No, No– Ten Thousand Times, No!

Two Senators differ.

No to intervention in Syria, I say. I cannot see a clear and pressing national interest. Let the Turks and the Israelis decide what to do, and we can lend help. I have no problem with some covert support, (and I don’t mean sending the Marine from the VMI class of ’87, ha ha ha). I do believe we need to keep an eye on the more vicious elements there, be prepared to take steps to deny them larger advantages and wait for any opportunities to strike them and their Iranian allies. But I cannot support any US presence on the ground.

What say you?


  1. MajW says:

    Hear, hear…

  2. Sam L. says:

    There are bad guys, and badder guys, and baddest guys, and those who prefer to be non-combatants are in the middle. Doubt there are any good guys left.

  3. NotChuck says:

    Let's up that to Seventy-Thousand Times NO, since that's the figure being bandied about by those who thank we should interfere. On the other hand, it is very tempting to put a knock on those IRG units in Syria, who came across Iraq while Maliki looked the other way.