A Fond Farewell

Before I begin this post, this shall be my last one.  For reasons satisfactory to me I have decided that it is time to move on.  John Noonan gave me my start at blogging and I have found it to be a great outlet; both intellectually and emotionally.

I will continue to blog, at my own blog http://vmitownie76.com, occasionally at Sic Semper Tyrannis, and other blogs, where occasionally I make an appearance.  I shall continue to read OP-FOR and may from time to time make a comment or two.  I would urge some of the regular commentators to contact JPP if they wish to blog.  Again it has been a real pleasure over the year.

Three articles worth noting over at the Washington Post, here, here, and here.  The subject of all three is the same, Sexual Assault of women in the military.

This is not a new issue, in the 90’s we read about Tail Hook, and with the exception of a flag lieutenant all those assaulted were workingwomen of Las Vegas.  It would appear the services have learned nothing since.

What appalled me during Tail Hook and what appalls me now, is that males in the military think so little of women that they feel it is their right and duty to sexually assault them.  This is about respect of fellow service members; this is about treating our fellow service members with dignity.  Have we so lost our ethical moorings that we can distinguish right from wrong?

But if the actions of service members towards female service members is just wrong; then the action of leaders in the military in treating it as nothing more than boys being boys is morally reprehensible.  Overturning courts martial convictions has brought the UCMJ system in the cross hairs and frankly it is time to strip Commanders of the right of overturn convictions, to decide who is tried and who isn’t tried, and choosing of panels.  The argument that we need these tools to preserve good order and discipline is hogwash.  I would support if Commanders were doing their job; they aren’t.  There are too many cases of Commanders overturning the finding of a Courts Martial, of not prosecuting, and unduly trying to influence the decision of the Court.  For this the services only have themselves to blame.

Boys will be boys is a bull shit argument; I was taught early on we treat each other, to include women with dignity and respect; that they are not just sex objects.  Unfortunately this lesson needs to be relearned by far too many wearing the uniform.

Lastly, I don’t know what happen at Benghazi, but what I do no know is the House of Representative is turning it into a political witch-hunt with no interest in finding out the truth but rather to present competing political spins.  This is wrong but given what I have seen from the House of Representatives it is not surprising.




  1. FFNA says:

    I realize that this is a belated comment, but the comments section was turned off for quite a while after the initial post, I assume to prevent flaming of the Colonel (which, sadly, may have occurred). I enjoy LTCOL P very much, but would like to see more regular posts by other Citizen Soldiers on PPFOR. Here's my comment, written but unable to be posted on May 12:

    Golly Col. Hank, sorry to see you go. I’ll bookmark your other sites. I was often entertained by your liberal slant on many of the topics. In reference to the sexual assault issues in the military, I never observed that to be a widespread problem. It has now, however, become a cause cèlébre and is drawing a lot of attention. I have not seen verifiable statistics, but I’d bet the incidence is likely lower in the military than other organizations offering the opportunity for such abhorrent behavior. I have prosecuted sexual harassment and assault cases and anecdotally believe there is far more occurrence in private industry than in the military.

    As for the Benghazi situation, don’t be the last guy to realize the emperor has no clothes. Almost no credible reporting and commentating agency doubts that the administration lied about the circumstances of the attack for purely political reasons. I can cite many sources, but you should be able to find them easily. You can start with the New Yorker, which was hijacked by Clintonistas (read Tina Brown) following a coup that in 1985 took out William Shawn, the non-partisan editor and successor to the truly great Harold Ross. The New Yorker is apt to see a vast right wing conspiracy behind every tree, but they recognize the Benghazi cover-up for what it is. Also, the faults that led to the murder of four exemplary Americans are most likely due to operational naïvetè and ideological corruption.