almost guaranteed to be screwed whenever it takes some sort of action,as the situation is horrible, and just gets worse every day we wait. Obama should never have established his Rubicon without having the will and a plan to quickly determine when it had been crossed and to take immediate action to prove America's commitment and decisiveness.Or else he never should have opened his mouth.

  2. PSYOP Cop says:

    Wait a tic… don't the presence of WMD mean that they could fall into the hands of AQ and poise a real threat to us here?

    Better not to wait for that smoking gun. Invade now!!

    • DaveO says:

      That seems to be Obama's response. Maybe we'll just keep arming AQ. Imagine that.

  3. Slater says:

    We should do nothing. If we do anything in there…it should be to help Assad, because if the rebels win the country will be worse off than Libya is. It will be akin to Somalia and a haven for terrorists.

    Assad is an irrational actor…he's just not our thug so obviously we want him deposed. SHEER IDIOCY.

  4. Doug says:

    In my opinion this has nothing to do with helping the Syrian people. The fact that Obama just decided the red line was crossed, despite the evidence having been around for several months, is amazingly well timed to help draw attention away from the IRS, NSA and Benghazi scandals.